• Published 24th Jan 2015
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The Sun of My Heart - BlueSun52

Meet Soul Writer, A sweet guy who likes to help others and has big plans for the future. Now he's coming to Canterlot High and is high over head for Sunset. Can he be able to win her heart?

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Chapter 5

Eye Spy and The Pain of Sports

Soul looked to both sides of the hallway. He was near the music room that Pinkie had instructed him to go to. Of course, he didn’t understand why she had given him a crudely drawn map towards it since he already knew where it was. He knocked on the door a few times to see if anyone would answer.

“Who is it?” a familiar voice asked.

“It’s me, Pinkie,” Soul replied.

“Me who?”


“How do I know you're the real Soul?” she asked, cautiously.

Soul’s eyes were half lid. “How do you know if it’s the real me?” he asked.

After a moment of silence, the door opened and popping her head out was Pinkie.

“Oh hey, Soul!” Pinkie greeted. She squinted her eyes for a moment as she observed Soul. After she was done, she once more had her big, bright smile. “Nope, you’re not a spy in disguise.”

Soul rolled his eyes.

“Alright, then let ‘Operation Get Shimmer’ commence!” Pinkie yelled.

Soul winced and looked both sides of the hallway to see that there wasn’t anyone that was near to hear her yell.

“Pinkie, can you at least try to keep something like that down?” Soul asked.

“Opsies, sorry,” Pinkie said with a blush. “I’m just really excited.”

“Why are you so excited?”

“Um, hello? I’m helping one of my bests of friends get herself a boyfriend,” Pinkie replied. “And Sunset could use a good boyfriend that would be sweet and nice to her.”

Soul rubbed the back of his head. “Well, I think that is a nice thing to do for a friend,” Soul said. “But you don’t really know that much about me.”

“You’ve been nice with the guys and they think you’re cool to hang with,” Pinkie said. “Besides, I know a sweet guy when I see them.”

“Right, by the way, how did you know that I had a crush on Sunset anyway?” Soul asked.

Pinkie let out a nervous chuckle. “I, may have, in some way, by a weird set of coincidence, of which was totally out of my power, was hiding in a bush and overheard you and Swift talking about it when we threw your party the first time,” she explained.

“......Why were you in a bush?”

“Just because,” Pinkie replied.

Soul furrowed his brow. “Because?”


“Aren’t you going to tell me why you were in the bush?” Soul asked.

“Well duh, it was fun!”

“......Okay,” Soul said. “Wait, so you also overheard Swift about his-”

“Crush?” Pinkie finished. “I know he admitted having a crush on someone but he never did say who he had a crush on.”

‘Phew, that was close,’ Soul thought to himself. “So you don’t really know who it is then?”

“Nopie do!” Pinkie replied. She then squinted at Soul. “You know don’t you?”

Soul gulped. “I uh, think we should focus on getting me together Sunset,” he said, nervously.

Pinkie smiled once more. “Okie dokie!” She then squinted again. “But after that, I’m coming for you.”

Soul felt his spine tingle with fear.

“Now then, like any beginning relations, we going to have to do something drastic,” Pinkie said as she walked over to a table and grabbed a blue paper. “We’re going on a heist.”


“Now all we have to do is sneak into the museum through the windows here and get past the guards. After that, we-”

“Pinkie, what does this have anything to do with getting me together with Sunset?” Soul asked.

Pinkie paused for a moment and stared at the blueprints with a blank expression. “Eehhh, nothing,” she replied. She then slipped the paper back into the table and looked at Soul. “You didn’t hear or see any of that.”

“Um, okay?”

“Okay, first step, have you talked to her?” Pinkie asked.

“.......Yes,” Soul said, looking at Pinkie with half lid eyes.

“Good, that’s the important part,” Pinkie commented. “Now the second part is getting her to be willing to go out with you.”

“I think that was the whole reason we’re doing this,” Soul pointed out.

“Come on, we got some surveilling to do,” Pinkie said as she grabbed a pair of spy goggles.


“Well duh, you can’t just try to get a girl to out with you without knowing her better,” Pinkie explained. “It’s a girl thing, you’ll never understand.” She then was beginning to rip her clothes off and Soul eyes went wide.

“Wait, Pinkie! I think I should-”

Before he could finish, Pinkie removed her clothes to reveal a full, black latex bodysuit underneath and placed on her goggles. Soul mouth was agape and his brow was raised up high.

“How did you-”

“There’s no time to waste!” Pinkie yelled. “Our target is out there and we need to get a move on!”

Pinkie pulled out a grappling gun and fired it outside. The rope hit something and pulled Pinkie as she let out a ‘we’ cheer.

Soul let out a sigh. “I should have gone with telling her about Swift,” he said. “Then I could have gotten out of this.”

Sunset was walking down the hallway with Fluttershy towards their lockers. Unknown to them, Pinkie went from cover to cover as she tried to stay hidden from them. Soul was right behind her in a ninja like outfit with spy goggles on. Though while it was kinda cool to wear, he felt a bit ridiculous at the sametime. As soon as Sunset and Fluttershy walked around the corner, Pinkie jumped from out of cover and prepared herself as if she was about to attack someone. The hallways were empty though and she waved her hand for Soul to come out.

Soul came from behind a trash can and looked at Pinkie with a raised brow. “Pinkie, is this whole necessary?” he asked. “Can’t you just ask Sunset about whatever it is you want to gather? Or better yet, I can go and talk to her about it.”

“Trust me, this will work,” Pinkie replied. She tiptoed over to the corner and peaked to see the other side. She waved Soul to come over to her.

Soul rolled his eyes and looked over the corner to see Sunset trying to open up her locker.

“What are we doing?” Soul asked.

“Waiting for the right moment,” Pinkie said.

“For what?.......Pinkie?”

Soul looked to where Pinkie was but she had vanished. He looked around the hallway for her as he was confused on how fast she had disappeared.

“What the? Where did she-”


Soul’s eyes were now focused on a startled Sunset as she took a few steps back. She took a few breaths in before she started talking.

“Pinkie, did you really have to stand there?” Sunset asked. “And why are you wearing a jump suit?”

Soul’s eyes were wide open when he saw Pinkie standing behind where Sunset’s locker door was opened. ‘How the heck did she get there so fast and without anyone noticing?’ he thought.

“Duh, I’m a spy. I have to sneak around and the latex suit is very necessary,” Pinkie explained.

“Who are you spying on,” Sunset asked.

“I can’t tell you, I wouldn’t be much of a spy if I tell you what I’m spying who or why.”

“But aren’t spies also not supposed to be not be seen by others as well?”

“Sunset, Sunset, Sunset,” Pinkie repeatedly said. “You have to be in touch with the real world. Spies can be both in hiding or in plain sight. Plus can you imagine me staying in one place for too long?”

“Point taken,” Sunset said. She then observed the latex suit closely. “That seems a little tight.”

“Well, it is three years old and I have grown a lot since then,” Pinkie admitted. “I’m just glad it haven’t ripped ye-”


Pinkie and Sunset’s eyes were wide as they heard a ripping sound. They both looked at the back to see Pinkie’s bottom part was ripped in half; exposing her blue polka dotted underwear. Soul was bright red under his mask and he covered his eyes.

‘I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything!’ Soul repeatedly thought to himself.

Coming around from the opposite side of the hallway, Swift was walking down as he was whistling tune to himself. But when he looked ahead of him, his mind went blank as he was now staring at something blue with yellow dots on it.


Pinkie looked up at Swift and saw how bright red his face was. “Oh hey, Swift! We kinda had an accident.” she sheepishly said

Swift didn’t bother to ask why the backside of her underwear was exposed to the world as he collapsed on the ground with a wide, weak smile.

“There is a god out there,” he said to himself before sliding into unconsciousness.

After rushing Swift into the nurse’s office and Pinkie getting back into her usual outfit, Pinkie was sitting next to Swift as she felt guilty after what had happened and wanted to make sure he was okay.

“So, I’m guessing that the mission had failed?” Soul said.

“No, just postponed,” Pinkie said. “I just want to make sure Swift here feels better.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll a lot better when he wakes up.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I normally don’t want to be frank about this kind of stuff but he did see your butt,” Soul explained.

“What would my butt have something to do with this?” Pinkie asked. “I mean, yeah it’s great and all, but he wouldn’t be interested in my butt, he would be more interested in his crush’s butt. Duh.”

Soul looked at Pinkie with a raised eyebrow. He opened his mouth as he was tempted to tell her the her being Pinkie’s crush but decided that it was best to leave it be.

“So do you think we gathered enough intelligence?” Soul asked. “Cause I don’t think we can afford anymore casualties like this.”

“True. We’ll have to make due with what we got,” Pinkie said. Soul let out a sigh of relieve. “Plus, with what happened here, I think we need to change our strategy.”


“We’re going with operation ‘Triple Strike!’” Pinkie replied.


“You know, a triple date,” Pinkie clarified.

“A triple date?”

“Yeah! I thought Sunset might get nervous if she went with you on a single date, so why not just make it a date with friends,” Pinkie said. “And I can help along with you and do what I can to help.”

“That does sound like a good idea,” Soul said. “And do you know what would be even more fun?”


“If Swift here would tag along,” Soul suggested. “He already knows about my crush on Sunset so he could come along and help.”

Pinkie had on a bright smile. “That sounds like the bestest idea ever!” she said. “It’s the least that I can do for him since it was my fault that he’s unconscious.”

“Oh trust me, this will make up to him more than you think,” Soul said.

“Really, what makes you say that?”

“Just a hunch.”

“So, what are going to do for your club activity today?” Pinkie asked.

“Club activity?” Soul said.

“Yeah…Wait, are you in a club?”

“No, I didn’t even know we had clubs here,” Soul replied. “What kind of club are you in?”

“I’m the president of the Party Planning Committee,” Pinkie proudly answered.

“Well, that’s cool,” Soul said. “What kind of clubs are there?”

“Oh, there’s all kinds of clubs,” Pinkie replied. “There’s the math club, reading club, science club, sci-fi club, video game club, sports club, swimming club, movie club, the mime club-”

“I get the idea, Pinkie,” Soul said. “Some of them sound good but I was hoping that I could join a club where a lot of my friends are in.”

“Hmmm, why don’t you join the basketball team?” Pinkie suggested. “Clyde and Swift are part of the team.”

“Well, I already know some of the guys on the team,” Soul said. “That might sounds like a good idea. I’ll give it a shot”

“Good luck!”

In the gymnasium, the basketball team were practicing as they usually do. Clyde and Tyrone were on the same team as they were going up against some of their teammates as part of their routine. Soul was on the sidelines with Coach Iron Will as he was asking him to join the team.

“So you want to join the basketball team?” Coach Iron Will asked with a serious tone.

“Y-Yes, sir,” Soul nervously replied.

Iron Will smiled. “Iron Will always welcomes new blood into his team! Let’s see what you’re made of!”

Soul let out a sigh of relieve.

“Now go out there and show Iron Will what you got! You’ll be on that punk’s team.”

Soul nodded and ran over to join Clyde and Tyrone’s team.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Soul asked.

“Hey Soul, just practicing for the upcoming game is all,” Clyde replied.

“You here to join our team?” Tyrone asked.


“Sweet, we can always use some extra muscle around here,” Tyrone said. “Yo big man, why don’t take a break and let Soul in on the game.”

“YEAH!” Bulk Biceps yelled.

“Ya don’t have to yell!” Tyrone shouted back.

“Sorry,” Bulk Biceps said with a sheepish smile.

“Alright, let’s get this game started!” Iron Will shouted and blew his whistle.

The game started and Soul was trying his best to keep up with the others in the game. He was good at playing guard and keeping the opponents off of his teammates, but was having trouble catching up with what his teammates were trying to do on the court. When his team was close to getting a point, Tyrone had the ball but was surrounded by three of the other players. He saw Soul open and made a pass.

“Dawg! Heads up!” Tyrone shouted.

“Who?” Soul replied, but was hit in the face by Tyrone’s pass. Tyrone winced when he saw it happen. Luckily, Soul was able to quickly recover from it and grabbed the ball. When he saw the other players coming for him, he looked up at the hoop and made a shot with the ball.

Everyone watched for the ball as it seemed to make it in. Soul was smiling brightly as he thought nothing could ruin this moment. Or it did until the ball hit the edge of the hoop ring and bounced back towards Soul; hitting him square on the face. Everyone winced and rushed over to see if he was okay.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Clyde asked.

“Yeah dawg, it looked like you got hit by a meteor,” Tyrone commented.

Soul let out a moan. “Yeah, I think I’m fine,” he replied. He sat back up and rubbed his left eye. “I think it hit me in the eye.”

“Let me see,” Clyde said as he moved Soul’s hand out of the way.

Everyone on the team, including the coach all winced when they saw that he developed a black eye very quickly.

“What? Is it that bad?” Soul asked.

“Ummm, maybe more or less,” Clyde said.

“Okay, Iron Will has seen enough and I think that basketball isn’t your thing.”

“Oh,” Soul said with a frown.

“But I think I know a sport that I think you’ll be good at,” Coach Iron Will added.

“Really?” Soul said with raised hope. “Like what?”

“Soccerball,” Rainbow Dash said. Coach Iron Will recommend that Soul would try out for the soccer team since he didn’t have to pick up a ball and worry about it coming back to hit him in the head. “Don’t worry about it, I can show you all the tricks you need so you can be twenty percent cool under me.”

“Um, thanks, Rainbow Dash,” Soul said. “I think.”

“No problem, we already have enough runners but let’s see how good your are at guarding,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Alright, let’s do it,” Soul said.

“That’s the spirit!” Rainbow Dash said. “Hey Cloudchaser, you can take a rest now!”

“Finally!” a girl with pale cerulean, spiky hair with white streaks said. “I didn’t know how much more of this I could have taken!” She added as she walked towards a bench.

“Um, are all soccer guards like that?” Soul asked

“Aw don’t worry about her,” Rainbow Dash said. “She just need a break is all, and with you covering for her, we now have two guards to help out in the upcoming games.”

“Alright, what exactly do I need to do?”

“Just cover the goal and make sure no ball gets past you. Simple as that,” Rainbow Dash explained. “Now then, I’ll try to get a point in and all you have to do is stop me.”

“Okay, I’m ready.”

“Woo hoo, go Soul!” Apple Bloom shouted from the stand as she was with her friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

Soul waved at her. “Hey Apple Bloom, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I came and-,” Apple Bloom paused as she noticed that Soul had a black eye. “Oh my gosh, are you okay!?”

“What? Oh yeah, I’m okay,” Soul replied. “Just a little accident while I was trying out basketball.”

“That look’s pretty bad,” Sweetie Belle commented.

“Don’t worry about it, it doesn't hurt as much anymore,” Soul said. “So, what are you doing here?”

“We came here, since Scootaloo likes to watch Rainbow Dash all the time,” Apple Bloom replied.

“Yeah, she’s so awesome!” Scootaloo said.

“That’s because I am,” Rainbow Dash said. “Alright, let’s see what ya got.”

Soul stood ready at the goal as he had his legs spread and kept his arms in front of him. Rainbow Dash dropped the soccer ball onto the ground and started kicking it towards him. Soul readied himself as she was drawing near and when Rainbow Dash was close she kicked the ball as hard as she could and it flew fast in the air. Just as Soul was about to prepare to block it-

“Heya, cousin!”

Soul looked to his left to see Applejack waving with Big Mac behind her.



Everyone winced, especially Rainbow Dash as the soccer ball hit Soul in the crotch. His eyes twitched for a few moments and he fell over on his side while he placed his hands over his wound. Everyone rushed over to him.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, are you okay!?” Rainbow Dash frantically asked.

Soul wasn’t able to reply to her as he was still in extreme pain.

“Soul, do ya need some ice?” Applejack asked, concernedly.

Soul slowly nodded.

“Mac, get some ice quick!” Applejack said.

“Ah’m on it,” Big Mac replied and rushed off.

After Big Mac got some ice and a few moments past, Soul was feeling the pain go away and accepted Rainbow Dash’s apology, assuring her that it was his fault since he got distracted.

“So um, I’m guessing you don’t wanna be on the team anymore, do you?” Rainbow Dash asked rubbing the back of her head.

“Eeyup,” Soul replied.

“Hmmm, if you want, I got an idea on what other sport you can try,” Rainbow Dash suggested. “You seem like the type of guy who can stand his ground.”

“Well, okay sure,” Soul said. “What do you have in mind?”


A football landed in Soul’s hands and he looked up to see a bunch of taller and stronger teens than him rushing towards him. Soul looked over to the benches to see the worried faces of his cousins and friends. Rainbow Dash had a nervous, sheepish smile.

Soul glared at Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow DAS-” Before he could finish he was dogpiled by the team.

Everyone winced and looked over to Rainbow Dash with raised brows.

Rainbow Dash let out a nervous chuckle. “Not exactly my best choice,” she said.

“Alright, Swift. I think you well enough to go back to class now,” Nurse Redheart said.

“Thanks Miss Redheart,” Swift said, getting off the bed. “So, what exactly happened to me anyway? It’s all kinda blank to me.”

Nurse Redheart cheeks were tint with red as she remembered what she was told at what happened. “You um, well um, tripped and hit your head against….something,” she lied.

“Hmmm, that does sound like something that would happen to me,” Swift said. “Well, thanks again Miss Redheart.”

Redheart let out a sigh of relieve.

Swift walked over to the door and grabbed hold on the doorknob. Before he could even turn it, the door slammed open and he was crushed against the wall by the force from the door. Running through was Applejack and Big Mac as they were holding up a very bruised and worn down Soul. They laid him down on the same bed that Swift was on and Applejack faced Redheart.

“Applejack, what happened to him!?” Redheart asked, concernedly.

“My cousin was trying out a bunch of sport clubs and Ah think he broke his arm in the football tryouts,” Applejack replied. “Is there anything y’all can do for him?”

“Alright, everyone please stay outside for a moment and I’ll take care of the rest,” Redheart said.

Applejack nodded and motioned Big Mac to come with her. As they left, Applejack grabbed the door and closed it behind her. Swift had a goofy, pain filled expression and fell on the ground face flat.

Redheart let out a sigh. “Why does this always happen to me?” she asked herself.

After sometime had past, Soul had an eyepatch over his swollen eye and his right arm was wrapped up in a cast. Soul looked to his left to see Swift having his head bandaged.

Redheart let out a sigh. “Swift, I believe you can leave now. Hopefully you’ll be fine and I believe it’s time for lunch break,” she said. “Soul, I informed your mother and she is on her way to come pick you up.”

“Alright, thank you Miss Redheart,” Soul replied.

Redheart smiled. “You’re welcome and I believe you have some guests that want to see you,” she said.

She opened the door and Soul’s cousins came in and both Soul and Swift’s friends came in as well.

“Hey guys,” Rivet said. He then saw Soul and winced. “What the heck happened to you, Soul?”

“I tried out for some sport clubs,” Soul replied. “It didn’t go so well.”

“I heard about that but I didn’t think you would be like this,” Rivet commented. “You look like you got mauled by a tiger.”

“More like eight, five hundred pounds of meat crashing down on a mouse but who’s counting,” Soul said.

“This shouldn’t have happened if someone had used their head,” Applejack said while glaring at Rainbow Dash.

“Look, I admit that it was a bad call,” Rainbow Dash said. “But you can’t blame me for eight football players dogpiling on a skinny guy.”

Applejack rolled her eyes.

“So, what kind of sport are you going to-”

“NO MORE SPORTS!” Soul yelled. “I want nothing to do with them!”

Pinkie gulped. “Just asking,” she timidly said. “Well, if you want, you can join the Party Planning Committee. We’re always looking for new members.”

“Hey yeah, you should totally join that,” Swift said. “I’m even in it too.”

Soul raised a brow. “Wait, I thought you were part of the basketball team?”

“I am, but I also am part of the committee as well,” Swift said. “There isn’t a rule about joining two clubs and they both have different scheduling so I never had any problems with them.”

“Huh, well in that case, I’ll join,” Soul happily said, but then squinted at Pinkie. “There isn’t any sports involved is there?”

“Only when we’re celebrating a victory,” Pinkie replied.

Soul shrugged. “Alright, I’ll make an exception for that.”

“Woo hoo!”

“I believe we should get going,” Rarity said. “Lunch won’t last forever.”

“Good point,” Clyde said. “You coming, Swift?”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” Swift said. “Will we see you later?”

“Yeah, hopefully tomorrow if my mom doesn’t get too worried about this,” Soul said, lifting his cast up. “How long am I supposed to have this on?”

“It’s not broken, but it did take a lot of beating,” Redheart said. “I recommend your mom to take you to a doctor about that and see what they think.”

“Alright, we’ll do that,” Soul said.

“Well, ya later cuz,” Applejack said. “Hope ya get better soon.”

Everyone said their goodbyes and were heading out. Just before Swift could leave the room, Pinkie tapped him on the shoulder and Swift froze up for a moment.

“D-Do you need something, P-Pinkie?” Swift nervously asked.

“I just want to say that I’m sorry about early,” Pinkie said.

“Huh, what about?”

“You know, when you saw my- mphh!?”

Before Pinkie could say anything, Redheart covered Pinkie’s mouth and had a large nervous smile on her.

“What she was about to say was she was the reason why you tripped because she accidently bumped into you and why you hit your head against the um...something,” Redheart explained.

“Oh well, it’s okay, Pinkie,” Swift said. “It was just an accident.”

Pinkie furrowed her brow until Redheart whispered into her ear about him not remembering anything. Pinkie didn’t understand why she had to lie about it, but went along with it anyway.

“So, was um, all needed?” Swift asked

“Actually, I thought about it and I even have a better way of apologizing to you then just saying I’m sorry,” Pinkie said.

“Pinkie, you don’t have to do anything, I already-”

“We should go on a date!” Pinkie said.

“.....Wait, what?”

“What I mean is a triple date,” Pinkie explained. “I’m trying to hook up Soul with Sunset and I thought we should take them out on a triple date and see how that goes. Soul was even kind enough to suggest that you can come along too and help. So how about it, Swify?”

“Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!” Swift said. “I would love to go out with you!”

“You mean with us?” Pinkie corrected while raising an eyebrow.

“Well um, yes, that’s what I mean,” Swift said, clearing his throat.

“Super! I’ll see who else can come along,” Pinkie said. “It wouldn’t be a triple date, if we don’t a third couple to come along. I think Rarity and Clyde can come along.”

“I think they would like the idea,” Soul said.

“Alright, I’ll go and ask them now,” Pinkie said. “See ya lazies!”

Pinkie then bounced out of the room. Swift stood there and froze with a wide, toothy smile.

“No need to thank me, pal. It’s what friends do,” Soul said. “Though a little praise wouldn’t hurt.”

Soul never got a response as he looked at Swift with a worried look.

“Um, are you okay?”

Swift still didn’t respond.

“Um, Miss Redheart? Is Swift going to be ok-”



Swift quickly ran over to Soul and gave him a bear, crushing hug.

“Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou!” Swift repeatedly said. “You’re the best friend a guy can ever ask for!”

Soul let out a cough. “Swift….I can’t…..BREATH!” he said as he had difficulty breathing.

“I never thought I would ever have this chance!”


Swift opened his eyes wide and let out a gasp. “I have to get prepared! I’m not letting something like this slip by me in a million years!” Swift then let go of Soul who was coughing and panting. “See you later man, I have a date with destiny!”

Swift ran out the room who was laughing like he was the luckiest man in the world.

“Jeez, that guy is strong,” Soul said. “And he complains about gym class.”

“Um, hey Soul I was- Oh my god, what happened to you?”

Soul looked over to see Sunset standing at the doorway. She had a worried look on her when she saw how Soul was.

“I’m fine trust me, I look worse than I feel,” Soul said.

“You do look worse!” Sunset said. “How did this happen?”

Soul told everything to Sunset about what happened in the past couple of hours about him trying out some of the sport clubs. As winced every time Soul mentioned the parts that got him hurt and she placed a hand over her face when he mentioned Rainbow's idea for him to try football. Sunset then told him about how her day was going and the part about Pinkie acting like a spy. She didn’t mention the incident but Soul know what happened but decided not to mention it either. Though when Sunset thought about it, he couldn’t help but think she was cute when she blushed.

Soul looked up at the clock and saw what time it was. “You shouldn’t stay here too long, you’re going to miss lunch,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind missing one day of lunch,” Sunset reassured. “Besides, it’s meatloaf day anyway.”

Soul shivered. “You’re right, but you should at least eat….Wait, I have something that I think you’ll like,” he said. “Can you hand me my bag? Applejack brought it in after the incident.”

Sunset walked over to where the bag was and gave to Soul. He opened up the bag and looked through the contents of it until he pulled out a brown bag. Inside it was a bag of chips, a juice box and two pieces of half sandwiches. Soul pulled out of the sandwich and handed over to Sunset.

“I-I shouldn’t. I mean, it does belong to-”

“Well, since it belongs to me, I like to give it to you,” Soul said. “It’s peanut butter and jelly filled.”

Sunset smiled while she blushed lightly. She held the sandwich up and took a bite out of it.

“Mmmmm, this taste so good,” Sunset said.

“My mom is the best when it comes to cooking,” Soul said, taking a bit from his half.

“I never thought that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches could ever get this good,” Sunset commented.

“I think she might have added something apple related,” Soul said. “She does get most of her cooking from granny.”

“I guess it’s the benefits of being part of the Apple family,” Sunset said.


There was a moment of silence between the two as they were eating until Soul spoke up.

“So Sunset, did Pinkie mention anything to you about this weekend?” he asked.

Sunset shook her head. “No, she hasn’t. Why?” she asked.

“Well, she wanted us to come along with her,” Soul said. “On a um…..triple date.”

Sunset blushed. “O-On a date?” she asked, nervously.

“Yeah, you know, if you want to that is,” Soul said. “You don’t have to-”

“N-No, I would like to go out with you,” Sunset pasued. “I mean, with all of you, not just you of course.” She chuckled nervously. “Who else is going?”

“Well, Swift is coming along that’s for sure,” Soul said, rubbing his back. “And Pinkie is going to see if Clyde and Rarity can come along.”

“Cool, sure I’ll come,” Sunset said. “Do you really think you can make with-”

“I’m fine, okay?” Soul said. “I’m sure my black eye will be gone by then and my arm would hopefully be better by then.”

“Okay, if you say so,” Sunset said. She then looked up at Soul and giggled. “It would be kinda awkward to date a pirate.”

Soul rolled his eyes and smiled.

The two looked at each other gaze for a moment before a woman voice could be heard.

“Awww, that’s so sweet.”

Soul’s iries shrunk and both Sunset and him looked at the door entrance to see a woman standing there with long, dark blonde hair with pale orange skin and having light blue eyes. It was Soul’s mom.


Sunset blushed and stood up. “O-Oh, you must be Soul’s mom,” she said. “My name is Sunset Shimmer, it’s very nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Sunset. And my name is Dawn Writer, but you can just call me Dawn.” Dawn had a sly smile. “So are you my son’s girlfriend? I don’t remember him saying he had one.”

‘NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!’

“Well, I uh, no, we’re just friends….maybe?” Sunset replied.

“Maybe as in, you aren’t friends or more than just friends?” Dawn asked with a raised brow and keeping her sly smile.

Sunset gulped as her face was getting redder and redder. Fate was on her side however when the school bell rang.

“Oh um, look at that,” Sunset said. “I have to get to class. Bye Mrs. Dawn, see you later Soul.” She said waving and ran out the room as fast as her legs could carry her.

Dawn looked back at her son as he was glaring at her. She raised a brow. “Wow, when your nurse said that you were beaten up, I didn’t think you would look this bad,” she commented.

“Mom, did you really have to scare her like that!?” Soul asked.

“Whatever do you mean?” Dawn asked with a shrug. “It was just a simple question.”

Soul let out a groan.

Dawn walked over to her son. “Let’s get going, sweetie,” she said. “I already made an appointment with a doctor and he’ll take a look at that arm.”

Soul let out a sigh and got up from his bed. His mom picked up the bag for him and walked along with him. After a few moments, she spoke up again.

“So, is she your girlfriend?” she asked.

Soul let out another groan.

Author's Note:

I want to thank Azure_Shadow, BRyeMC and CogWing with their help on this chapter.

Now let preparation for the triple date commence!