• Published 7th Aug 2016
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Sunset Past the Horizon - Ponealone

Things happen when Anon-a-miss doesn't fess up. Good things and bad things, but mostly bad things.

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Chapter 2: Consequences

Standing before a sturdy oaken door with a brass placard reading “Principal's Office” Sunset gathered her thoughts. Although she came here to tell Principal Celestia about the fight, Sunset was certain that the dreaded topic of Anon-a-miss would come up in conversation. Sunset recounted her previous visit sometime after the Anon-a-miss incidents began when she informed Principal Celestia that the identity of Anon-a-miss was Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Principal Celestia said that she would look into the matter and Sunset hadn't heard anything since. It dawned on her that it had been a week since that meeting. She meant to follow up on the visit, but the abuse from the other students and the rejection from her former friends left her feeling too down in the dumps to act as her usual proactive self. Then again, does it even matter, if Principal Celestia declares her innocent? If those three girls don't publicly confess then it doesn't matter what anyone says. Everyone would assume Principal Celestia is mistaken and nothing would change. Even if by some stroke of luck that were to happen, Sunset may never be able to trust her friends ever again. A thought crossed her mind, but vanished when she noticed how long she had been starring at the door. Sunset took a deep breath and knocked.

“Come in.” said a calm voice on the other side of the door. Sunset turned the knob and stepped into the room closing the door behind her. Principal Celestia was sitting serenely at her desk while vice principal Luna stood by her side.

“Hello Sunset, what can I help you with?” Principal Celestia asked in a neutral tone wearing an equally neutral expression on her face.

“There was a fight behind the school.” Sunset replied.

“Another Anon-a-miss related altercation I presume?”

“Well sorta, I'll start at the beginning.” Honoring Flash's request to be honest about what happened, Sunset recounted the events that transpired behind Canterlot High sparing no detail other than Flash Sentry's smoking habit.

“Thank you for telling me Sunset.” Her stoic expression showed cracks of worry.

Sliding her chair back in preparation to leave Sunset gave her parting words. “Well I better be going now.”

“Wait one moment Sunset, we still have something to discuss.”

Sunset's felt her heart rate jump as she unnervingly shifted her weight back down into the chair. “Is this about Anon-a-miss?”

“I'm afraid so.” Principal Celestia took a sip of her coffee.

“I told you last time! It isn't me! I told you exactly who it is and if you would just search their phones you would find proof!”

“Sunset, we did search their phones and we didn't find anything.”

Sunset's blood ran cold. “N-no no way it has to have been there.”

“Sunset, there is no evidence that those three girls had anything to do with this.” Principal Celestia took another sip of coffee while Sunset stared at her shoes.

“I'm sorry Sunset, I really am, but I'm afraid that for the sake of both you and the other students I'm going to suggest that you transfer schools.”

Sunset jolted her head back up a hint of tears were forming in her eyes. Did she hear that properly? Did Principal Celestia really just say that? Out of everyone who Sunset expected to believe her, Principal Celestia with her familiar aura of wisdom was the last person Sunset would expect to betray her. She should have been expecting this. If her closest friends didn't believe her then it should follow that nobody else would.

With a quivering voice, Sunset shouted, “What!? Transfer!? You... you don't believe me, do you? I already said, I didn't do it! I told you who the real culprits are! Why won't you believe me!? Why!?”

Principal Celestia's facial expression changed to one of earnest concern. She spoke slowly and comfortingly. “Sunset. I undoubtedly believe that you are completely innocent.”

A single tear fell from Sunset's salty expression before her face softened. She asked softly. “Then why? Why do I have to go?”

“Because I want you to be safe. Because I want you to be happy. Because I care about you Sunset. You've come so far so fast and it breaks my heart seeing this happen to you.” Principal Celestia's eyes were getting misty and Vice principal Luna broke out in belligerent sobbing behind her clipboard.

“We had our own investigation into Anon-a-miss, but we couldn't do anything to stop her, and now there are students who want to hurt each other, and hurt you. I have failed in my duty to protect several of my students already. Please don't let me fail to protect you.”

Sunset watched a tear leave Principal Celestia's eye. “I'll do it. I'll change schools. Thank you Principal Celestia. I gotta ask though. Where am I going?”

“The only other school in the district is Crystal Prep Academy which has high standards when it comes to accepting students. With your grades you might not ordinarily be admitted, but I can pull some strings and put in a good word for you with principal Cinch. I have the paperwork right here for you to fill out.”

Sunset quietly filled out the sheets as Vice Principal Luna regained control of her emotions.

“Okay. I'm done.” Sunset stood up slowly and the two administrators followed her to the door.

Sunset closed in for a hug with Principal Celestia. “Be strong Sunset.”

“I will. Thank you for believing in me. I'm sorry I doubted you.”

“I hope you have a fantastic winter break,” Principal Celestia said as they separated.

“Thanks, you too,” Sunset said before turning to Vice Principal Luna.

“Sunset! You're such a good girl!” Vice Principal Luna flung her soggy clipboard to the ground, embraced the girl tightly, and sobbed into her hair.

“Be strong Vice Principal Luna.”

Sunset's head was spinning. “Transfer...” she mumbled. The thought actually crossed her mind for a split second before she stepped into the office, but to have it thrust upon her so suddenly was disorientating. In her heart she knew that this was inevitable. Maybe a change of scenery could do her some good, or perhaps she should just return to Equestria the moment she leaves this office. Either way her best move at the moment was to accept Principal Celestia's offer.

Feeling defeated Sunset started down the desolate hallway crestfallen and gazing at the floor. She took a few steps before bumping into something.

“Sunset? Is everything alright? How did it go in there? And um, you didn't notice me calling your name over and over or that I'm standing right in front of you.” Sunset rested her forehead on something warm and breathing.

“Sunset...” Flash stood there awkwardly trying to get a response.

“Sunset!” Flash gripped the girl's shoulder with his bandaged hand and shook.

Sunset looked up with her dejected face and responded, “I'm transferring schools.”

“What!? Seriously? Where?”

“Crystal Prep Academy.” She rubbed her bloodshot eyes.

“Oh. So is this some part of a plan or...”

“No Flash, this is it. Anon-a-miss wins. Everyone hates me. I lose. I won't be here after break, it’s for the best. I need some time to clear my head and find out what to do with myself. Good thing I've got a couple weeks to do that starting right now.” She felt a slight bit of relief as the reality sank in that today was the last day of school before winter break.

“Sunset, I want to go with you to Crystal Prep.”

Sunset jolted her head up wearing a worried face. “Flash! You can't! What about your friends?”

“Um yeah about that. In the forty minutes since I punched out Gilda word got around on social media that I was helping you and well... I kinda don't have friends anymore either... Yeah.” Flash held up his phone showing a deluge of abusive messages in his notifications.

“Flash, I'm so sorry I never should have gotten you involved.” Sunset began crying again.

“Whoa hey calm down it's alright they were shitty friends anyway, its cool.”

“B-but” Sunset stuttered.

“No seriously, Sandalwood only ever talks about how he vapes weed and drops acid and thinks everyone else should too and Chips always finds a way to turn every conversation to either some nerd stuff I don't care about or that show for little girls he's obsessed with.” Sunset giggled a bit and quickly calmed down.

She rubbed her teary eyes. “How are your grades? You need a high GPA to get into Crystal prep.”

“Basically straight B's. I know I don't look like it, but I take school super crazy seriously. I'm actually kinda freaking out over this, oh snap, I hope this doesn't affect my college applications. Seriously though, what did the principal say about me?”

Sunset held a quizzical expression. “Actually she didn't say anything. Oh which reminds me what happened with Gilda?”

“Oh man, so I dragged her to the nurse and the nurse practically screamed and immediately called an ambulance. It came and took her to the hospital, then I went back to the nurse and got cleaned up. She really wasn't happy giving medical care to what she called 'a monster who hits girls'.”

“Woah, you sent her to the hospital. Principal Celestia isn't going to be happy about that. Speaking of which you should probably go in and talk with her now.”

“Hah right, them zero tolerance policies are gonna come in handy. I'll see you on campus next semester, Shadowbolt!”

“Good luck Flash!” Sunset smiled brightly and waved at Flash. Sunset was glad she didn't have to go through this alone, but she still felt guilt for getting the only other student on campus who believes her into so much trouble. Leaving this dimension was always an option, but for Flash's sake Sunset was leaning on staying. Thankfully, she had the rest of break to figure everything out. Sunset ditched the rest of her classes and headed for the school's exit stepping into the sun with a bittersweet smile on her face.

Author's Note:

A bit more polish and less improper punctuation in this chapter (yay! re-learning grammar!) and I'll fix chapter one soon (fixed to the best of my ability). I've been really pleased with the reception this far, this fic is actually my first substantial piece of writing so the whole not being ignored thing thats going on is pretty neat. New chapters should be out weekly-ish maybe sooner maybe later. It's gonna be a wild ride.

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