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The Sun of My Heart - BlueSun52

Meet Soul Writer, A sweet guy who likes to help others and has big plans for the future. Now he's coming to Canterlot High and is high over head for Sunset. Can he be able to win her heart?

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Chapter 4

The Unexpected Weekend

Three weeks have past since Soul started attending Canterlot High. He was really enjoying the time there with his new friends and cousins. It was now Friday and he was in chemistry class with Sunset again as they shared the same class. Although, Soul wasn’t a big fan of chemistry and was having difficulty understanding it.

Their teacher, Mr. Hooves, started passing out their first weekly test. He usually didn’t give out tests on the first two week of school after summer vacation until students would get comfortable and settled.

“Now, I want you all to take your time and answer these questions to the best of your knowledge,” Mr. Hooves said. “If you didn’t make a good grade the first time, I can give you a second chance next week on Monday, but I’ll change the questions.”

A lot of the students in the room groaned.

“You didn’t think I would make your studies here easy, did you?” Mr. Hooves joked. “You have a whole hour to complete this. If you finish early, you can do whatever you want but please don’t disturb the other students taking the tests and don’t try to answer the questions randomly or I’ll make you do it again. No copying from someone else. You can begin.”

The students picked up their pencils and started scribbling down on their papers. Soul picked up his and started writing down his name. He looked over his first question and scratched the side of his head.

‘How the heck is someone supposed to know this?’ he thought to himself. ‘Hmmm, does Sunset know?’

Soul attempted to look over to Sunset’s paper and was about to find out the answer until she covered it with her hand. Soul looked up at her to see her with a raised eyebrow. He put on a sheepish smile and chuckled nervously before looking back at his paper again. Sunset put on a victorious smile and got back at writing down her answers.

‘This is gonna suck,’ Soul thought.

The school bell rang and all the students were heading out for the weekend. Soul was either taking or putting away some things in his locker and closed it before putting on the lock. He started walking towards the exit until he heard Swift calling him.

“Hey Soul, wait up!”

Soul paused and waited for Swift to catch up. Swift ran up to him and started panting.

“Dude, are you alright?” Soul asked, concernedly.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Swift said. “Coach Iron Will really messed us up in gym today.”

“Tell me about it, my legs are still numb from all that running we had to do,” Soul said. “I’m even surprised that I can walk.”

“Yeah,” Swift said. “Hey look, there’s the other guys.”

Soul looked in front of him to see both Rivet and Clyde walking towards the exit.

“Hey, Clyde! Rivet!” Swift yelled.

The two looked back and saw them. They waved at Soul and Swift, who caught up with the other two and they all started making their way towards the exit.

“Hey guys, got any plans this weekend?” Soul asked.

“Not much, I think I’ll just bum around and maybe do some homework,” Rivet said.

“I did had plans to go out with Rarity but apparently, something came up at the last minute and we had to do it another time,” Clyde said with sigh.

“I was planning on writing another love letter to Pinkie,” Swift said.

“And give it to her?” Soul asked.


“So that’s a no?”

Swift let out a defeated sigh. “Yes.”

“If you want, I could give the letter for you,” Soul offered.

“No, this is something I have to do on my own,” Swift said. “If I can’t do something like that myself, then what kind of a man would I be?”

“Um, someone who can’t talk to girls at all?” Rivet comment.

“Exactly,” Swift said. “Besides we’re in the same situation, Rivet.”

“We are?”

“Yeah, you have a hard time trying to ask out Rainbow Dash,” Swift explained.

“I’m just taking it slow,” Rivet defended. “I’m already good friends with her and-”

“You’re too shy to ask her out, aren’t you?”

“Shut up.”

“Okay, back to the weekend thing,” Soul changed the subject. “So you guys have nothing to do this weekend?”

“That sounds about right,” Rivet said.

“I did say I was going to try writing a love letter for Pinkie but I guess I’m up for anything,” Swift said

“Hmmm, how about we do a guys night out. We can go for a movie tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that’s sounds like fun,” Clyde said. “What movie do you have in mind?”

“Nothing yet but I think we can find something when we get up there,” Soul replied.

“Sounds alright to me, what time should we be there?” Rivet asked.

“How about around six? Will that work out with you guys?”

The guys all agreed and they went their separate ways. Behind them, a few hallways away, the girls were having their own conversation about their weekend plans.

“Everyone ready for this Saturday movie night?” Rainbow Dash excitedly asked. “I can’t wait to see that new ninja movie that’s coming out!”

“You know it, Dashie,” Pinkie said. “Who can resist watching ninjas fight? It’s so cool!”

“And scary,” Fluttershy added.

“Aw, don’t worry, Fluttershy. It’s just a movie, it’s not real. ” Rainbow Dash pointed out. “It’s not like they’re going to get you or anything.”


Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

“I don’t see why I have to come,” Rarity said with a pout. “I had big plans with Clyde this weekend and saw how heartbroken he was when I had to tell him to cancel it.”

“Did he cry?” Rainbow Dash asked.


“Was he angry?”

“No, but-”

“Did he look fine?”

“Good looking as ever, but-”

“Then stop complaining!” Rainbow Dash said. “You’ve been with your boyfriend more times than us and I think you at least owe me for covering for you when I went with Fluttershy at the Butterfly Migration while you were smacking lips with him.”

Rainbow Dash then held up a picture of her and Fluttershy at the Butterfly Migration with her having an irritated look with butterflies covering her entire body while Fluttershy was looking through a pair of binoculars.

Rarity crossed her arms and gave out a defeated sigh. “Fine, I’ll go,” she said in a disappointed tone.

“Sweet.” Rainbow Dash did a victorious fist pump in the air. She then looked over to Applejack. “Are you sure, you can’t come along AJ?”

“Eenope, Have ta do some chores later that night and Ah have to do some chemistry homework,” Applejack replied. “Ah don’t even see why Ah have ta take chemistry. I don’t need it ta do some farm work.”

“Sounds like you and your cousin, Soul, have something in common,” Sunset said. “He’s having troubles with the class.”

“What makes ya say that?”

“On today’s test, he got a C minus on it,” Sunset replied. “Also, he tried to copy off my of sheet.”

“What? He knows better than that,” Applejack said.

“He was just wondering what the first question was, he wasn’t trying to copy me the whole time,” Sunset said. “He did apologize about it and promised not to do it again.”

“That’s more like it,” Applejack said. “When an Apple makes a mistake, they always find a way to fix it.”

“He’s not really an Apple you know,” Rainbow Dash said. “Last I checked, he’s last name is Writer.”

“He just got that from his dad. He’s still part of the Apple family and we stick together like s'mores,” Applejack explained.

“Mmmm, s’mores,” Pinkie said, licking her lips.

“Well anyways, I gotta get going,” Rainbow Dash said. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

It was Saturday evening and the five girls were now standing in front of the movie theater. Rainbow Dash went up to the counter and paid for the tickets. The girls then went inside to grab some snacks and go watch the movie. Unknown to them, the guys just arrived in front of the theater without knowing that the girls were there as well.

“So, any ideas on what to watch?” Rivet asked.

“I checked out all the movies and all I saw that looked good was that ninja movie,” Soul replied.

“What was it called?”

“I think it was-”

“Wait, hold up,” Clyde said as he looked at the poster of the movie. “It says that it’s rated R. I don’t think we can get in.”

“Really, crap. I forgot to look that up,” Soul said. “That was the only thing that looked good.”

“Not to worry guys, I can get us in,” Swift said with a smirk.

“How?” Rivet asked.

“Just watch and learn.”

Swift walked up to one of the counters. In it was a young man that had a cyan mohawk and gold, yellow eyes. He looked at Swift with a grin.

“Hey Swift, what are you doing here?”

“Nothing much, Thunderlane. Came here with some of my friends and I need a favor.”

“What kind?”

“Can you get into that R rated movie?” Swift pointed at the poster. “I was hoping that you could get us some of those tickets and act like you didn’t give them to us.”

“......Um, Swift?”


“You’re eighteen, remember?”

“Yeah, I know but the others are-”

“I don’t think anyone here cares how old the others are that much. Just as long someone is eighteen, they just won’t care”

“Oh…...I’d like four tickets then.”

Thundlane rolled his eyes and gave Swift the tickets. Swift paid for them and went back to the guys.

“I, um, got the tickets,” Swift said.

“Awesome, I didn’t know you had any connections,” Soul said.

“Yeah, well, that’s how awesome of a guy I am,” Swift proudly said.

“Alright, let’s get some snacks and see that movie,” Soul said, walking into the theater.

Clyde past Swift and followed Soul inside. Rivet looked at Swift with a raised brow.

“They didn’t care we’re under eighteen, did they?” Rivet asked.

Swift let out a sigh. “Yeah.”

“I thought so.”


After the guys got their snacks, they were able to grab some seats down in the lower part of the theater. Unknown to them, the girls were a few rows above them and were waiting for the movie to start.

Rarity let out a sigh as she was disappointed that she couldn’t spend anytime with her boyfriend.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Are you still upset that you’re not with Clyde right now?”

“Yes, I very much am,” Rarity replied sadly.

“What do you have to upset about? We literally seem him every day at school,” Rainbow Dash pointed out. “It wouldn’t kill you to not see him for one day.” She then took a sip from her drink through a straw.

“I hate to agree with her on this, but you have gotten a little too attached to the guy,” Sunset said.

“A little?” Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow.

“Okay fine, majorly too attach to him,” Sunset corrected. “I mean, it doesn't bother you that you're with us, right?”

Pinkie frowned. “Do we bother you that much?” she asked.

Rarity waved her hand. “Of course not, Pinkie! You girls are my best of friends. I would never be bothered by you,” she said. “I’m sorry if I’m being a ‘stick in a mud’ about this. I was just a little upset that I couldn’t spend anytime with Clyde today.”

“It’s okay, Rarity,” Pinkie said. “I know how much you care about him and we promise not to take any of your time with him.”

“No, Pinkie. Dash and Sunset are right, I have been spending more times with him than with you girls,” Rarity said. “I love him with all my heart, but I’ve been friends with all of you since freshmen. I’ll make a better effort to hang out with you all more often.”

“Woo hoo! More Rarity time!” Pinkie cheered as she shot up from her chair. When she did that, the popcorn bag in her lap flew through the air and landed on top of someones head.


Pinkie winced and had a sheepish smile. “Sorry!” she shouted.

“Indeed, Pinkie, you’ll be seeing me a lot more on the weekends now,” Rarity said.

“That’s more like it,” Rainbow Dash said, having her arms crossed behind her head.

There was a moment of silence in the group until Rarity spoke up.

“Is it okay that I call Clyde for a moment?”

Rainbow Dash stared at the theater screen with half lid eyes before smacking herself in the face.


The guys were patiently waiting for the movie to begin as they were eating and drinking their snacks. Clyde let out a sigh as if he was disappointed about something.

“What’s wrong, Clyde?” Soul asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Clyde replied.

“Doesn't sound like nothing,” Soul pointed out.

“He’s just upset that his ‘boo’ had some last minute plans this weekend,” Rivet explained before taking a sip from his soda.

“Woah, sorry to hear that, man,” Soul said.

“It’s fine,” Clyde said. “Maybe I shouldn’t be this disappointed. We have gone out a lot and she does have friends of her own like me. It wouldn’t kill me to not spend one day without her.”

“That’s the spirit,” Soul said. “At least you don’t end up in pain at least once a day like Swift here.”

“Hey! I’ll have you know that I hadn’t gotten hurt once toda-”

Suddenly a bag of popcorn landed on Swift’s head and butter was pouring down from the contents of the bag towards his eye.



“Called it,” Soul said as he laughed.

Soul grabbed some of his napkins and gave them Swift, who immediately wiped away the butter off of his eye while the guys were still laughing. All of a sudden Clyde’s phone began to ring and looked at it to see who was calling him.

“Aw, Rarity is calling me,” Clyde said. “She must miss me.”

“I bet not as much as you,” Rivet commented.

Clyde rolled his eyes and answered the phone.

“Hey gem, what’s up?”

“Oh Clyde, I miss you so much!” Rarity replied.

“I miss you too,” Clyde said. “Is everything going well for you?”

“Yes, everything is going good so far. We’re just waiting for this movie to start.”

“Wait, what movie?”


Rarity was telling everything to Clyde about which theater they were at and what movie they were watching.

Clyde smiled. “Hey, Rarity?”


“Do you happen to see a guy standing up?”

“Why yes I do, but how-”

“And is he waving at you?”

“Well, yes but-”

Rarity paused for a moment and squinted her eyes through the slightly dim room to see Clyde standing up and waving at her with a smile.

“Clyde!” Rarity shouted. She shot up from her seat and running down towards him in a ladylike fashion. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss.

Rainbow Dash let out a sigh. “And it hadn’t been five minutes,” she said.

“At least she didn’t do that while the movie was on or we would have been in a lot of trouble,” Sunset pointed out. “And she did promise that she would try to be with us more often.”

Rainbow Dash looked down at the couple. “That sounds more easier said than done,” she commented and took another sip of her drink.

Sunset rolled her eyes.

“Hey look, I can see Rivet, Swift and Soul down there,” Pinkie said. “Why is Swift covered in butter?”

Sunset blushed at the mention of Soul’s name. No one didn’t noticed except Pinkie Pie who had a devilish smile crept along her face.

“Oh, you know what would be a good idea?” Pinkie said. “We should let the boys sit up here with us! It’ll be fun!”

“Meh, I guess that’s not such a bad idea,” Rainbow Dash comment. She stood up and looked down at the guys. “Hey guys, do you wanna sit up here with us?”

“Oh, that’s sounds like a fascinating idea,” Rarity commented. “Do you all want to?”

“I don’t mind,” Rivet said.

“Sounds okay to me,” Soul said.

“I’m down with it,” Swift said. He then leaned closer to Rarity. “Is Pinkie up there?” he whispered.

Rarity nodded and Swift whispered a victorious ‘yes’ to himself.

The guys got up from their seats and started making their way towards where the girls were sitting. Pinkie suggested that the guys would sit in between the girls since it was four guys and five girls and thought it would be a fun idea. The guys agreed and started sitting in a certain order.

From left to right sitting in the chairs were Pinkie, Swift, Sunset, Soul, Fluttershy, Rivet, Rainbow Dash, Clyde and Rarity. Everyone was pretty much comfortable except for Sunset, Soul and Fluttershy. Sunset and Soul sat next to each other while they felt awkward that they were sitting next to the person that they really liked. Fluttershy just felt nervous about the movie.

“Hey Fluttershy, you haven’t really talked much when we got here,” Sunset said. “Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine,” Fluttershy meekly said. “I just don’t like violent movies very much…..They’re very scary.”

“Fluttershy, relax,” Rainbow Dash said. “I promise that it won’t be that bad.”


“Yeah…...Although, I did hear one guy gets his head chopped off.”

“EEEP!” Fluttershy shrieked. “Maybe I should-

“Sshhhh! The movie is about to start!” Pinkie said.

The room was now dark and the screen was now showing the movie’s opening title.

“Why me?” Fluttershy asked to no one in particular except for herself.

After about an hour into the movie, the gang were enjoying the movie so far, except for Fluttershy who was hiding behind her hair. It seemed like the movie was dying down on the violence and was going into a romantic part of it.

“Great, we got to the boring part,” Rainbow Dash quietly commented.

“Oh shush, Dashie,” Rarity said as she was nuzzled against Clyde while he had his arm over her. “I think some movies like this should have at least a bit of romance.”

The characters in the movie were looking into each other’s gaze and both closed in for a passionate kiss.

“Awww, that’s so sweet,” Pinkie said as she laid a hand on Swift. Swift gulped and started to sweat with nervousness.

Sunset was into the sweet scene and blushed a bit when she was thinking back when Soul and her were that close together. Feeling bold, she laid her head on Soul’s shoulder, earning her a blush from Soul. The two looked into the other’s gaze and they both slowly leaned in towards one another. As their lips were just an inch away from one another, they heard one of the characters moan. With confusion, they looked back at the screen and their eyes shot wide opened at what they were seeing.

“I-Is she-” Soul was trying to say but couldn’t because of what he was seeing. “A-And are they-”

Sunset blushed violently and covered Soul’s eyes with her hand.

“Wow, I did not see that coming,” Pinkie said with no hint of nervousness, but Swift was pouring down sweat from his forehead and his face was bright red.

“How uncouth!” Rarity said. She then remembered how close she and Clyde were and they both stared at one another. They both were flustered and let go of one another and felt awkward.

“Oh yeah,” Rainbow Dash calmly said. “I forgot they had this after I read about it.”

“How could you forget they had this!?” Rarity said and pointed at the scene. “This just now making me feel uncomfortable.”

“And how the heck did you not know about this?” Rivet asked Soul.

“I only read the part where it said it had ninjas,” Soul replied. “I just thought it was rated R for being extra violent.”

Rivet smacked himself in the forehead.

“And look at poor Fluttershy,” Rarity said and pointed at her. Fluttershy was curled up in a ball as she was shivering with fear and confusion of ones body. “She barely could stand the violence itself.”

Rainbow Dash let out a defeated sigh. “Fine, we can leave if you want,” she said.

“I would…...But since we did already payed for it, it would be a waste not to at least watch the rest of it,” Rarity pointed out.

Rainbow Dash smirked. “Sure, let’s go with that,” she said.

Rarity let out a low growl.

“Well, it’s not that bad,” Clyde said. “ I mean, their not really showing mu- Oh my god.” Clyde covered his eyes and his face was bright red.

“I very much question that this is R rated,” Rarity commented. “Something like this shouldn’t be in theaters.”

“Let’s just try to get through this,” Rivet said, who was now beginning to blush.

“Huh, I didn’t know you could do that,” Pinkie commented as she was munching on some popcorn.

Swift stood up. “I need to go to the bathroom real quick,” he said.

He quickly left his seat and ran out of the room. After a few moments, the scene was over and Swift came back with his head soaking wet.

Clyde raised a brow. “What happened?”

“I needed to cool off,” Swift replied.

“Good call, you looked you were about to catch on fire,” Soul commented.

“Yeah!” Pinkie said. “I mean you were burning up when she was like ‘Oh yes, yes, yes!’ and he was like giving it to her.”

Swift eyes were wide opened and his face was bright red again. “I’ll be right back.” He walked out of the room again.

“Did…...Did you really have to describe it to him like that, Pinkie?” Sunset asked, concernedly.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Pinkie asked.

“.......Never mind,” Sunset said.

“At least it’s over,” Soul said. He then heard more moaning sounds and look back at the screen. “Ah crap.”

After another hour had past, the movie was over and the gang were walking out with nervous looks and a few whistled a nonchalant tune.

Rainbow Dash looked at the guys. “Man, you all are such babies,” she said. “It was just one scene with that stuff and I thought guys were supposed to be into that.”

“I’m going out with my girl,” Clyde said. “It just feels wrong that I would see stuff like that behind her back…..Or while I’m with her.”

“I uh, felt a bit uncomfortable,” Swift said.

“I don’t think I was ready for that stuff,” Soul said.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Babies,” she commented. “At least, RIvet was man enough to watch it.”

Rivet was trying to hid away his blush and looked at Rainbow Dash. “What? Oh, um yeah, I didn’t mind it at all,” he lied. “Wasn’t that impress.”

“C-Can we please stop talking about it?” Fluttershy asked. “I really don’t want to think about what I saw.”

“I agree,” Rarity said. “Let’s just put this behind us and never talk about it again.”

Everyone nodded and sounded in agreement.

“Hey guys, it’s still pretty early in the evening. We can stop by Sweet Shoppe and get some munchies!” Pinkie suggested.

“That sounds wonderful, Pinkie,” Rarity said. “It’ll no doubt make us forget…what we saw tonight.”

“I’m with her,” Sunset said.

Everyone agreed and started making their way towards their respective rides. Soul was making his way towards his ride and took a quick glance over to Sunset. He let out a sigh as he remembered how close he was to her and felt somehow cheated out of after it. When he turned towards his ride however, he saw a pair of bright blue eyes staring right at him as it was near his face.



Soul stumbled back and when he recovered from the shock, he saw that it was Pinkie that was standing there.

“Pinkie, did you had to be that close?” Soul asked.

“Duh, I wanted get your attention and I thought that was the best way,” Pinkie replied.

“Well, ya coulda just said my name you know,” Soul suggested.

“Anyways, I happen to know your little secret,” Pinkie said with a mischievous smile.

Soul gulped. “W-What kind of a secret?” he nervously asked.

“Oh you know, the kind that happens to involve a boy liking a girl,” Pinkie replied. Soul’s eyes went wide with fear. A girl with red and yellow hair and a guy with white hair. One from another dimension and the other is an average boy. Ones a girl and the other is a boy. You mean what I mean, right? I can draw up some pictures and explain it to-”

“Yes Pinkie, I know what you’re talking about,” Soul interjected. “So you know, what are you going to do now?”

“Well duh, I’m going to hook you up with Sunset, silly,” Pinkie replied.

“.....Wait, What?”

Author's Note:

Well, that was twist.

I wanna thank BRyeMC, Azure_Shadow and CogWing for their help and opinion on this chapter:twilightsmile: