Spike is reunited with his long lost sister Ran'sea. The elegant dragon brings her brother, Twilight, Private and Rarity to her home among the dragon clans. While there, Spike meets his extended family, deals with the fact he was raised by ponies, and now faces a dragon right of passage. This ceremony will allow Spike's body to grow naturally, without being consumed by greed. During the ceremony however, Spike is nearly killed thanks to an assassination attempt. Private must find out who is responsible for the attack, but can a pony earn the respect of dragons? Just what are the dragons keeping about Spike's parents?

(Cover Art credit goes to the amazing Eliyora)

Chapters (7)
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A little early for a prediction, but I'm willing to wager a bit of Spike's crystal crown (if he has one :raritywink:) that a drake or dragoness related to Shad'drel is gonna try to perform an assasination attempt on Spike.

And I'm also gonna bet that if I'm right on that, that the relative of Shad'drel turns out to be either a brother, sister, or--to stir the pot a bit--one of Shad'drel's offspring (preferably a son and a daughter--co-conspirators if you will)

So happy that Spike does have a dragon family, not that just his sister has arrived, but he's gonna see his uncle, his aunt, and one of I hope many cousins!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:

So...Shimmer had run off with Spera. Thus, a villainous redux of Romeo and Juliet begins for the two star-crossed lovers...only to end in tragedy. (Sorry for the pessimistic outlook). Still, good for Spike! He found his sister...let's just hope that the dragons will be accepting of him. But I am just saying this...I believe the cousin of Spike, Smog'krok, will be the assassin. The culprit is always someone you least expect, examples being Raiden's middle brother, Soyokaze, Tabletop, Lazarus...I would go on, but I believe you get my point. I cannot wait for more. :eeyup:

Once again we dive into Spike's past.

This is gonna be good.

I'm seeing a something of a theme in dragon names as several of them seem to be ordinary words split with apostrophes (Car'buncle....:trixieshiftright:).

Also, Luna needs to get laid. Seriously... :duck:

When they were talking about a pony's house being eaten, I imagined a european dragon eating with a smug look on it's face.

*starts the Skyrim theme*

And of course Sunset couldn't just vanish. That would just be too simple. Not to mention it's already been revealed what happened to her.....

Great to see a Spike story up, can't wait to see where this goes.

I have, at this point, only one major problem with this series: It is not Noir, as the title says it is. Even with how dark it (very rarely) gets, light has yet to shine through in the end, the stories are not really even mysteries anymore, being mostly just adventures about solving a problem, and the only people who ever die are the Bad Guys or the (singular) mind-controlled Good Guy. Other than that, it's great storytelling, just not true Noir. This is an adventure series at this point, sometimes alternating back to mystery, but not really delving into the darker, grittier sibling's territory.

Just to reiterate, the only problem I have is that the series title is a very large misnomer, not the content itself. I enjoy this series, it's just not noir.

interesting... Going a bit into Spike's past and revealing more than what was actually known, but I have a feeling in my gut that Private may learn something from this as well... But I'm not quite sure what it is exactly...

3427864It isn't 100% Noir, I established that very early on. But I still delve into darker elements that the show doesn't get into. Characters don't need to die off by the dozen for drama to happen. GRR Martin tries a little too hard for drama to happen, so he keeps killing off characters in order to force emotion out of you. I still keep the element of mystery, but I just bring it out in different ways, trust me, the mysteries will keep coming. Besides, where were you during the first arc of season 2? That was nothing but mystery.

Hmm...now we have three possible bad guys for this case...

Tru'sent: The pony-hater who wants to wage war with the ponies.
Smog'krok: The cousin who really doesn't like Spike who follows Tru'sent...a lot.
Ele'sium: I don't know why...but there something about her I really don't like.

These are all just theories, but I do believe that one of these guys will be the bad guy. Great job. :eeyup:

Of course you'd end it there.

3437863 That is the same feeling I'm getting. Smog probably will be a lackey in whoever's scheme.

I'm sensing a similar pattern of Oracles. Age, decrepit bodies, runes in their dwellings, and let's not forget blindness.

3437997 Yes...but I do doubt that Tru'sent will be the true villain...the thing about mysteries...it is almost always never the obvious ones. There is bound to be a twist somewhere in here. :eeyup:

I hope Far'seer mentions something about Private's future. I'm curious as to what his reaction will be.

Interesting initial meeting to the dragons, though I have to wonder were they get their ideas about ponies.


......other than the fact that he's the element of Hope (which at one time was corrupted and named Tenancity), that he's to wed the element of magic (which is obvious now that we know Private and Twilight are descendents of Prometheous and Izanani, respectively, and like their ancestors, they are in love and happily married), and the fact that he and Twilight are gonna be the parents of at least three little ponies?

I seriously doubt anything actually surprises Private anymore....:fluttershysad:

But I do think that at this point, it should be obvious that anything and everything Far'seer says should be taken the same way Twilight learned about Pinkie's sixth sense--stop trying to understand it, and just admit that shit happens.

Edit: so this is potentially going to be a rite-of-passage thing for Spar'kron/Spike to truly become a drake, and to learn how to control his natural magic....interesting...

There is one way...

Fucking Cliffhanger.

hmm... Something's not entirely right when I see this... one would want to say that someone who dislikes ponies so much would want to strike against them, but I have a feeling that something will happen... something big, but I don't know what it could be at all... :ajsleepy: It could be anything... but it might revolve around spike... but I still could be wrong... So many things to think about from this chapter! :flutterrage:

Mystery is not Noir.
Again, I'm not saying the series is bad, but the point of Noir is the detriment of the hero, grinding him down by a world grittier than he expected.

Noir is Dark, not neccessarily full of loss. But still, none of the good guys have lost anything more than either something in their past, or from it.
There's no noir in this series, really. It's a fairly adventurous mystery series, closer to a mystery-oriented Indiana Jones than Noir.

I'm stating that it's mislabeled, and it is. I'm not going to stop reading if you don't change it, it's just something I figured I might as well point out sooner rather than later. A niggling thing that sets off my perfectionism, ever so slightly. A nitpicking, no more.

:facehoof: I feel my eye twitching...... I gotta know what's next! :raritydespair: Too. Much. Suspense!

Blue fireball.....I feel like that's come up before.....

Okay, this is obviously an espionage assassination attempt. With three possible villains, Tru'sent, Ele'sium, and Smog'krok, the possibilities are slightly limited.

Time for Sherlock Private to get to work.:rainbowdetermined2:



Ah, the references.

Also, the way Ele'sium talked to Ran'sea...she's starting to remind me of him:


Yup, Ele'sium is definitely playing up her role as one of the three possible villains...however, I am leaning towards her and Smog'krok rather than Tru'sent, just for the sake that it would be too obvious if it was Tru'sent. Good job.

"Let the game begin."

Number of possibilities seem small but at this point it could be anyone given that there seems to be some hatred/misconception for ponies among the dragons.

I think you should watch this before you continue writing.

3456838Don't worry, I do plan to continue the stories into season 4, just trust me on this, I have a cannon in mind that will mix what is established, and what is my own order of events.

Houston...we have a SERIOUS problem...!

After about a minute of waiting, Spike came out of the hole and said, “The tunnel goes around, but some of the rubble fell in the path. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to continue.”

“Any idea what could’ve made it?” Twilight asked.

Spike slowly put out his palm, and revealed a small orange dragon scale. Spike nodded and said, “I think I may have an idea…”

Damn cliffhangers.....:twilightangry2:....but it's about time that we may have a smoking gun (or is it just trapped smoke?)

Still too early, but which dragon (or dragoness, can't leave them out) has orange scales, and is kinda small? Could be a red, though...

Also, I enjoyed the conversation between Li'zarel and Rarity. Much better than the stereotypical in-laws hating her fiance (well Car'buncle and Li'zarel like her anyway). And that little story really puts a lot of Spike's mannerisms into clearer focus--it's a family trait!! Thal'lan did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, for Fran'salel---like father, like son :raritywink:

Believe it or not I know a guy who's OC would make Tru'sent blush. His name is simply Wrath and hates ponies to the extreme as seeing breeding with them as an abomination and their children even lower. Now that I got that out of the way well done on this chapter my friend. So just who is the orange scaled dragon?

Tru'sent needs a hefty slap upside the head.
And I am more than willing to give it to him.

Well, that's one of three suspects confirmed as being involved.

So Smog'krok is one of the culprits. Saw that coming. But who is the leading dragon? Ele'sium or Tru'sent? I am leaning towards Ele'sium, since she was compared to Glimmer...how I hated that wretched bitch. Let's hope things turn out okay from here on out. :eeyup:

well this is getting interesting smog'krok is a possible culprit and there is two main culprit possibillities your story just more interesting every chapter

With every chapter, Smog gets more irritating than borderline Diamond Tiara of all ponies (or dragons).

How interesting... I'm surprised at the needing to censor how *ahem* "creative" Rarity's language can be, but now I am thinking... I have two idea's for culprits here. One is that one of the suspected dragons is involved in a way... or two, there's another pony involved. The second one does seem unlikely, but I'm not discounting it just yet.:ajbemused:

Well we have a possible culprit now, though I'm more amused that Rarity, uh...., tirade had to be censored and in some ways kind of wanted to know what she could have said.

Let's just say the true extent of the rant would have violated the teen rating, and leave it at that, shall we? We're talking bordering on grimdark psycho here.

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