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The Sun of My Heart - BlueSun52

Meet Soul Writer, A sweet guy who likes to help others and has big plans for the future. Now he's coming to Canterlot High and is high over head for Sunset. Can he be able to win her heart?

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Chapter 10

Thus The Battle of Fall Formal Dates has Begun! Part 3
And The Chase is On!

It was early in the morning at Canterlot High and the girls were standing outside of the school entrance. All of the girls attention were on Rarity as she was explaining the rules for both Sunset and Sonata on their little game on who would win to take Soul to the Fall Formal.

“Alright, let me go over the rules one more time,” Rarity said. “What you two must do is gain the most attention from Soul. Depending on his attention and reaction, Pinkie and I will give points to either of you two. You can use any methods you want but don’t show anything indecent. While the dance is the most important social occasion of the year, that’s no excuse for showing too much skin. If you do go too far, you will be disqualified and the other lady wins by default.”

“Got it,” Sunset said.

“So I can’t just flash Soul whenever I want?” Sonata asked.

“Yes,” Rarity replied. She then raise a brow. “...You weren’t planning on doing that, right?”

“What? No, no, of course not,” Sonata sheepishly said. ‘Darn it! That was my ace in the hole.’

“Once the day is done, we tally up the points and see which lucky lady will go out with Soul,” Rarity said. “May the best lady win!”

Soul whistled as he walked down the hallway. He stopped over to his locker and unlocked to retrieve some of his belongings for classes. After he closed the door, Sonata was there standing in place.

“Hi, Soul!”

“Oh hey, Sonata.” Soul said. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing good,” Sonata replied. She started walk closer to Soul until her face was near his and her body was pressed up against him. “How about you?” she asked in a low, seductive voice.

“Well eh, I um, doing good,” Soul replied, nervously. He was blushing from Sonata being so close to him.

“That’s good to hear,” Sonata said, still keeping her voice the same. “I have to go now, but I hope to see you soon.”

Sonata walked past him and when she turned to look at him one more time, she gave a wink and disappeared around the corner. Not too far from where Soul was, Pinkie and Rarity were keeping an eye on what was going on from around another corner opposite from where Soul was standing.

“Making Soul blush and making him feel nervous in a good way is the perfect combination of getting ones attention,” Rarity said. “Ten points.”

Pinkie wrote down the points on Sonata’s score list.

“How do you think Sunset is going to beat that?” Pinkie asked.

“We’re about to found out,” Rarity said as she spotted Sunset making her way towards Soul.

Soul looked at where Sonata for a moment as he felt confused on what just happened. He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked to see Sunset was standing there.

“Hey Soul, what’s up?” Sunset asked.

“Oh um,” Soul tried to find the words to describe what happened but couldn’t. “N-Nothing much, something weird happened but I’m sure it’s nothing,” he replied.

“Alright, if you say so,” Sunset said. She then held Soul’s hand up with her own. “Hey, are you still having problems with chemistry?” she asked. “I would like to help you, if you want.”

Soul blushed. “Y-Yeah, I would like that,” he said.

“Great, can’t wait,” Sunset said before hugging Soul and walking off to her class.

Soul watched Sunset walked away until she disappeared and he smiled. “I don’t know why, but I feel like this is going to be a good day,” he said to himself before heading out to his class.

“Aww, that was so sweet,” Pinkie said. “We should give her fifteen points for making him blush and not having to do anything seductive.”

“I agree, let’s see how the rest of the day goes,” Rarity said.

After a few hours and Soul getting an unusual amount of attention between Sunset and Sonata, he was in the cafeteria and not only was he sitting with the guys but also with the girls as well. Pinkie thought that since most of everyone was going out with one another, she wanted to sit with all her friends and their dates and/or boyfriends.

Everyone was chatting with one another while Rarity was pondering on something that she felt that was out of place.

‘Hmm, something feels wrong,’ Rarity thought to herself. ‘Let’s see, Pinkie and Swift are going to the dance with no problem, Rainbow Dash and Rivet are going, me and Clyde are going that’s for sure, we’re still waiting to see if either Sunset or Sonata would go out with Soul and Fluttershy said she was going with her mysterious new boyfriend, who I really wish I could meet. Also, if I remember correctly, Twilight will be stopping by the dance so Flash has something to look forwards to. All that leaves is…’

Rarity lifted her brows up and looked at Applejack, who was enjoying a bite from her pear. The gears in Rarity’s head kept on moving until they started crashing down as she had thought of the most horrifying thing ever in the history of histories. She let out a horrified gasp.

“Applejack, do you have anyone for the dance!?” Rarity asked, frantically.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at Rarity for a moment. Then all their gaze fell upon Applejack who had a puzzled look on her.

“Um...No?” Applejack replied, confusedly. “Why do you ask?”

“Because we only have a week and a half to go before the dance comes around,” Rarity said. “And everyone know that having a date for the dance is the most social importance. Do you want to be the only one in this group to not have a date to the dance!?”

Applejack raised a brow. “But Soul doesn’t have a date either,” she said. “Remember?”

Rarity pursed her lips and looked over to see Soul starting at her with half lid eyes.

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me of that,” Soul said while Sunset and Sonata, who were now feeling somewhat guilty on why he was so far not having a date to the dance, sat awkwardly next to him.

Rarity made a sheepish smile. “Hehe, sorry about that,” she said before looking back at a smirking Applejack and glared at her. “We’ll talk about this later,” she quietly whispered.

‘*Phew!* Bought me some time from that conversation,’ Applejack thought to herself. ‘Ah don’t like to be pressured into going out with a guy just because of a dance that comes up once a year. And it’s not even the only dance of the whole, dang school semester.’

“Although, despite Rarity’s reasons,” Soul started to say. “Why don’t you have a date to the dance?”

‘Darn it!’

All eyes were on Applejack as she let out an irritated sigh. “Ah’m not really that interested in getting a date from some random guy that I hardly know just so I could go to a dance,” Applejack said. “Besides there’s farm work I need to do before the dance anyway.”

Soul raised a brow and looked carefully at Applejack. He watched carefully for any changes in Applejack’s expression. But the only thing that changed was her looking at him with a puzzled look. Soul then looked at Applejack with a surprised expression.

“Huh, she isn’t lying,” Soul said. “That’s weird, Granny Smith told me that you guys weren’t busy this year with the harvest.”

“Ya know me, I work more than Granny Smith thinks is good,” Applejack replied. “I always make sure that the farm has more than enough harvest until next year.”

“Which would mean the harvest from last year would make the harvest of next year easy because you don't have to gather as much, but knowing you, you would still get more than you need,” Soul said. “I think you’re just making an excuse.”

“Keep being a smart mouth and see what happens,” said Applejack raising up her pear.

Soul paused for a moment before making his next move. “...You can’t find a date can-”



“Told ya,” Applejack said after she threw her pear at Soul’s head.

Soul rubbed the top of his forehead and glared at Applejack.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Sonata said. “Here let me look at it.”

Sonata placed a hand on Soul’s shoulder and used her other hand to move his white hair out of the way seeing where the apple hit him.

“Five points for taking initiative,” Rarity whispered over to Pinkie.

Pinkie nodded and wrote down the points.

“Is there anything I can do?” Sunset asked as she wrapped her arms around Soul’s arms; causing him to blush.

Soul gulped. “N-No, it’s okay girls, I’m fine,” he replied. ‘Okay, what is going on!? They’ve been like this all morning...Granted of course, it’s not that bad.’

“Five points for comfort,” Rarity whispered.

Clyde raised a brow. “What are you whispering about?” he asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Rarity replied.

“Surely there’s something I can do?” Sunset asked as she got closer to Soul’s face..

“What about me?” Sonata asked as she got closer as well.

Soul was burning up as the two got closer to his face and their bodies pressing up against him. Beads of sweat were pouring down from his forehead and his face was bright red. All of a sudden, he shot up from his chair causing the two girls to wince back.

“I gotta go!” Soul quickly said and ran out through the cafeteria entrance.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Sonata asked as she followed behind him.

When they were gone, the others sat awkwardly with one another as the guys were trying to figure out what just happened while some of the girls were giggling. Rainbow Dash couldn’t hold it in anymore and she was laughing out loud.

“HAHAHA! That was just too much,” Rainbow Dash laughed. “Did you see the way he looked!?”

“Are you going to go after him?” Fluttershy asked Sunset.

“I think I’ll leave him alone until he cools off,” Sunset said. “I think this little competition maybe more than he can handle.”

“Okay, what is going on?” Rivet asked. “What was that all about?”

Rainbow Dash wiped away a tear and faced Rivet. “Sunset and Sonata are having a competition to see who can gain Soul’s attention the most at the end of the day,” she said. “Whoever wins gets to go out with him to the dance.”

“Wait a minute, let me get this straight,” Rivet said. “Both Sunset and Sonata want to go to the dance with Soul?”

“Now they’re having a competition and the only way to win is be affectionate towards him?” Swift added.

“And whoever wins, gets to go with him at the dance?” Clyde finished.

“Yep,” Rainbow Dash confirmed and took a sip from her drink.

Walking by the group’s table was Tyrone and Light were chatting with one another. When Tyrone saw Clyde he smiled and spoke up.

“Hey Clyde man, what’s up?” he asked.

Clyde looked back at Tyrone. “Nothing much, except that we just found out that Sunset and Sonata are trying to get Soul to go out with them to the dance and they're now having a competition to see who would get him first,” he replied.

“...That lucky bas-”



Tyrone rubbed the back of his head and looked over to Light to see that she smacked him and was now glaring at him.


Sonata panted as she stopped in the hallway after she tried to go after Soul but to her surprise, he was incredibly fast. She wiped away the sweat and took a moment to herself.



Sonata looked behind her to see her two sisters, Aria and Adagio.

“What the heck has gotten into you?” Aria asked. “Why did you run out of the cafeteria like that?”

“It’s kinda a long story,” Sonata replied. “You see-”

“Nope, I don’t really care,” Aria interrupted. “If I knew this was going to be story time, I wouldn’t have asked.”

“Well, I’m curious,” Adagio said. “Go ahead and tell us.”

Sonata nodded and started telling her sister the whole story. She reminded them when they were talking about having boyfriends and after that she met Soul. She told them he was the reason why he was hanging with the others so much and that she wanted to go to the dance with but later found out that Sunset wanted to as well. And explained to them about the game they were playing and telling them she was determined to win.

“- And that’s why I really, really, really, really, really, really want to win!” Sonata finished and painted while she was catching her breath.

Aria let out an irritated sigh. “That has got to be the lamest thing I have ever heard in my entire life as both a siren and as a human,” she said. “I bet even Adagio has to agree with that, right?”

But unknown to Aria, Adagio was smiling wickedly. “This is too perfect,” she said.

“See, I told- Wait, what!?”

“Don’t you see? We have a chance of vengeance here,” Adagio said. “We have a chance to rip one of the Rainbooms hearts out after what they’ve done to us.”

“I don’t know, ‘Dagi,” Sonata said. “That sounds more mean than being friendly.”

“Look, do you want Soul or not?”

“I really, really, really-”

“Than these going to be a lot of heart breaking to do,” Adagio said. “And we’re going to help you win.”

“We are?” Aria asked.

“We are,” Adagio said and started to slowly laugh as it continued to be louder and more wicked.

“I somehow have a bad feeling about this,” Sonata said. “But then again I do get a boyfriend out of this, so it’s all good, right?......Right?”

Keeping their promise, Adagio and Aria were able to help Sonata gain more attention from Soul and were able to keep Sunset from gaining anymore attention from him without her or the others from knowing. They were able to keep Sunset from getting near Soul from time to time by making up excuses that she was needed somewhere else and keeping Pinkie and Rarity from noticing when Sunset was making a move on Soul. But despite their efforts, Sunset was still able to gain a lot of his attention.

It was nearing the end of the school day and everyone was in gym getting ready to start their excises. Rarity and Pinkie were going over the scoreboard of the two competitors.

“Pinkie, who’s in the lead so far?”

“That would be Sunset,” Pinkie replied. “She’s been doing a lot to get his attention.”

“Of course, it doesn't take much to get his attention,” Rarity said. “I'm curious though as to how Sonata is going to win if she’s far behind.”

Coming out of the girls dressing room, Sunset came out with her usual CHS gym uniform. When she looked over to where Soul is, he was doing sit ups for his exercise but was having trouble keeping his feet on the ground. Noticing his problem, she walked over to him hoping to help him out.

“Do you need any help?” Sunset asked.

Soul panted a few times. “Yeah, can you hold down my feet for a moment?” Soul replied.

Sunset nodded and kneeled down until she was comfortable and held down Soul’s feet. Soul let out some air and started doing his sit ups again. After doing a few more, they both got up on their feets.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” Soul said.

“No problem,” Sunset said. “When did you start doing exercises before gym started?”

“I was talking to my old man last night and I told him about how hard gym was starting to be,” Soul replied. “He suggested that I start doing some exercises before class starts. I think it really does work, I feel like I can take on anything Coach Will can throw at me.”

Sunset giggled. “I really hope you don’t tell him that,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done some crazy things but I’m not suicidal or anything,” Soul said. “So, any plans for the dance?”

“Well um-”

Before Sunset could finish, they heard a lot of guys whistling and most of the girls were mumbling loudly. Confused, the two looked over to see what was happening and they froze. Sonata was walking in the gym that clearly showed the her uniform was too small on her and showed off her midriff. The shorts were very small showing off her long legs and the shirt clung around her chest making it hard not to notice.

Sunset had her mouth wide open and Soul’s face was bright red.

Pinkie let out a long whistle and Rarity, for some reason, felt slightly inadequate as her face showed discomfort.

“Dang, fifteen points for getting Soul all fired up,” Pinkie said.

“A-And five for gaining the attention of every boy in the gym,” Rarity said. “CLYDE!?”

“I’m not looking, I swear!” Clyde replied as he was covering his eyes.

“Does anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable?” Rivet asked.

“That depends on what you mean uncomfortable,” Tyrone said before Light smacked him in the back of the head again.

“I’m not looking either in case you’re wondering, Pinkie,” Swift said as he was covering his eyes as well.

“Aww, thanks Swifty,” Pinkie said.

Rarity let out a sigh and walked over to Sonata.

“Sonata dear, I know we said that you can use whatever means necessary to win and you technically not showing anything without exposing yourself but don’t you think this is a bit extreme?” she worried. “What if they see your panty or your bra line?”

Sonata looked at Rarity with confusion. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “I don’t wear anything under my gym uniform.”

Upon that comment, almost every guy in the gym simultaneously collapsed on the ground. A few of the boys, including Rivet and Clyde were still standing but had bright red blushes on them. Swift passed out on the ground with the other guys. Sunset looked over to Soul to see that he was having trouble keeping his legs from standing.

Over by the benches, Aria and Adagio were watching what was transpiring as Adagio let out a chuckle.

“See, I knew that would work,” Adagio said.

“Course it didn’t take much effort because Sonata really doesn't wear anything under her uniform and from time to time she forgets to wear anything under her regular clothes,” Aria said. “Idiot.”

“Even so, we have no doubt made sure that she has won this competition by a landslide,” Adagio said.

“It's a tie!” Pinkie announced.

“WHAT!?” all the girls said at once.

“Yeah, see?” Pinkie then held up a pink bow tie in her hand and was showing to the girls.

Everyone looked at Pinkie with half lid eyes.

The girls were standing in the gymnasium after class was dismissed and everyone was free to go home. Rarity let out a sigh and grabbed the notepad from Pinkie.

“Let me read the score off, Pinkie,” Rarity said and looked at the score. She carefully and slowly counted off the numbers. After a moment, her eyes were wide and was shocked by the results.

“So, who won?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah, I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know, I wann-”

“It really is a tie!” Rarity said.


“That’s what it seems to be,” Rarity said.

“So, how do we decide who goes out?” Rainbow Dash asked. “They both can’t go out with the same guy, that’s just wrong and creepy.”

“We could flip a coin?” Applejack suggested.

“Maybe we can ask Soul?” Fluttershy suggested. “He is the one their after.”

“I wish we could do that, dear but the the point of the contest is that one of them would win him fairly,” Rarity said.

“Why not a race?” Pinkie suggested.

Everyone then looked at Pinkie.

“A race?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah! Since it’s a tie, one of them has to reach Soul first and they ask him out to the dance,” Pinkie explained. “It’ll be like a lightning round or something.”

“You mean a tie breaker?” Rarity asked.

“Yeah, that!”

“That actually sounds kinda dangerous and we’ll get in trouble if we run down the hallways,” Sunset said. “Besides, Sonata and I can work something out. Right, Sonata?...... Sonata?”

Sunset and girls looked behind them to see that the gymnasium door was flipping back and forth as it showed that Sonata was already gone.

“AFTER HER!” Rainbow Dash shouted and dashed off.

The rest of the girls followed suit and started the race without anyone knowing that this was going to happen.

Sonata ran as fast as she could down the hall as she was either avoiding the students that were in her way or shoved them out of her way while saying she’s sorry.

‘Alright, I got a good head start,’ she thought to herself. ‘There’s no way Sunset could catch up to-’


Sonata’s eyes widen and she looked back to see Sunset was catching up with her with fire of determination in her eyes while the others were right behind her. Sonata let out a terrified scream and ran even faster.

Sonata reached into her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. After dialing certain numbers down, she placed it next to her ear and heard the ringing jingle as she waited for the receiver to pick up. The ringing stopped and a voice spoke up.

“Hello?” Aria asked.

“Aria, I need you’re help!” Sonata said. “Did you see where Soul is?”

“Yeah, I think I saw him get picked up already,” Aria replied. “Why does it sound like you're running?”

“Because I am!”

Aria let out an irritated sigh. “What did you do this time?” she asked.

“You remember the contest, right?”


“And how much I like Soul?”


“And how that Sunset and I are wanting to go out with him?”


“And that-”


“EEK! Sorry, I’m just really scared!” Sonata said. “Well, it turns out to be a tie at the end and well, Pinkie suggested that we do a race but Sunset was totally against but she didn’t notice I was out the door before she said that and now they’re right behind me and I need you to get the car ready and chase after Soul so I can make him MINE!”

“...Wait, how did you know what Sunset said if you were already out the door?”

“Just get the car ready!”

“Fine, It’ll be ready when you come,” Aria said and hung up.

Sonata let out a sigh of relieve and put her cell phone. After a moment of running while smiling, she let out another terrified scream.

Outside of the school ground, Clyde and Rivet were walking down the stairs after coming out of the front door.

“Man, that was more than I expected,” Clyde said.

“Tell me about it,” RIvet said. “I never thought Sonata would do that. Granted of course, it’s not surprising but still.”

“I know what you mean,” Clyde commented. “So, you and Dash ready for the dance?”

“You know it, I’ve never been excited in a long time,” Rivet replied. “This may sound cheesy but it feels like it’s a dream come true.”

“I know what you mean,” Clyde said again. As he was about to take the last step off the stairs, he remembered he had forgotten something. “Crap, I think I left one of my notebooks back in my locker.”

“Better go and get it,” Rivet said. “You know now that I think about it, I want to see if Dash would want to hang out this weekend before the dance.”

“I think she’s still in the gym with the others girls,” Clyde said. “You know, tallying up the points of their little contest.”

Clyde and Rivet were close to the front again and were about to open it.

Rivet spoke up, “I’m not jealous or anything, but I’m curious as to how Soul was able to get two girls to fall for-”


The front doors swung open as Sonata forced her way out and the two doors slammed both Clyde and Rivet on the opposite side from one another. The girls behind her past by and were running down the stairs until Rarity and Fluttershy stopped halfway down the stairs. They both looked behind them and Rarity let out a gasp. She could the two boys behind the doors through the see through windows.

Rarity ran over to Clyde while Fluttershy ran over to Rivet. The girls moved the doors out of the way and gently place the guys on the ground as they were barely conscious.

“Clyde, are you alright!?” Rarity worriedly asked.

“I-I’m okay,” Clyde replied. “Just feeling a bit of a headache.”

“Are you okay?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah, kinda,” Rivet replied. “I’m just beginning to feel like Swift.”

Walking out the door, a young man with red hair was coming out the front. He stopped when he saw the girls and the two boys on the ground.

“What the- Fluttershy, what happened here?” he asked.

“Oh Night, it was awful,” Fluttershy said. “We were trying to stop Sonata until she accidentally burst through the doors and hit our friends on the way.”

“I don’t believe it was an accident, dear Fluttershy,” Rarity said. She then looked over to the Night and raised a brow. “Wait Fluttershy, you know this young man?”

“Oh um, yes, this is Night,” Fluttershy introduced. “He became friends with me for a while and he’s the one taking me to the Fall Formal.”

Rarity’s irises widened and sparkled. “This is him?” she asked, enthusiastically and dropped Clyde’s head back on the ground without realizing it.


“I’m Rarity, it’s a pleasure to meet,” she introduced herself. “I always wanted to meet our dear friend Fluttershy’s boyfriend for sometime.”

Both Fluttershy and Night blushed.

“N-No, I keep telling you he’s-”

“Oh Fluttershy, don’t be so modest,” Rarity interrupted. “He looks well groomed, handsome and well in shape.”

“Um, thanks?” Night said while feeling confused on what was going on. He then turned to Fluttershy. “When did we become a couple?”

Fluttershy let out a sigh.

Sonata was still running for her life from the other girls until she saw Aria in their car. She quickly pulled the side door and hopped in. She panted a few times while Aria was startled by her sudden appearance.

“Quick, drive!” Sonata yelled.

“But I’m still waiting on ‘Dagi,” Aria said.

“I don’t care!” Sonata turned the keys to turn on the car and slammed Aria’s feet against the pedal. “JUST DRIVE!”

The car was screeching the ground before driving off into the road. The others stopped in their tracks when they saw Sonata drive away and saw her stick her tongue out at them.

“Oh, that’s it,” Rainbow Dash said. “She’s going down! Applejack, get everyone in your truck and I’ll slow them down.”


“With my new ride,” Rainbow Dash replied and hopped into her new dark blue colored motorcycle. She turned on the ignition and reved on it. “Time to see what she can do.”

She was about to drive off until Applejack stood in her way.

“What the hell!?”

“No way are ya driving crazy in the middle of the day,” Applejack said. “There are a bunch of cars out here and you’re going to get yourself killed.”


“No buts! If ya still wanna help, get in the truck,” Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash crossed her arms and let out a growl. “Fine.”

Everyone quickly headed over to Applejack’s truck and climbed in. Applejack climbed in the driver seat, Sunset hopped in the side passenger seat and Pinkie and Rainbow Dash sat in the back. Applejack grabbed onto the stick and shifted it to reverse and pulled the truck out of the parking space. She then shifted the stick to drive and started driving down the road.

Adagio was walking from the school as she observed herself with her powder mirror and fluffed her hair.

“There, that should keep it together until I get back home,” she said to herself. “Now to-”

Adagio froze in place as she saw there was no cars parked and it seemed all the students had left for home already. Her face was turning red as she also didn’t see Aria or Sonata anywhere with their car.

“ARIA! SONATA!” she yelled up to the heavens in a fit of rage.

“Come on, go faster!” Rainbow Dash pleaded. “They have a head start and we need to catch up!”

“No way,” Applejack said. “I’m not going over the speed limit just because of some silly contest about my consin. He’s not worth getting a ticket over.”

“But think of all the cool car stunts we could do and the random explosions that’ll happen all over the place!” Pinkie said, excitedly. “And not the mention the random fruit stands that always get in the way….Why does that happen?”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “We’re not doing anything of those,” she said. “Anyways, we’re catching up to them.”

“WHAT!?” Rainbow Dash said with disbelief. She climbed her way to the front to see the Dazzling’s car just a few feet from them. “Huh? Why are they going so slow?”


“Why are we going so slow!?” Sonata asked in a panicking tone. “We’re supposed to get away from them and beat them to Soul’s place!”

Aria looked over to Sonata. “One, I don’t care about you or little crush. Two, I’m not going over the speed limit. As much as I want to break society's laws, I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for you. And third, because I don’t care about you or your crush,” she explained.

“...You already said that.”

“Because I really don’t care about you or your crush,” Aria retorted.

As they were driving, they were about to cross into a intersection and the lights slowly changed from green to yellow and then to red. Aria slowed the car down and stopped.

“What the heck are you doing!”

“Um stopping, duh.”

“But we have to get there first!”

“Do I have to explain to you what I feel about this again?”

Sonata let out groan and sat back on her chair with her arms crossed. Pulling up next to them, the girls stared at Sonata with awkwardness as well as Sonata. Sonata switched staring between the girls and the clock on the car radio. Sweat of beads started to form on her forehead as the clock seemed to have been frozen for a long time. After what seemed like a long time, the clock changed to the next minute and Sonata let out a groan.

Sonata kicked her door open and started running across the sidewalk. Aria let out an irritated sigh and closed the door. Her cellphone rang and when she looked at who was calling her, she let out a grunt and pressed on the end button.

“She’s running on foot!” Rainbow Dash said. “Applejack, Pinkie, you guys stay in the car and try to meet us up at Soul’s place. Sunset and I will try to catch up on foot.”

“Got it.”

“Can do!”

Rainbow Dash opened her door and started running after Sonata with Sunset right behind her. As Applejack watched the two run off, she had this feeling she forgot something. Pinkie catched the puzzled look on Applejack and sat in the passenger side.

“What is it, AJ?” Pinkie asked.

“Ah don’t know, Ah feel like Ah’m forgetting something,” Applejack said. “Something that was very importa-” She then snapped her finger. “Ah remember now!”




“GET BACK HERE!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

“Do you really think yelling at her will convince her to stop?” Sunset asked while she was keeping pace with Rainbow Dash. “I mean it’ll give her more reason to run.”

“She has to catch her breath at some point,” Rainbow Dash pointed out. “She’s like Pinkie Pie in personality but when it comes to being physically like her, she doesn’t stand a chance.”

“How do you know she’s not like Pinkie?”

“Um, we all go to the same gym,” Rainbow Dash retorted. “Have you seen how long she can run? Trust me, she fast at first but give it about two minutes and she’ll start to slow down. So, all you need to do is slow down for a bit and save up some energy. When she slows down, give it everything you got. By the way, you do know where Soul lives right?”

“I haven’t been there but Pinkie gave me the address,” Sunset said. “I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

“It doesn't matter if you know it or not, I’m getting there first!” Sonata retorted as she was pacing backwards. “I have a lot more energy than I let people think and I’ve been to his house before.”

“Wait, Soul invited you there?” Sunset asked.

“Well, not exactly.”

It was the cover of night a long while back in Sonata’s mind and wasn’t quite sure when this event had occurred but she did believe it was recent. The bushes were shaken up as it indicated that someone was coming out of it. Sonata poked her head of it and pulled up a pair of binoculars while she was wearing a black suit with a black winter hat on top of her head.

Looking through the binoculars, she saw the house that belonged to Soul and his mother and was peaking through the windows to see what happening.

“Alright, it’s eight pm and I can see everything they're doing,” Sonata said to herself. “Aww, he has a puppy.”

Sonata saw the dog inside the house walking around as it was sniffing the room it was in. She looked over to another window to see Dawn washing the dishes from tonights meal and seemed to be whistling a tune to herself.

“I see his mom but where is he?”

She looked up the upper windows to see now sign of him. But she was able to identify what was possibly his room as she saw a tv, a video game console, a few posters of movies and games, a desk that had paper notes and Soul’s bag on top of it.

“I think I see his room but where is-”

Sonata’s eyes widen and her face bright red when she saw Soul coming into view while he was wearing only a tower around his waist and his hair was dripping wet that indicated he had taken a bath.

‘Ohmygoddess, Ohmygoddess, Ohmygoddess, Ohmygoddess, Ohmygoddess!’ Sonata mind repeatedly said as she stared at the slightly muscled boy. “I think I have enough info for tonight,” she said to herself as she clawed back into the bushes.

The bushes rattled as she reentered them and they went still for a moment. After that, the bushes rattled again and Sonata poked back up still seeing through the binoculars.

“Then again,” she began to say. “It’s important to learn as much as you can.”

Sonata watched as Soul was looking through his drawer and he pulled out a boxer short. He was about to remove the towel from his waist.

“Come on, take it off,” Sonata said. “Show momma the good stuff.”

The front door of the house then opened and Toby was trotting outside with Dawn letting him out.

“Alright boy, take care of your business and I’ll let you back in,” Dawn said and closed the door behind Toby.

Toby was sniffing around the ground for a moment. He then heard a noise coming from a good distance from him and started sniffing the air. He let out a few barks before running towards the bushes.

Just before she could see any of the good stuff, Sonata pursed her lips and looked down with her binoculars to see that the dog was a few feet from her.

“Ah oh.”

Toby jumped up to the bushes and tackled Sonata.


“Wait, you stalked Soul!?” Sunset asked, frantically.

“No, I spied on him,” Sonata retorted. “There’s a difference.”

“You are one messed up chick, Sonata,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Shut up!” Sonata snapped. “My point is, I know where he lives and know some short cuts there. And before you know it, I’ll be going out with Soul at the dance and he’ll be all minEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


Both Sunset and Rainbow Dash skidded to a stop and saw that Sonata had fell into an open manhole in the ground. A couple of sewage workers were nearby as they were eating their sandwiches and saw what happened.

“Told you we should have set up some safety cones,” one of them said.

“Yeah, but she was going backwards, she wouldn’t have seen them anyway,” the other pointed out.

“Good point.”

“That is grossly irresponsible,” Sunset commented. “Should we go and help her?”

“I’ll go and help her while you head for Soul’s place,” Rainbow Dash said. “I’ll make sure to keep her from getting anywhere near him.”

“Alright, but be careful,” Sunset warned. “I’ve heard there’s actually alligators down there.”

“Please, that’s just a myth,” Rainbow Dash said. “Now go, I’ll take it from here.”

Sunset nodded and ran off while Rainbow Dash grabbed onto the ladder and started climbing down.

“Hang on, Sonata, I’m coming!” Rainbow Dash said as she climbed into the dark hole.

“Should we stop her?” the worker asked his fellow worker.

“We’re on lunch break.”

“Good point.”

After sometime had past, Sunset was panting as she was nearing her destination. She stopped in front of a house and looked at the address that Pinkie had written down for her.

“Yes, found it!” Sunset sang in victory. “Man, it was easy to find, especially when-” Her eyes widened and her lips pursed as she turned around to see Applejack’s farm not too far off in the distance. “-It’s so close to Applejack’s place,” she finished with an not-so-amused tone. “I really wish Pinkie had told me that part.”


Sunset jumped and turned to her side to see a drenched Sonata as brown water poured from her arms that were raised by her side while she was glaring straight at her.

“Okay, how the hell did you get out of the sewer!?” Sunset asked.

“I’m a freakin siren!” Sonata retorted. “I’ve lived in the ocean before! Sewers are the equal to that.”

Sunset wanted to make a comment about Sonata statement but decided it was best not to add salt to the wound. She then raised a brow. “Wait, where’s Rainbow Dash?”


“SONATA, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?” Rainbow Dash yelled as she moved through the watery sewage that raised up to her waist. “Ugh, it smells so bad in here.”

She then heard something move around her.


Rainbow Dash reached in her jacket’s pocket and pulled out a lighter in case she was ever in the dark ever since she read that one chapter from one of her Daring Do books that had her hero, Daring Do as she was traveling in the dark without light and how easily she was captured by her enemies. When she lit it, she saw that she was surrounded by large reptilian creatures that had long bodies and long snouts with dark green scales. They looked at Rainbow Dash with their small black eyes.

“HA! Told Sunset there wasn’t any alligators here,” Rainbow Dash boldly claimed. “These are crocodiles. Good thing Fluttershy showed me the difference.”

One of the crocodiles let out a hissing roar.

“Ah oh.”


“That’s not important right now,” Sonata said. “We’re going to finish this once and for all!”

Sonata made a mad charge towards Sunset with a yodeling war cry. Sunset yelped and made a run for the house. Before she was halfway there, Sonata tackled her to the soft green grass. Sunset let out a painful yelp when Sonata sat on her back and locked her arm behind her.

“HA! Who’s your mommy now?” Sonata mocked.

Having enough of it, Sunset kicked Sonata in the back causing her to fall forward. Sunset quickly got back on her feet and tackled Sonata down on the ground. Both their hands were locked towards one another and they rolled around the grass as they tried to get advantage over the other.

While the fight and name calling was going on, the front door opened and coming out was Dawn.

“What the heck is-” Dawn words stopped as she saw the display in front of her as the girls were still fighting over each other.

Toby sat by her as too was watching the girls fight as he had his tongue out.

Dawn let out a sigh. “Why does crazy stuff always happen in this town?” she said to herself. She then gave a stern looked at the girls. “Ahem.”

The girls stopped with Sunset on top of Sonata and they both looked up to see Dawn glaring at them. They both gulped and gave sheepish smiles at her.

“H-Hello, Mrs. Writer,” Sunset said.

“H-Hi, Soul’s mom,” Sonata said.

“Okay, what is this about?” Dawn asked in a stern tone. Before the girls could answer, Dawn smelled a foul odor in the air and covered her nose. “On second thought, how about I let you two take a bath first and you’ll tell me after you’re done.”

The girls notice the smell coming off of each other and nodded at Dawn’s request. They both got off of each other started to walk inside the house with Dawn closing the door behind them.


Across town in the same manhole, Rainbow Dash went in, a sound of fighting could be heard as high pitch war cries could be heard inside the dark abyss.

“HIYA! OH, YOU WANT SOME OF THIS!?” Rainbow Dash was saying as she was chopping the crocodiles heads with her arms and was body slamming against their backs in the water. “COME ON! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?”

The crocodiles let out whining noise before swimming away on fear from Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash started climbing out of the manhole and let out a few pants. When she was done climbing she sat on her behind and let the sun start to dry her off. She looked over to the workers who were still eating their sandwiches.

“Seriously? You guys heard all that and did nothing?” Rainbow Dash questioned the workers.

“It sounded like you had everything under control,” one of the workers retorted.

“Yeah, besides we’re on lunch break.”

Rainbow Dash let out growl. “I hope you get fired for this,” she said.


Sunset and Sonata were walking down the stairs as they were done taking their baths. They were both in matching white robes as Dawn was cleaning their clothes and was waiting for the washer to finish. Dawn sat patiently on the living room couch as she saw the two girls walking in. The two girls gulped as Dawn was glaring into them as it seemed she was staring into their very souls.

“Alright, now you can tell me what this is about,” Dawn said. “I believe you're Sunset, we met when my son broke his arm on accident.” Sunset nodded. “And you’re the one that I saw stalking around the house lately.”

“I wasn't stalking, I was spying!” Sonata defended. “Can’t people tell the difference?”

Dawn blunk a couple of times before she continued. “Anyways, why are you here?”

“Well, we were hoping to see Soul,” Sunset answered. “Where is he anyway?”

“Yeah, how come he isn’t here?” Sonata asked in an impatient tone.

“If you keep that tone up, I’ll kick you out of here butt naked,” Dawn said.

Sonata winced. “Sorry, it’s been a long day,” she said.

“I can see that,” Dawn said. “To answer your question, he’s at a friends house right now.”

“Wait, what?” Sunset asked.

Then all of a sudden, Sunset cell phone began to rang and she looked to see who was calling. She pressed on the answer button and left it to her ear.

“Yeah, Applejack?”

“Shimmer, Ah just remembered, Soul was heading over to Swift’s house today,” Applejack said. “Ah would have called you sooner but my dang phone was out of juice and Pinkie dropped hers in the Cakes blender this morning...again.”

“Yeah, his mom already told us.”

“She did? She’s not mad or anything, right?”

Sunset looked at Dawn who raised an eyebrow and was still glaring at her. Sunset went back to her phone. “Let’s say that she is, would that be bad?”

There was a long pause in the response. “Whatever ya do, don’t mention me or Ah’ll deny it,” Applejack replied. “Sorry, but y’all are on ya own.”

Applejack hung up and Sunset gulped.

“Was that Applejack?” Dawn asked.

“N-No,” Sunset replied.

“I’ll be talking with her later,” Dawn said, coldly. “Now, tell me what this is about?”

Sunset and Sonata let out a sigh and told Dawn everything from the beginning. How how they feel about Soul and how they wanted to go out with him at the Fall Formal while they were hoping to go out more together as couples. They explained to Dawn how they made their contest and how everything was going well until the tie and running and screaming part came to be and how they ended up at her house.

Dawn blunk a few times while she started at the girls with a blank expression. “Okay, that has got be to the most weirdest and romantic thing I have ever heard in my life,” she commented. “Kinda wish I had something like that in my love life before I got married.”

“So, that’s what happened,” Sunset said. “I really do care for your son and want to go out with him at the dance.”

“Yeah, what she said,” Sonata said.

Dawn let out a sigh. “Look I can’t decide for my son who he wants to be with,” she said. “But I want to offer some advice, I think you two need to stop for a moment and think of my son as not some love interest but as a friend.”

Sunset and Sonata looked at each other.

“Because what is more important? The boy that you like or the friend that you already gained?” Dawn said. “Love can last for a long time if you find the right person but a friend can last just as long and hanging onto them can have its own rewards.”

Sunset and Sonata paused for a moment and thought through everything that they’ve done with Soul.

In Sunset’s mind, she can remember how Soul treated her and made her feel special as they spent time together. He was always kind to her and told the truth when he did something wrong like the time he saw her in lingerie as he was helping Swift and ended up being attacked by a spider. And finally, the way he held her when they first met was something she could never forget. He was strong but gentle with her and she didn’t mind that he did grabbed around her hip. She had to admit, it felt nice. Sunset didn't just seem him as a friend. She found someone that was very special to her.

Sonata however was thinking differently than Sunset. She remembered back when she first met him and how he treated her like a friend. He accepted her as a friend without question and when he found out about her, he defended her when she needed it. And the times she spent with him was special to her but there was something that she knew in her heart that was true. That he in fact had stronger feelings for Sunset than he did for her. And even though it was painful to see that he wanted to be with Sunset more than to be with her. But if it made him happy. Than she would happy for him.

Sonata let out a sniff and looked over to Sunset with teary eyes. “I think you should go with him to the dance,” she said, catching Sunset off guard. “He would be more happy that way.”

Tears dripped down from her eyes as she was shaken with grief. Sunset walked over to her and held her in a gentle hug as she stroke Sonata’s hair. Dawn walked over to them and she also gave Sonata a gentle hug.

“There, there. I know it hurts,” Dawn said. “But you’ll feel better, I promise.”

“If you say so,” Sonata whimpered.

“Hey, would seeing some embarrassing photos of Soul help?” Dawn offered. “There’s a lot of them and it’ll cheer you up in no time.”

Sonata wiped away some of her tears. “Y-Yeah, that sounds like fun,” she said. “Are they like baby pictures?”

“Yes and there’s even one of him when he was five and was wearing white underwear on top of his head to make himself look like a stormtrooper,” Dawn said.

Sonata and Sunset giggled.

“I’ll be back and get them,” Dawn said and went up stairs.

“Hey, Sunset?”


“I’m sorry for the way I acted,” Sonata said. “That was very unfriendshipy of me to do.”

“It’s okay, I understand,” Sunset said. “Just don’t stalk Soul anymore, okay?”

“Okay,” Sonata said. “And it’s not stalking, it’s spying.”

Sunset and Sonata started to laugh as Dawn was coming down stairs with a photo book with all of Soul’s pictures.

At Swift’s house, Soul was showing Swift his new game that he bought that had them set in a universe that they could play as either a monster that transformed and evolved into a greater creature of destruction or four hunters that are tasked to hunt down the monster before it could become too powerful. All of a sudden, he felt a great disturbance within himself and felt something was off.

Swift notice that Soul was feeling puzzled. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Soul replied. “I feel a strong disturbance within the force, as if a million laughs are being cast as they look at something embarrassing.”

“I’ve had that feeling before,” Swift said. “It was when my mom was showing all my baby pictures to Scootaloo and her friends and they laughed about them all day.”

“......I think I need to make a phone call.”

Author's Note:

Well, that was something. Sunset get's the chance to ask Soul out to the dance. Soul's mom has embarrassed him in ways only a mother's love could. And now all is left is the dance. Stay tune as we see Sunset asking Soul out to the dance!...With a little side story in the next chapter.

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