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Private accompanies Twilight to the Royal Summit at the Crystal Empire. While there he tries to support Twilight as she continues to adjust to her new lifestyle as a Princess. But in the middle of the night a mysterious mare stole Twilight's Crown. Twilight chases the thief through a strange mirror. Private is told that she will return soon, but two days have past and Twilight has yet to pass back through. Private decides he's not about to let Twilight face a strange new world alone. Upon entering the mirror himself, he discovers a very different, yet familiar world beyond the mirror. A human high school.

(An Equestria Girls Retelling set in the Noirverse)

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lolololololololololololololololololololololololololol funny

Welcome to the world of humans, Privite Eye.

"The next game begins, the board is set. A pawn is moved."

Oh this can't be too good... But I am now interested in seeing where this is going to be going...

I wonder if Private can be a human detective in this world as well... if he did, then I'm going to have to say that he earned the title, but maybe he could get a revolver? :rainbowhuh: Nah, that would be pushing it.:rainbowwild:

3321667 Ok, I have to ask: Where are you getting these quotes from?

Who else thought of the Mirror of Erised when Private saw his mom?

Oh boy...things are about to get crazy...would hate to see Spera's counterpart in this world. :eeyup:

I hate to be that hater, but if this wasn't by Jacoboby, I wouldn't even bother reading this. It is MY solid OPINION (and nothing but an OPINION) that MLP should have stuck to just ponies. Again, this is my OPINION and I am not saying that anyone should feel the same way about it. :rainbowwild:

But because it is part of this amazing series, I will open my mind a bit.

P.S. just in case you didn't get it the first couple times, the above is my OPINION. :scootangel:

Can't tell if referencing Nerd³ or not.:trixieshiftleft:

This is going to be interesting! I wonder what's happened to Twilight...

So, going off the cover for this case...

Am I the only one who thinks that EQG Private looks like Trilby from the Chzo Mythos series?

3321911 I play an rpg game called vampire the masquerade bloodlines. Throuout the game you get emails with chess quotes. All I do is readd the stories and come up with my own.

When private says oh boy, is that reference to quantum leap.


Still not sure where I stand about Equestria Girls but this should be interesting, also I've liked how you expanded on what the Summit actually is.

*looks up* wait a sec, TRAGEDY?!?!? I don't like where this is going.....:pinkiegasp::fluttershysad::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh::twilightoops:

How does Private know about humans? :rainbowhuh:

“I had hoped that Sunset would use it to return,” Celestia said sorrowfully, “To come back to Equestria seeking my guidance. Obviously, that has not happened.”

A half truth at best, considering the previous chapter epilogue. Maybe you once expected Sunset to come back to the fold, but now you knew she would bring trouble.
How I hate Trickster Mentors/Obi-Wannabes :trollestia:

33270581. Lyra is human obsessive in this series
2. Just because Celestia knew that Sunset was going to be trouble, doesn't mean she didn't hope otherwise.

Well, this is definitely not the scenario I was expecting.

I'm reading this during lunch at highschool right now XD

Yes Rainbow.Yes you can keep him (for this case at least)

Raiden, eh? I see what you are doing. I was wondering what you would do with the whole Twilight and Flash schematic (since people seems to pair Twilight with Flash nowadays, me included...not that I have any problems with Private). I wonder though if Forceps, Shinebadge, and Tailspin...and Spera will be making appearance in this new world.

“Yeah,” I replied. “It was wrong of me to pry, but I don’t you to think I’m just catching you off the rebound.”

but I don’t you to think I’m just catching you off the rebound.

Missed the word "want" there.:raritywink:

Wonder what caused a memory rewrite, but it's nice seeing Raidan making a cameo in this.

:pinkiehappy: Im SO NERVOCITED!!!!!
I can't wait for the latest development! :twilightsmile:
Though... Somehow I have a feeling that Spera has a hand...err... Hoof, in this memory rewrite. :pinkiesad2:

Talking about strange coincidence i read this just i was watching MLP:EG......
the faq timing?oh and hey jacobboby!this WAS FIM88

liking the story so far. though, when private got his I.D. he shouldn't have had his coat on him. so, how could he possibly have placed his I.D. inside of it at that moment? really looking forward to if you will be including raiden or any other of the gang that you haven't included yet.

Damn...I think i just figured out what that mirror in this case is. Question is, whether or not i am right about it...Let's see what happens!

Something tells me he's not going to be so willing to go back to Equestria by the time this story's over.:trixieshiftleft:

... Private, there not your real family, now get Twilight back and go home... Oh what am I talking about, he isn't going to go home until the prolog or the chapter before it ....

Wait a minute, Tailspin is not crippled and his mother is alive...


Something is up. I don't know what...but it has to be a bigger villain than Shimmer at work. :eeyup:

3327740 Something along the lines of Twilight failing. In hindsight, I suppose that's too generic.

Okay.... Tailspin is not crippled and his mom is alive, did Discord not interfere/exist in this world? Also I liked how Private is trying to set up another Rainbow/Raidan.

3335026 I agree.

Love your icon, by the way.

I think I know what's going on here, and why Twilight decided to stay in the human world.

3335227 Thank you. Argarok is one of my favorite Zelda bosses. I was originally going to use Ganondorf's horse, but heh, couldn't find a good pic.

I am glad though that Private is trying to bring Raiden and Rainbow Dash together again...although the two are completely separate entities from their pony counterparts...*sigh* Sorry, but Season 2 Case 4's end was sad...just like Season 1 Case 19...and Shadowhoof. I hope things don't...

Who am I kidding? We hadn't even gotten to the main conflict of the fic yet. Giving the usual length of jacoboby1's cases...we should be getting there about next chapter.


3335262 Let's hope so. I'm eager to see how close my theory is to being right!

Crazy theory number 1: Someone in that world is tempting the characters to stay there with something they desire and then their memories are erased. Don't know why, though.

"The black queen retreats after the white knight moves in."

Hold on! Tailspin can walk. His mother is alive and Irenius never wanted to drop Tailspin at an orphanage some where? WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN?:raritydespair:

"Celebrate life's grandeur ... Its brilliance ... its magnificence..."

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