• Published 24th Jan 2015
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The Sun of My Heart - BlueSun52

Meet Soul Writer, A sweet guy who likes to help others and has big plans for the future. Now he's coming to Canterlot High and is high over head for Sunset. Can he be able to win her heart?

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Chapter 6

Triple Date!

In the house of the Writer family, Soul was sleeping in his bed peacefully as he laid on his back and the covers barely covering him. After the incident with trying out some of the sport clubs, he was able to see a doctor about his arm. Luckily, the doctor said it wasn’t broken but fractured in some places of the bone and told him and his mom to keep the cast on for a few weeks.

As he was sleeping, a dog curled up at the end of his bed slowly woke up and let out a yawn. It got off the bed and stretched for a moment. He walked over to the door and tried to open itself but failed at the attempt. He walked back towards the bed and leaned over to his master’s face where he started to lick him on the mouth.

Soul started to mumble in his sleep. “Oh Sunset, if you wanted to use your tongue so much, all you had to do was-” His eyes opened and he had a disgusted look on him. “BLECK!”

Soul got up and started spitting out the spit from his dog’s tongue.

“TOBY!” Soul yelled. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that!?”

The only response he got was his dog panting with its tongue out.

Soul let out a sigh. “You want out don’t ya boy?”


Soul got up from his bed and walked over to his door. He opened it and Toby walked out the door. He closed it and laid back on the bed where he was about to fall back asleep. All of a sudden, his cell phone on the desk next to his bed began to ring and Soul let out a groan.

He picked up the phone and answered it.


“Heya Soul, are you ready for today’s big date!?” the caller asked with the voice belonging to Pinkie Pie.

“...No,” Soul replied.

“Huh!? Why not?” Pinkie asked, concernedly. “Don’t you want to hook up with Sunset?”

“Yes Pinkie, I do but it’s too early.”

“It’s not that early.”

Soul looked at the phone at what time it was and held it back next to the side of his head.

“Pinkie, it’s seven-thirty in the morning.”

“...Oh,” Pinkie said. “Hehe, I really should pay attention to what time it is.”

Soul rolled his eyes.

“Was that all you wanted to say?”

“That, and I wanted to go over the plan with you,” Pinkie said. “I already know you and the others know what we’re doing but I just wanted to go over it again in case something it doesn't seem right.”

“Fine, what part do you want to go over?”

“First things first,” Pinkie said. “Can you let me in?”

Soul raised a brow until he heard a knock on his window. He looked over to see Pinkie looking through the window with her phone and waving at him.


“AAAAH, yourself,” Pinkie said with a beaming smile.

“When the hell did you get here?” Soul asked. “Wait, how did you know where I live?”

“Well duh, Applejack told me,” Pinkie replied. “She’s your cousin, remember?”

“Okay, that explains the second question but when did-”

“Can I please come in? The stack I’m standing on isn’t going to hold much longer,” Pinkie said.

Soul raised a brow and opened the window. He peeked outside to see Pinkie standing on a variety of items she stacked together into one tall pillar. It was things like lawnmowers, boxes, car parts, gasoline cans and other things. Soul’s eyes were wide open and he moved out of the way for Pinkie to climb in. After she did so, she closed the window behind her and a series of loud noises could be heard outside.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Dawn yelled from downstairs. Soul and Pinkie heard the book door open. “WHERE DID ALL THIS COME FROM!?”

Soul let out sigh. “You know, you could have brought a ladder with you,” he said.

“Yeah, I didn’t know you lived in a two story house,” Pinkie admitted, rubbing the back of her head. “So you all set for the big date?”

“Yeah, I would be lying if I said I’m a little nervous about this,” Soul said.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll do fine,” Pinkie said. “If this works out, Sunset will be going out with you all the time.”

“You really think this will work?”

“Totally!” Pinkie said and looked at Soul’s healed eye. “Hey, your black eye is almost gone!”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Soul replied. “I’m just lucky most of it went away before we go out. I was really hoping that I wouldn't use any of mom’s makeup like she suggested.”


Soul went back to his window and opened it up. “Mom, you don’t have to yell,” he said.


“Random? That looks like all of dad’s stuff,” Soul pointed out.


“Sorry, ma’am.”

Pinkie popped her head outside next to Soul. “I’m sorry about that,” she said. “I promise to clean it up after I’m gone.”

Dawn looked at Pinkie with a surprised look before looking back over to her son.

“You better not be doing anything funny up there!”

“MOM! She’s a friend!” Soul yelled.

“Who’s still a girl,” Dawn pointed out.

Soul let out a groan.

“Do you even have anything decent on?”

Soul opened his mouth but not a word came out after Dawn asked that question. He looked over himself to see he still had on a sleeveless shirt and boxers on. He blushed and looked over to Pinkie who had a nervous smile.

“Umm, hold that thought, mom,” he said and closed the window. He then looked over to Pinkie who still had a nervous smile.

“Hehe, maybe I should wait outside,” she said.

“Yeah, that would be for the best,” Soul said.

Pinkie walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

“Awwww, a puppy!” Pinkie cheered. “Who’s a good little boy?”

Soul rolled his eyes and went over to his drawer to grab some clothes. After he was done dressing up, he opened the door and started descending down stairs. He was wearing his usual black shirt with blue jeans and a pair of white black shoes.

When he got down from the stairs, he saw Pinkie sitting on the living room couch and was scratching Toby’s back while she was talking with his mother, Dawn.

“So, tell me Pinkie,” Dawn said. “Can you tell me more about my son’s friend, Sunset? I’ve been trying to get Soul to tell me about her but he wouldn’t say anything since he it’s obvious he has a big crush on her.”

“Well, she’s-”

“PINKIE, NO!” Soul yelled.

“But, she asked,” Pinkie pointed out.

“Yeah, I asked,” Dawn retorted.

“Stop trying to get into my lovelife,” Soul said. “...I mean my life,” he corrected after realizing what he said.

“Honey, I’m your mother,” Dawn said. “Of course, I’m going to get into your lovelife.”

“It’s just life.”

“Whatever. And I want to know everything I can about this girl before I meet her and put the fear of God in both of you,” Dawn said. “I don’t have any interests in becoming a grandmother anytime soon.”


“So as you were saying, Miss Pie?”

“Gladly!” Pinkie said.

Pinkie spent the next hour telling Dawn everything about Sunset. Dawn raised her brow a few times when Pinkie was going into details about Sunset being from another dimension inhabited by ponies and that she turned into a she-demon but turned from her ‘meanie ways’ as Pinkie would describe it and is one of the sweetest girls in school…..besides Fluttershy. Dawn dismissed some of Pinkie’s explanations as ‘being too hyperactive’ and ‘being very imaginative.’

“You sure do know how to pick em,” Dawn commented to her son.

Soul rolled his eyes.

“I’m going to make breakfast now, would you like something, Miss Pie?” Dawn asked.

“Pancakes would be nice,” Pinkie replied. “And you can just call me Pinkie.”

Dawn giggled. “Alright, I’ll do that, Pinkie. Would you like anything, sweetie?” she asked.

“I’ll just have some cereal today,” Soul replied.

Dawn nodded and walked into the kitchen.

“Your mom is really sweet,” Pinkie commented.

“She is, when she’s not trying to get on my nerves,” Soul said. “Anyways, you wanted to go over the plan?”

“The plan? Oh, right!” Pinkie reached into her hair and pulled out a blue paper. She placed it on the table. “Now the tough part is getting through the lasers-”

“No Pinkie, I meant the date,” Soul said with half lid eyes.

“Oh….right.” Pinkie put the paper back into her hair and made a sheepish smile. “We thought it would be a cool idea that we could go to the Canterlot Mall for today.”

“The mall? Huh, that does sound like a good idea,” Soul commented. “Anything special I should do for Sunset?”

“Hmmm,” Pinkie pondered as she stroke her chin. “Maybe getting her a gift there would nice.”

“Alright, anything else?”

“Hmmm, sorry Soul, that’s about all I can think of,” Pinkie said. “I mean, if I went out with someone, all that I ever would want from them is their love…..and a few balloons…...and frostings.”

“Uh huh. Are you okay with going out with us?” Soul asked. “I mean, you and Swift would be the only ones not actually going on a date.”

“True, Clyde and Rarity have already been going out for a while now and you and Sunset are going together,” Pinkie said. “But I don’t mind one bit, because I’m doing this to help a friend out and that’s what Swift is doing, too. Besides, after I’m done with you, I’m so going to help him with his crush!”

‘That might be very easy for you, Pinkie,’ Soul thought to himself. ‘.....Or hard. I suppose it depends on Swift getting around his shyness.’

“I know this might sound like a strange idea, but why don’t you actually, I don’t know, have Swift as your date,” Soul suggested. “He’s a fun guy to be around and he is one of the nicest guys I know.”

“But that wouldn’t be fair to the girl he has a crush on,” Pinkie protested. “It’ll be like stealing! And I don’t want to go back to jail!”

“Pinkie, you don’t go to jail for-…Wait, you’ve been in jail before?”

“Nah, I just always wanted to say that,” Pinkie said.

Soul rolled his eyes. “Alright, how about this,” Soul began to say. “I don’t want to break my promise to Swift to tell anybody about his crush, however, I’m going to tell you a little about her, okay?”

“Oh, that sounds fair,” Pinkie said and leaned close to Soul. “Lay it on me.”

“That better be not what I think it is?” Dawn said from the kitchen.

“IT’S NOT!” Soul shouted before letting out another groan.

Pinkie snickered.

“Anyways, the girl he has a crush on, doesn't even know he has a crush on her and she’s been totally oblivious,” Soul said. “So when you think about it, it’s not stealing if the girl doesn't know anything about it.”

“But what if she has a crush on him too and she’s just very shy?” Pinkie pointed out.

“Trust me, she doesn't,” Soul said. “And it’s not because she doesn't want to, but she usually is busy or she doesn't pay attention long enough to notice.”

“I don’t know.”

“Look, it’s just one date and I’m sure Swift would be more than happy to be with you,” Soul said.

Pinkie pondered for a moment and looked at Soul with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll do it,” Pinkie said. “Swift is going to be my date for today.”

“Glad to hear it,” Soul said. “Who knows? Maybe you two might become a couple after this.”

Pinkie snorted. “Yeah right, I’m sure he’ll still be more interested in his crush than me,” she said.

‘I bet he’ll prove you wrong,’ Soul thought to himself with a sly smile. He then frowned. ‘Or maybe not. Again, the shyness.’

“Breakfast is ready,” Dawn said.

“Woo hoo! Pancakes!” Pinkie cheered and boundwards the kitchen with Soul following behind her.

“This is the best day of my life,” Swift said as he was walking along with Clyde and Rarity. In front of them was the entrance towards Hoofington Plaza Mall. “Can you believe it? I’m finally going out with Pinkie and it’s not even a dream!”

Swift was wearing a white t-shirt with black and grey stripe shirt over it and having blue jeans. Clyde wore a his usual black t-shirt on with his symbol while having a hoodie over it and having grey jeans. And Rarity was wearing a shoulderless, aqua shirt with a blue diamond pendant around her neck and a dark blue skirt.

“Yes Swift, we know,” Clyde said. “But I think you need to calm down a bit, otherwise you might get hurt…or get me hurt.”

“I have to agree,” Rarity said. “You do have the tendency of…I’m trying to think of a nicer word than ‘messing things up.’”

“I’m sorry, guys, I’m just very excited is all,” Swift said. “I just never thought that Soul would get me the girl of my life to go out with me.”

“It was cool of him to do that,” Clyde said. “But you’re going to have to do most of the work if you really want to keep on going out with Pinkie.”

“Don’t worry, I have a full proof plan.”

“Do you?” Clyde asked in a non convinced tone.

“...No. But I’ll make it up as I go,” Swift said.

“Oh, no,” Clyde quietly said to himself.

Driving up near them, a shining, pink car pulled up and the rider side door opened to show Soul coming out. The door on the driver side of the car opened and hopping out was Pinkie. She was wearing her usual outfit, but had a small blue flower attached to the side of her hair. Soul had on a white shirt with a leather jacket over it and blue jeans.

“Hiya, guys! Are you all ready to have fun?” Pinkie asked.

“We certainly are, Pinkie,” Rarity said. “I didn’t know you were giving Soul a ride.”

“Neither did I,” Soul said. “She showed up at my house around seven-thirty in the morning.”

“I’m sorry, I was just super excited,” Pinkie said.

Rarity let out a sigh. “Honestly Pinkie, you can be so random at times,” she said.

“It’s fine,” Soul said. He then looked around for a moment. “Hey, where’s Sunset?”

“I’m afraid she’s not here,” Rarity said. “Of course, we’re all here a little early so I assume she'll be here shortly.”

On cue, a black mustang with bright pink flame designs drove up in one of the parking spots. After the engines had stopped, coming out of the driver side was Sunset. She was wearing a white shirt with a green jacket over it and blue jeans. She walked up to the others with a smile.

“Hey guys, I hope I didn’t take too long,” she said.

“Nope, you came just in time,” Soul said. “I like the outfit.”

“Thanks, I thought I try something different for today,” Sunset said.

“Well, it suits you very well,” Rarity complimented. “Oh, you should see if you can get a pair of glasses on. It’ll no doubt make you more gorgeous.”

Sunset giggled. “I think I’m fine without the glasses, Rarity,” she said.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get this date starting!” Pinkie said and raised her arm to point in front of her. “Onward to the mall!”

Everyone stared at Pinkie for a moment.

“Um, Pinkie?” Swift said. “The mall is behind us.”

Pinkie snapped out of her moment and looked to see that she was pointing towards the parking lot and looked behind her to see the mall. She giggled.

“Ops, sorry.” she said. “Sometimes the mall can be really hard to find.”

“But Pinkie, we’re literally-”

“Onward to the mall!” Pinkie shouted and charged inside, interrupting Clyde.

Rarity pinched the bridge between her eyes and let out a sigh. “She’s just too random for me sometimes,” she said.

“Yeah, but what can you do?” Clyde said. “Let’s head inside before Pinkie has all the fun.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and followed Pinkie inside. Pinkie was already at the very center of the mall and came to halt to take in her surroundings.

“Hmmm, should we go eat somewhere first? Or should go shop around? Oh, Oh, we should go by the arcade and see if they have any new games in there. How about it guys?” Pinkie looked around her to see none of them were with her. “Uh, guys?”

“We’re right here, Pinkie,” Rarity said as she and the others finally caught up to Pinkie. “You really need to be patient about keeping up with others.”

Pinkie made a sheepish smile. “Hehe, sorry,” she said.

“It’s alright, I understand that you’re excited,” Rarity said. “So, what was it that you were saying while we were on a way here?”

“Oh, I was just wondering what you guys might want to do first?” Pinkie replied.

“I could go for something to eat,” Soul said.

“That sounds like a good idea, I’m starving,” Swift said. “We should go and get some chicken. I hardly get any chicken when my sister is around.”


“I don’t know why, but Scootaloo always said that she gets some kind of bad vibe from them and doesn't want to eat them,” Swift explained.

“Well, alright I’m up for that then,” Soul said.

“Already halfway there!” Pinkie shouted as she was riding up the escalators. As she was midway up, the escalator stopped and Pinkie grabbed onto the railing. “What the?”

“Huh, it must have just busted or something,” Clyde said. “What are the chances of that?”

“Someone help!” Pinkie shrieked. “I’m stuck!”

“Pinkie dear, you can just continue to walk up or down if you wanted to,” Rarity pointed out.

“I can’t! I’m scared of hights!”

“...Pinkie, that hardly has anything to do with walking up and down the escalator,” Rarity said. “In fact, I’ve seen you walk up and down stairs all the time just for fun. And I’ve seen you climb up ladders that go up all the way to the ceiling in the gymnasium.”

“Stairs, ladders and escalators are all very different things!” Pinkie retorted.

Rarity had half lid eyes before letting out a very agitated sigh.

“I’ll get her down,” Swift said and started walking up the escalator. When he got up to where Pinkie was he held out his hand. He was trying to act casual but his expression betrayed him as beads of sweat started pouring down and was shaking. “H-Hey P-Pinkie, D-Do you need h-help?” he asked, nervously.

Pinkie nodded frantically and grabbed around Swift’s torso for comfort. Swift’s face turned red and froze in place for a moment with nervousness. He shook it off and escorted Pinkie off the escalator while she was still attached to him. When they were finally back down, Pinkie let out a sigh of relieve and hugged Swift.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Pinkie said repeatedly at a fast pace.

Swift rubbed the back of his head. “It was no problem, I only-”

Before Swift could finish, Pinkie placed a kiss on his cheek and he froze in place.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go get something to eat,” Pinkie said. “Without taking the escalator.”

Pinkie ran off to find where they would go. Rarity let out a sigh as she followed behind Pinkie while Sunset snickered to herself. Soul and Clyde walked up behind Swift.

“Nice going, Swift,” Clyde said. “This date is getting better and better.”

“Way to go, Swift,” Soul said before patting Swift on the back.

After the first pat, Swift was pushed slightly forward before collapsing on the floor with a bright, red face. Clyde and Soul looked down on Swift.

“Well, at least he made it this far without falling onto the ground,” Soul said. “This must be an omen.”

“Good or bad?” Clyde asked.

“Better to just go along with it than to question it,” Soul replied.

“Good point.”

After getting Swift back on his feet and catching up with Pinkie, they were able find a restaurant to eat at and chatted for a while. Soul was getting to know everyone better as he learned more about them.

He learned from Swift that he did in fact had a girlfriend before but it didn’t end up well and he didn’t wanted to talk about it. He also found out that Clyde had a brother that was in the National Guard like his dad and that Clyde lived by himself most of the time. Rarity told him that she had a little shop that she owned at her home and designed and sold clothes there while Pinkie worked part time at the cafe shop with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, who were also Pinkie’s aunt and uncle. He noticed, however, that Sunset wasn’t talking much about herself. While he was curious about her homeworld and everything, especially from what Pinkie had told him about her, she did leave her home on bad terms and more than likely didn’t want to think about it.

Finishing up their meals, they headed over to the arcade next. When they got in, they decided to go in and play all the games together as couples. Clyde and Rarity were playing the basketball game that was in there and Clyde was teaching Rarity how to shoot the balls into the hoops as fast and as accurate as possible. Pinkie and Swift were trying out some of the fighting games in there while Pinkie was able to beat Swift at every one of them without ever losing, one time with her eyes closed and another time when she only used one hand. Soul and Sunset played some of the ticket games together and earned a lot of tickets.

Soul and Sunset were at the ticket counter while they were looking at some of the prizes while they waited for their friends.

“So what are you going to get?” Sunset asked.

“Don’t know, I normally don’t get anything from these places,” Soul said. He looked through the counter for a moment. “Don’t see anything good that I might like.”

“I think I’ll just get some of the candy they have here,” Sunset said.

While Sunset was talking to the clerk that works there, Soul looked through the small prizes once more and still didn’t see anything that would interest him. When he looked up at the prizes on the wall, he saw that most of them cost more tickets and were cooler looking. But what really caught his eyes was a silver necklace with a small sun pendant and the cost of how many tickets it was.

“Hey, I’m going to check out the others real quick,” Sunset said.

“Oh um, okay. I’ll stay here for a moment,” Soul replied.

When Sunset had left to find the others, Soul went up to the clerk.

“Hey, that necklace there isn’t real is it?” Soul asked.

“Actually it is, the store manager here is related to one of the other managers here that works in the jewelry store and thought it would attract more female customers,” the clerk said. “It just costs ten thousand tickets.”

Soul went through his tickets and counted them. He let out a sigh as he only counted over two hundred tickets.

‘Boy, that would be one awesome gift if I could get it,’ Soul thought. ‘How exactly would I be able to get ten thousand tickets in one day?’ He let out a sigh. ‘I guess for now I can’t, but if I could work on getting more of those tickets and gather them up, I might be able to get it.’

Soul turned to find where the others were. As he was walking, he past by one of the games and froze in place. He took a few steps back and saw that the game that had a light spin around in a circular motion and the bulb that had jackpot on it said that each jackpot was a thousand tickets.

‘Maybe, I don’t have to wait,’ Soul said with a sly smile. He went into his pockets and looked through the change he had left. ‘Fifteen bits. If I could make ten jackpots, I can get Sunset that necklace. But I’ll have to be careful and make it count. And I’ll have to be quick before anyone else founds out’ He slid in the first quarter and watched the light start to go in the opposite direction. ‘Oh god almighty, help me now.’

“Do you think this dress is perfect?” Rarity asked the other girls as she was looking at a mirror.

After the arcade, the girls really wanted to go shopping for new dresses and the boys didn’t have a say in the matter. They went into a depatment store and were going through the various clothing that were in season. Rarity was trying out a dark purple dress with a mid size skirt that came with a round hat while it had a blue ribbon on it.

“I think it looks good on you,” Sunset commented. “What do you think of mine?” She was in a tan dress that formed into one piece as it was a long sleeve with a short skirt and hugged her in the right places. She wore see-through, black socks that went all the way up under the skirt.

“I think it looks smashing on you,” Rarity commented. “What about you, Pinkie? Are you finding everything alright?”

“I think so, but I might have grabbed something else entirely different though,” Pinkie said as she came out of her dressing stall.

Sunset and Rarity's eyes were wide as they saw Pinkie in an old western showgirl outfit that had a mix of purple and black coloring and a small pink feather in her hair.

“I didn’t know they had something like that,” Sunset said.

“They don’t,” Rarity clarified. “At least, I thought they don’t.”

Waiting outside the dressing room, the guys were sitting down on a nearby bench as Clyde was going through his phone and Swift and Soul were chatting.

“So, how do you think I’m doing with Pinkie?” Swift asked. “Am I making any progress?”

“Well, she did kiss you on the cheek so that’s a point,” Soul replied. “And it looks like you two are doing well together. But I think you really need to step up your game a bit.”

“Um, like how?”

Soul opened his mouth but closed it as he pondered on the question. “I have no clue,” he admitted. “Clyde, you’re going out with Rarity, what do you think he should do?”

Clyde looked away from his phone and rubbed his chin for a moment. “I think that you should go ahead and tell her how you feel,” he said. “I mean you had this crush on her for a few years and now you have this chance to do it.”

“But what if I mess up?” Swift asked. “The whole universe and possibly god is against me on this since day one.”

“I think the universe is cutting you some slack,” Clyde said. “If anything, I think fate decided to take your side.”

“And I’m pretty sure god got your back on this,” Soul said.

“What makes you say that?” Swift said.

Soul raised a brow. He reached under his shirt and pulled out a necklace with a cross pendant on it. “I’ve really been praying for you, hoping that this would work after all the trouble I had to go through,” he explained.


“So are you going to do it?” Clyde asked.

“You know what? I am!” Swift got up on his feet. “I’m going to ask Pinkie to be my girlfriend!..If she wants to that is.”

While Swift was making a heroic like pose, Soul leaned over to Clyde.

“Truth be told, I made a bet with Rivet that he would do it,” Soul admittedly whispered. “You?”

“Made the same bet.”

“You think he’ll do it?”


“Me too.”

“In fact, I’m going in right now to tell her,” Swift said and started walking towards the dressing room.

“Um, I think you should wait until-”

But Soul’s words fell on deaf ears as Swift went into the dressing room. After a moment, the two boys heard a shriek in there. Soul smacked himself in the face and Clyde let out a sigh.


“GHA! Sorry, I forgot you guys were still changing and-”

Both Soul and Clyde winced when they started hearing bashing and bone cracking sounds inside the dressing room. After the the sounds ended, Swift was kicked out of the room and collapsed on the ground on his back with a pain filled expression on him. Soul and Clyde looked at him with half lid eyes.

“Nice one,” Soul commented.

“Yeah,” Clyde agreed. “You better not have saw anything on Rarity that I haven’t seen yet.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t get a chance to when she beat the crap out of me,” Swift said before falling into unconscious.

“Good to hear,” Clyde said.

Soul raised a brow and blushed a little. “Ho...How much did you see?” he curiously asked.

“A gentleman never tells,” Clyde retorted with a smirk. “And not that much. Again, a gentleman.”

Soul rolled his eyes. “So how did you and Rarity got together anyway?”

“You can say it was fate that brought us together,” Clyde replied.

“Okay, if you don’t want to tell me, you can just say so.”

Clyde let out a sigh. “No, I meant that I really did believe that fate brought us together,” he said. “This is what happened, it was when I first tried out for the basketball team…”

It was close to night time and the gang were getting tired for the day. Everyone agreed to head on their way back to their respective homes. Clyde and Rarity were going back to her place and spend some time together. Pinkie volunteered to take Swift back home since Rarity had an intense urge to kill Swift after what happened. But in the end, he didn’t complain.

Soul waved at Swift and gave him a thumbs up for good luck as he made an expression that showed ‘This could be your last chance, go for the kill on the way there.’

Swift made a smiling expression that said ‘I have no idea what you just said but thanks!’ and waved back.

Everyone had left and it was Sunset and Soul left on the parking lot.

“Are you sure I can’t give you a ride?” Sunset asked. “It’ll be quicker that way.”

“Don’t worry, my mom is already on her way,” Soul replied. “So, you better get going before she asks you some more embarrassing questions...Or worse she tells you embarrassing stories about me.”

Sunset giggled. “Okay, now that just makes me want to stay and risk it,” she commented.

Soul rolled his eyes playfully. “Haha, very funny,” he said. “So, did you enjoy yourself?”

“I did very much,” Sunset said.

There was a moment of silence between the two before Soul spoke up again.

“Hey, Sunset?”


“There was something I wanted to-”

“Wait,” Sunset interrupted. “There’s something I need to say first.”

Soul was caught off guard for a moment but nodded and let Sunset speak.

“I know that Pinkie did all this so she could set up and everything,” Sunset said. Soul had a shocked expression on him. “I know because she told Applejack and I got Applejack to tell me.”

Somehow, Soul believed that.

“And I know that you have feelings for me and I’ll admit I have some feelings for you too. But I think we maybe rushing this a bit.”

Soul had a slight frown as he knew where this was heading.

“So I think we should stay friends for a while so I can sort out these feelings” Sunset said. “I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel like this was a waste of time.”

Soul remained silent for a moment which made Sunset uncomfortable until he smiled. “It’s okay, I understand,” he said. “And no, this was not a waste of time. We had fun together and that was more than I could ask for.”

Sunset smiled.

“And I also did this so Swift could finally try to get Pinkie to go out with him more,” Soul added.

“You think it’ll work?”

“He might mess up sometimes but I think he can pull it off,” Soul said. “After all, he’s a determine guy, I’ll give him that.”

“So friends?” Sunset asked.

Soul smiled. “The best of friends,” he replied.

Sunset hugged Soul and he returned it with his own. She gave him a peck on the cheek and started walking towards her car. She waved goodbye to him and left the parking lot. As Soul watched Sunset drive off into the night, he let out a sigh and reached into his pocket. He pulled his hand out and when he opened his palm, in his grasp was the sun necklace that he was able to win back at the arcade.

“Well, this was a total bust,” Soul said to himself. “But if it means waiting on a girl like that, than I’m willing to.”