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The Sun of My Heart - BlueSun52

Meet Soul Writer, A sweet guy who likes to help others and has big plans for the future. Now he's coming to Canterlot High and is high over head for Sunset. Can he be able to win her heart?

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Chapter 3

Ending the Day with Pain and Parties

A loud whistle was being blown and many of the students of Canterlot High were running around in a circular track in the gymnasium in their gym uniforms.

“Come on, ladies!” Coach Iron Will shouted. “One more lap!”

Soul panted as he was running down the tracks. ‘What kind of madman would make teens run twenty-five laps? It’s criminal!’ he complained to himself.

He looked ahead of him to see both Clyde and Rivet running as they were now beginning to sweat. Looking ahead of them, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were at top speed as it seemed like they were racing each other. Right behind them was Pinkie who was still bouncing around the track since the course began and hadn’t seemed to have lost an ounce of energy at all. He looked behind him to see Swift really behind with some of the other students who were having trouble with the course. Rarity and Fluttershy were also hanging at the back with them, but they seemed to prefer to jog than to run.

‘Well, at least I’m not having problems like he is,’ Soul thought as he was looking at Swift who looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

Soul looked back in front of him and saw that the finish line was up ahead. Most of the other students had already past it and were now resting while they waited for the others. He finally crossed the line and stopped in his track to take a breath; putting his hands on his knees.

“Are you okay?”

Soul looked up to see Sunset standing next to him with beads of sweat dripping down her forehead.

“Tired, what about you?” he asked.

“The same,” she replied. “At least we have half-an-hour left.”

“Yeah, of gymnastic hell,” Soul added. “Can’t believe coach made us do fifty pushups, forty jumping jacks, fifty sit ups and made us run around a track that goes up for a whole mile! Why the heck would anyone make a teen do this much exercise?”

“Beats me,” Sunset replied. “But do you want to know what the worst part is?”


“Coach goes easy on the students on the first day,” Sunset began to say. “It gets more and more difficult as the semesters go on.”

“.....Crap, I’m gonna die,” Soul said.

Sunset chuckled. “At least not before him.”

Sunset pointed and Soul looked over to see Swift finally cross the finish line. Swift held his arms up in a victorious pose with sweat pouring down his face and armpits before falling face down on the ground from exhaustion.

“Alright everyone! Now that we got the exercises out of the way, it’s time to end this day with some good old fashion fun,” Iron Will said. “We’ll be playing dodgeball.”

Everyone was either letting cheers of excitement or were moaning out their excitement because of exhaustion. Swift let out a yay while he was still on the ground.

“Alright, the team captains are going to be Rainbow Dash-”


“-And the young punk, Tyrone.”

“Alright, now we get to see who’s best!”

“Oh please, we already know who’s gonna be the best, T,” Rainbow Dash retorted with a smug look.

“Alright, each of you will pick one team member at a time,” Iron Will said. “Tyrone, you go first.”

“I pick my main man, Clyde!”

Clyde walked up to Tyrone and the two fist bumped.

“Alright, I pick Applejack,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Ah got ya back, Dash,” Applejack said while she walked towards Rainbow Dash and stood next to her.

“Now I pick my main girl, Light!”

“Woo hoo!”

After Rainbow Dash and Tyrone had picked many of the students to be on their teams, it was now down to Swift, Trixie and the sirens.

“Seriously, guys? It took you this long to pick me?” Swift complained.

“Would you relax, dog,” Tyrone said. “I’m picking you next anyway.”

“Finally!” Swift walked up to Tyrone's team and stood next to Soul.

“Alright, Dash, it’s your turn.”

Rainbow Dash looked at the options in front of her and rubbed her chin as she was deciding who would be on her team.

“Oh please, Dash, you don’t have to pretend who you’re going to pick next,” Adagio said. “As the leader of the sirens, it would be wise to pick me as I am-”

“We pick Sonata.”


“For realzies?” Sonata asked.

Rainbow Dash nodded. “We need a good meat shield on our team,” she explained.

“Alright, I’m useful!......Wait?”

“Just get over there,” Aria said and Sonata went over to Rainbow Dash’s team.

“I think we’ll have-”

“I, the great and powerful, Trixie will guarantee you victory over Rainbow Dash’s team. I have the will and heart to crush them into a fine mesh of-”

“Oh shut up,” Adagio said. “I have a thousand years of experience and I can give one hundred percent guarantee to-”


“WHAT!? Adagio shouted again.

“OH COME ON!” Trixie shouted.

“I’ve seen how she throws, ladies, and man, does she have a really good arm,” Tyrone explained.

“Throwing rocks at annoying people is pretty fun,” Aria commented and walked over to Tyrone’s team.

“Alright Rainbow, you get to pick last,” Iron Will said.

Rainbow Dash looked between Adagio and Trixie back and forth and only one thought she could think of about them was this: they were both really annoying. After carefully thinking about it, Rainbow Dash slowly opened her mouth. Everyone held their breath as she was taking in a long pause in her choice.

“Pass,” she said.


“I said pass.”

“You can’t pass!” Tyrone pointed out. “You have to pick a player.”

“Yes I can,” Rainbow Dash said. “Coach didn’t say anything about passing. Right, coach?”

Iron Will was about to protest the idea but stopped with his mouth opened and rubbed his chin for a moment. “Technically you are correct, Rainbow Dash. Iron Will will except this,” he said. He then faced Tyrone. “Now you’ll have to pick a new player for your team.”

Tyrone looked at the last two females in front of him and looked at them intently. Only one thought had preoccupied his mind: They both were equally hot. But he couldn’t let his girl, First Light, know about it or otherwise she would smack him in the back of the head.

“Um, we pass too.”

“Seriously! It’s not that hard!” Adagio said. “Just pick someone already! I don’t care if that self-indulge moron goes before me!”

“Hey! Trixie is not a moron!”

“Alright, fine, we’ll take Trixie,” Tyrone said.

“At last, the great and powerful, Trixie will have her revenge on Rainbow Dash and-”

“Yeah, yeah, everyone take your places!” Iron Will said.

“But...But Trixie had a good speech,” she whimpered.

Everyone was taking their position. Rainbow’s team was on one side of the court while Tyrone and his team were on the other. The coach placed dodge balls along the court’s central line and stood on the side lines.

“Alright, all ears on Iron Will!” he began to say. “The rules are simple. You grab a ball and throw it at the opposite team. If you have a ball, you can use it to block. If you grab a ball from the opposite team and have a teammate down, you can bring them back into the game. Do not cross the central line unless I say you can. When I blow this whistle, start taking each other down!”

Everyone got ready to run towards the central line and waited for Iron Will to blow the whistle.

“Alright, I can do this,” Swift said to himself. “Just give me whistle, give me whistle-”

The coach then blew into his whistle.

“Did you hear a noise?” Swift asked Soul.



“BULLSEYE!” Pinkie shouted as she was able to grab a ball and threw it at Swift’s head at in incredibly short time after the whistle was blown.

Soul winced when Swift hit the ground backwards and saw his eyes spinning in circles.

“Swift, you’re out!” Iron Will yelled.

Soul looked down at Swift. “Don’t worry, man. I’ll get you back in,” he said and rushed towards the others.

“Thanks, Rivet,” Swift said, unconsciously.

“Heads up,” Sunset said and threw a ball over to Applejack.

“Ah got this.” Applejack threw a ball at one of Tyrone’s team members and was able to land a shot in. “Woo wee!”

“AJ look out!” Pinkie shouted.

“Wha-” Before she could finish, Applejack duck as a ball pass her and had a smirk look on her. “HA! Ya miss, Sou-”



“Got you!” Soul shouted as his ball hit Applejack in the chest.

“Ah’ll get ya next time, ya varmint,” Applejack said, shaking her hand. She walked over to the bench where the students who were hit and sat down while she had to watch the game.

Fluttershy nervously hid behind the ball she was holding and peaked over it to see Trixie was about to make a throw at her. She let out a shriek, dropped the ball, ran towards bench and hid behind it. Trixie gave out a puzzled for a moment but gave a shrug and started looking for her next target.

“Now where are you, Rainbow Dash?” Trixie asked herself. She then spotted Rainbow Dash blocking with some of her teammates. “Now to have my reven-”



Before she could finish, Trixie was being bombarded by several dodge balls hitting her everywhere on her body before she fell to the ground.

“You’re out!”

Trixie let out a pain filled moan as she laid on the ground.

A ball was heading above over Soul and he jumped up and caught it in midair. He looked over to Swift where he was sitting and yelled out to him.

“Swift, you’re back in!”

Swift made a fist bump in the air and started making his way over to the court. “Alright, I can do this. Just give me a ball and-”



“BOOYA! I’M ON A ROLL!” Pinkie shouted out.

Swift got hit on the side of the face and fell on his side. Soul smacked himself in the forehead.

“Okay, level with me. Have you ever won any dodge ball games without getting hit?” Soul asked.

Swift let out a sigh. “No, I’m usually the one that get’s hit first.”

“Ah.” Soul helped Swift back on his feet and Swift went back towards the bench while Soul got back into the game.

Adagio threw her ball at one of the students and was able to to get a hit. She had a smug smile on her face until she saw Aria holding a ball in her hand and had the intention of hitting Adagio with it. Adagio looked at her right to see a ball near her but was still too far for her to get it before Aria would hit her. Aria was about to make a throw at her until Adagio fell on her knees.

“WAIT!” Adagio cried. “You wouldn’t hurt your sweet older sister now, would you?” She made a pout and stared at Aria with puppy eyes.

Aria’s eyes softened and let out a sigh. “No, I wouldn't.”

Adagio mentally smirked as she was reaching for the ball.

“But they would,” Aria said and moved to show four more players behind her with balls in their hands.

Adagio’s irises shrunk and she held up her hands. “NOT THE FACE!”

All four players threw their balls at once and Adagio collapsed on the ground upon the impact of the balls. Aria let out a hysterical laugh and had her arms crossed. She then felt a bump on her shoulder and saw that a ball had hit her. She looked up to see Sonata with her usual bright smile.

“Gotcha,” Sonata said.

Ariai gave out a shrug. “Meh, it was worth it after seeing ‘Dagi go down like that,” she said and walked away.

“Woo hoo, I got a hit!” Sonata cheered.

“Nice job, kid,” Rainbow Dash said placing a hand on Sonata’s shoulder. She looked to her side for a moment and her eyes went wide. “Hey, you remember why I picked you, right?”

“Because you said I make a good shield?”

“Yep. Now it’s time to take one for the team,” Rainbow Dash said and pulled Sonata in front of her.

The next thing Sonata knew she saw a barrage of dodge balls heading towards her and she let a terrified scream. Each time a ball hit her in the face, she made a different, silly expression that had her eyes crossed or showed that she was in pain. When the barrage was over, Sonata was mumbling mixed words and she was seeing stars.

Rainbow Dash pulled Sonata out of the way and yelled, “Nice try, Tyrone!” She then looked down at Sonata who was now on the ground. “You’re okay?”

Sonata had a silly smile on her and held up a thumb to indicate that she was somewhat okay.

“Good to know,” Rainbow Dash. “I guess I can make it to where we’re even now.”

“Yay,” Sonata let out a weak cheer. “My everything hurts.”

“Alright, time to bring in the heavy artillery,” Rainbow Dash said. “Pinkie! We need heavy support!”

Pinkie gave a salute. “You got it, capyton!”

“Everyone gather up your balls and give them to Pinkie!” Rainbow Dash ordered.

“Oh crap, everyone get down!” Tyrone shouted.

“Why? It’s just one-” Soul was about to say until he saw a barrage of dodge balls heading his way.

Soul ducked and the balls passed him. He looked behind to see the balls hitting his teammates as one by one they were going down. He looked over to see Pinkie was spinning around and round at high speed as Rainbow Dash and a girl with purple shades and blue and teal spiky hair where giving Pinkie their balls. Tyrone attempted to block the oncoming barrage but when one Pinkie’s balls hit his, it caused him to fall back from the sheer force behind it.

One of the balls were heading straight towards Rarity, as she was on Tyrone’s team, and covered her face as she braced herself for impact. Clyde saw the ball coming and quickly jumped in front of her and took the full force of it. When it was over Clyde slid across the floor and held his stomach because of the pain. Rarity let out a gasp and ran over to him.

“Clyde, my love, are you okay!” she asked, concernedly.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Clyde weakly replied.

“You didn’t have to do that for me,” Rarity said. “I could have taken that.”

“And risk my beautiful gem getting hurt? Not a chance in this world,” he said with a smile.

“Oh, you’re the best, my love,” she cooed.

The two stared at each other’s eyes as they were lost in a loving gaze.



Rarity rubbed her head and looked up to see Rainbow Dash who had an annoyed expression. “Did you have to throw so hard?”

“Yes,” Rainbow Dash bluntly said. She then looked over at Pinkie. “Good job, Pinkie.”

“It was no problem,” Pinkie said, spinning a ball on her finger. “It was all in the shou-”

Before Pinkie finish, First Light slid across the floor on her knees and threw a ball at Pinkie.



The ball hit Pinkie on the shoulder and the impact caused her to accidentally throw the ball she had. It hit the back of the head of one of their teammates, hit another of their teammates in the face, and finally hit one more in the back of their head before bouncing away on the floor.

“Woo hoo! Overkill!” First Light shouted. “Did you see that guys? That was totally-”



Light rubbed the top of her head and glared at her older brother, Rivet.

“Sorry sis, you gotta pay attention to-”



Rivet was hit straight into the stomach. He collapsed on his knees while wrapped his arms around his stomach and face planted on the ground with his bottom sticking out. Rainbow Dash looked over to see that it was Bulk Biceps that made the shot.

“YEAH!” he cheered.

“Nice one, dawg,” Tyrone complimented.

“It’s not over yet!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

Coach Iron Will then blew his whistle. “Alright, we only have five minutes to go, so Iron Will says you can now cross the line!”

Everyone then stared down at one another with determination. Rainbow Dash glared at Tyrone as he did the same. Rainbow Dash looked down to see a dodgeball on the ground and picked up.

Rainbow Dash raised her finger up. “CHARGE!” she ordered and ran towards Tyrone’s team with her teammates behind her.

“LIKE SHE SAID!.....YO!” Tyrone yelled and charged in with a ball in his hand while the other followed suit.

- Four Minutes Later -

Most of everyone was on the bench as they were tending to their wounds and moaned with pain. Nurse Redheart was bandaging up Bulk as it seemed he had the worst of the sudden change of rules in the game.

Nurse Redheart let out a sigh. “Why does this always happen on dodgeball day?” she asked herself.

The only players left were Rainbow Dash and Sunset while Tyrone and Soul also remained in the game.

“Alright, time to finish this,” Rainbow Dash said. “You’re going down.” She quickly scooped up a ball.

“Not before you,” Tyrone said, holding a ball.

The two charge at one another. Tyrone threw the ball at Rainbow Dash but she blocked it with her ball and returned the shot with her own. Tyrone ducked and barrel rolled on the ground and scooped up another ball. Rainbow Dash skid across the ground and grabbed another ball. The two were about to throw their balls at each other until-



Tyrone looked behind him to see Sunset had hit him in the back with her ball. Rainbow Dash let out a hysterical laugh until-



She looked behind her to see Soul did the same thing and waved at her with a smug grin.

“Lucky shot,” Rainbow Dash said. “Get him, Sunset!”

“Oh, I will,” Sunset said and grabbed a ball.

“Can’t you go easy on the new guy?” Soul asked.

“Hmmm, nope,” Sunset replied and threw a ball at Soul.

Soul ducked and quickly grabbed a ball near him and threw it back at Sunset. She dodged it and slid across the floor as she was about to grab another ball. But just before she could grab it, Soul also slid towards it and kicked it out of out of reach. Soul quickly stood back up and made a grab for the ball. Sunset got up and ran towards another nearby ball. The two grabbed their balls and quickly turned towards one another.

Time slowed down for them as their eyes met with each other with determined looks of victory. At the same time, they both threw their balls at one another hoping that they would pass each other and hit the other opponent.

Unfortunately for them both, the balls instead collided with one another and the force of impact caused them to bounced right back at them. Sunset received a plow to the stomach and Soul’s face was red after the collision.

The two fell to the ground and moaned with pain.

Coach Iron Will scratched his head. “Well, that’s the first Iron Will has ever seen,” he said. “It’s a tie. Change back into your clothes and you can all go home.” He walked past the multiple students that were slowly walking towards the change rooms as they were moaning from their injuries.

Soul got up and rubbed his face. “I’m going to be feeling that in the morning,” he said. He got back on his feet and walked over to Sunset.

Sunset looked up and saw Soul reaching out with his hand to pull her up. She smiled and accepted the kind gesture.

Rainbow Dash rubbed her back and looked over to Pinkie. “Do you think anyone will still be up for your surprise party?” she asked.

“Well duh, silly, of course they will,” Pinkie replied. “I’m sure everyone will want to come after the aches go away. Besides it’s not going to be ready for another hour or so.”

“Right, but how are we going to get Soul there?” Rainbow Dash asked. “He doesn't know where it is.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Applejack said. “Ah’ll take it from there. Just have the party ready when we come.”

“Okie dokie lokie!”

Applejack whistled as she was driving down the road in her pickup truck. Riding along with her was Big Mac who was sitting on the side while he looked out the window. In the back, Soul was sitting next Apple Bloom as he was listening to her about how she and her friends did at the Battle of the Bands.

“We had all of our costumes ready and all the makeup we needed,” Apple Bloom said. “Sweetie Belle was able to get some of the material from Rarity.”

“Uh huh,” Soul nodded.

“Then when we were ready, we got up the stage and everything was going good.” Apple Bloom frowned. “Until we sang.”

Soul winced when he remembered how badly Apple Bloom and her friends would sing from the videos he saw on the internet. He then put on a sheepish smile. “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

“They threw fruit punch at us,” Apple Bloom bluntly said. “It was horrible.”

“Well, everyone was under the sirens’ spell. So for all you know, they could have been jealous,” Soul said, trying to make an excuse.

After Apple Bloom had thought about it for a moment, she beamed with a happy smile. “You’re right! Ah bet we would have won, if everyone wasn’t under their spell,” she said. She reached into her phone and started pressing on it. “Ah have to tell Sweetie and Scoot about this. They’ll be happy to hear about it.”

Soul let out a relieved sigh and had a sly smile on him. Applejack rolled her eyes and mentally smacked herself in the face as she knew she was never going to hear the end of Apple Bloom and her friends’ singing now.

“So Applejack, where are we going anyway?” Soul asked. “You never did tell me where we're going.”

“Ah thought Ah should show you where most of the students here hangout,” Applejack replied. “It’s where my friend, Pinkie Pie works part time and me and the others go.”

“Sweet, so what’s it called?”

“Sweet Shoppe, though it has been called Sugarcube Cafe from time ta time. It’s a cafe place but they also sell a lot of bake good there.” Applejack licked her lips. “And their caramel cocos do hit the spot.”

“Eeyup,” Big Mac agreed.

“So Big Mac, how’s it been going?” Soul asked.


“Anything new?”


Soul’s eyes were now half lid. “So there isn’t really anything new?”


Soul gave out an irritated sigh. ‘I can barely get Big Mac to say more than one word,’ he thought.

“Well, we’re here,” Applejack announced.

She parked the truck in front of the store and when everyone got out of the car, she locked it. The four walked into the store but Soul notice one thing that he thought seemed too oblvious to everyone else.

“Um, Applejack?”

“Yeah, Soul?”

“I know we’ve been living in different towns and everything but last I checked, a store is supposed to have lights on,” Soul pointed out.

“Well duh, how else would we surprise you?”

“Well Pinkie, I- Wait, what?”


The lights were turned on and confetti flew through the air. Soul was startled at first until saw all his new friends there and many of the other students from the school.

“Surprise!” Pinkie shouted last. “Darn it! I missed my cue again.”

“Wow, gotta say, I didn’t see this coming,” Soul admitted.

Applejack chuckled. “Yeah, Pinkie likes to throw everyone surprise parties for the new students,” she said.

“Let’s get this party started!” Pinkie yelled and started the music.

After a couple of hours, Soul was having a blast with his cousin and friends. They played simple party games, like pin-the-tale-on-the-pony, limbo, twister and even some board games. Soul was rocking the chessboard as no one was able to beat him. Everyone was having fun, especially Clyde and Rarity as they had played their own little game of five minutes in heaven in the janitor's closet. The party was dying down as many of their classmates were leaving one by one until it was just Soul, his cousins, their friends and the shop owners, Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

Swift was attempting to try to beat Soul at chess after losing to him four times in a row.

“Ha, try to beat that,” Swift proudly said as he leaned back.

Soul rubbed his chin for a moment and looked at the pieces he had. He moved one and had a smile on his face. “Checkmate,” he said.

Swift’s eyes were wide as he looked over the board to see that Soul had won. “Darn it!” he cursed. “How did you get this good?”

“Our granddad was really good at chest and he use to taught me how to play before he passed away,” Soul replied.

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” Swift said.

“It’s okay, I was young and he was really old at the time,” Soul said. “He’s in a better place now.”

“So are you really cousins with Applejack and her family?”

“Yep, my mom and her mom were sisters and Granny Smith is my grandma,” Soul explained. “So I was wondering, how did you get a crush on-” Soul stopped for a moment and looked around for the girl of the subject. After he didn’t see her and looked back at Swift. “You know.”

“Well, it’s hard not to, she’s funny, sweet and the prettiest girl that I know,” Swift answered. “So how did you get a crush on her?” He then pointed over to where Sunset Shimmer was as she was chatting with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Soul blushed a bit. “I guess the same reason you have,” he replied. “Only difference is I got a chance to hold her.”

“Really? How did that happen?”

“When she was showing me around the school, Rainbow Dash accidently kicked her soccer ball inside the music room and it was heading straight for her. So I pulled her out of the way and I guess we more or less hugged,” Soul explained. “I don’t think she noticed but my hands were sort of on her hips. And man, do I have to tell you. Them hips.”

Swift chuckled. “Man, you got lucky. I bet a lot of guys wanted to do that with their girls but you just skip the whole dating part and headed straight towards some of the good stuff.”

Soul rubbed the back of his head. “Hehe, I’ll would have lied if I said I didn’t enjoy that,” he said. “Do you think she could go for a guy like me?”

“Maybe, it’s kinda hard to say with her,” Swift said. “She did went out with my friend, Flash for a while, but that was when she was evil and wanted to be popular. So her taste in guys pretty much changed.”

‘I wondered if she ever kissed him?’ Soul thought to himself. He then got up from his spot. “Well, I think I’m going to go home now. It’s been a long day and I want to at least get some rest if I’m going to survive the rest of the school week.”

“Good point, think I’ll do the same,” Swift said as he was getting up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Same here, later,” Soul said.

As Soul and Swift were leaving their spots, unknown to them, Pinkie popped out of a nearby potted bush and overheard the conversation. “Oh my gosh, Soul has a crush Sunset!” Pinkie said to herself. “And Swift has a crush on…..Wait, who did he have a crush on?”

Soul was about to exit out of the building until he heard Sunset calling out for him. He looked behind him to see her standing next to him and looked a bit nervous.

“Hey um, would you like my number?” she asked, having a tint of blush on her.

Soul blushed lightly. “Y-Yeah, I would like that.”

After the two exchanged numbers, Soul waved goodbye to her. He was heading out to find Applejack until he saw her leaning against the truck with a smug look.


“Oh nothing,” Applejack replied. “Ready to head home?”

“Pretty much.”

“Alright everyone, we’re going home now,” Applejack announced. “We’ll see you guys back at school.”

After saying their goodbyes to their friends, Soul and his cousins were on their way back to their homes. Soul looked through his contact numbers again and when he saw Sunset’s number on there, he couldn't help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Author's Note:

I want to thank BRyeMC, CogWing and Azure_Shadow with their help on this chapter :)