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I'm here to add a little spash of colour to an already colourful canvas, but I'm gonna have fun! I love art, so if you have any, let me know!(I make free cover art by commission, but I do take time.)


Rivet moves to a new town and a new school. After leaving his friends behind, he is hesitant to make new friends, despite his sister's outgoing nature. With any luck, he will be able to overcome his fear of making friends.

I really have to thank BRye MC in particular for his help with pre-reading and editing, as well as being there to talk me out of my creative ruts. Also for the invention of Clyde.

As well, I would like to thank Azure Shadow for allowing me to use his character, Swift, and being there to get me into writing in the Equestria Girls world in the first place.

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Comments ( 164 )

It's finally here! :raritystarry:

CogWing story!!! Liked and Fav'd! :pinkiehappy:

Now to read it. *one chapter later* :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:
Niiiiiice. I kind of feel bad for making up a totally separate personality for Rivet in my story, but whatever. I like this guy.
Am I correct in assuming this story is PoME-inspired?

Heh heh, you too? You and I have a lot of similarities friend :twilightsheepish: Names, personalities, I'm actually a bit surprised by the coincidence of it all :twilightsheepish::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

Good luck on this story. I hope it goes well for you :twilightsmile:

Well this has my attention.

Great first chapter! And now the cycle is complete!!

4948226 :yay::raritywink:
4948282 Not quite, but it follows in the same version of the world.
4948317 Maybe we're like twin brothers separated at birth... :rainbowderp:
4948397 Happy to have you!
4948506 Indeed it it, chief!

4948967 Hope to see more while I follow.

4949001 I hope you enjoy!

I like it so far, though I only have one question. How old is Best H- ehem, First Light? I can only assume she's in elementary or middle school. And I'm guessing Rivet's in high school. A- wait a minute...

Rivet... First Light... HOLY S- I can't believe it took me this long to notice... I feel ashamed. :ajsleepy:

4949522 What!? Notice what!? :rainbowderp: What did you notice!? Please tell me...

4949604 C'mon, you know. :moustache:

Hm, a bit of a slow start but I'm curios what's going to happen.

4954642 Yeah, I'm working it up slowly. I'm trying to make a longer story for once :twilightsmile: Most of my others have 1000 word chapters, these are gonna be longer and more novel-ish...

Oo! I loved "Say It Ain't Sue," and here you are, writing an EG fic! Well, I'll be following this one.

4956063 Thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

Another great chapter dude.:twilightsmile: Can't wait to see what happens next.:raritywink:

Aaaahh...! I so jelly! :fluttercry:

Anyway, nice chapter. Clearly, the Daring Do book is just an insignificant and meaningless part of the story that will not in any way be important nor will act as a connection between the two main characters.

Definitely not. :ajsmug:

Well... dat Amor Fati reference doe. :rainbowkiss:

All in all, nice chapter, and we got to delve a little more into Rivet's character. Also, if I may ask, when is Rivet meeting Rainbow Dash?

4982925 Thanks a bunch, Azure! And thanks for, well, you know :raritywink:
4982985 :ajsmug:
Jelly of what, though?

4983055 I hoped you'd catch that. :raritywink: Very soon. In one of the next chapters, I think:twilightsmile:

Turning his head, he saw a boy carrying a girl on his back. She seemed to be sleeping, and was wearing a jacket too big for her, most likely the boy’s. Her purple hair flowed over her face, and the boy made sure not to jostle her too much as he walked.

Hmm... This sounds strangely familiar.

4983132 Don;t you know it :raritywink: Thanks, Darling.

4983145 It's like I saw a picture or read a story about that same scene!

Too bad neither of them exist...


...You know you've read too much dark fanfics when the girl being on the guys back makes me nervous.

4985863 :fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad: Nooooooooo!

Other than that, did you enjoy the chapter? :fluttershysad:

4986350 Is that a "No! You've figured out my secret plot!" or a "No! Now I have that image inside of my head" ?

4986356 It's a "Noooo! Don't interpret something nice as something horrible! It will only make you scared of everything!"
It's a 'No' because I care :rainbowkiss:

4987019 Don't worry, it's just my brain searching for plot twists and imagining the worst case scenario. I'm actually not scared of many things, except...
The pairing from hell.

4988018 y'know, despite being the pairing from hell, I like the look of dash in a lab coat...

4988719 Oh no, i'm not denying that they don't go well together or they don't look beautiful. I'm just saying that if those two were murdering together i'd rather end my own life before those maniacs got their hooves on me.

4990737 I think we can agree on that.

I. . . Really didn't like this chapter honestly.

Rivet was a character who was use to being alone and scared of making friends, because he saw no real point in it when he knew that he would simply have to leave them anyway. He was an introvert.

His sudden character change with Clyde and Swift Justice came out of nowhere. It felt like tacked-on friendship lesson, if anything.

In a situation like that, I'd expect him to be WAY more defensive about his feelings, perhaps even aggressive. Just because you're shy doesn't mean you can't knock out a few teeth if someone pushes you hard enough. Especially when Rivet wasn't even doing anything but looking at them.

5016942 Have to agree with you there. Rivet should have put up more of an argument with his feelings, and make it more of a pivotal point in this chapter. Besides that, an okay chapter. The introduction to Rainbow Dash was pretty good, hope we can see more of her soon.


I see where you're coming from. Thanks for that. :pinkiesmile: I can't change it now, but it helps for future reference.

Well Rive's undergoing a transformation, those two kids weren't dicks to him, and he's met the main love interest of this story... :twilightsmile: I am okay with this.

5035520 I wish he was that badass :pinkiegasp:

Eh, she's okay but she's more cheap as fuck than anything else. If you want a cool swordsman, you should really go with this guy:

5037493 I've never actually played LoL, but I know people hate Teemo, so I buy into him like nothing else :rainbowlaugh: I even have a Teemo Keychain

The Boo!


5051246 :ajbemused: Yes, Rarity is there


5051263 The Boo is always top priority.

5051275 To you, maybe :raritywink:


This should be featured. :rainbowkiss:

5051460 That's so nice of you to say! :rainbowkiss:

Aside from the introduction of a very minor conflict (the poem) and a little bit of character development, almost nothing happened in this chapter. Gotta admit, except for First Light providing some much-needed humor, this one was pretty boring.

But hey, a weekly update by one of my favorite guys on this site? I'll take it. Besides, your stories are always good, so it'll pick up soon. :raritywink:

5051543 :ajsleepy: That's what I was afraid of...

5051567 Sorry about that. I'm in a bit of an overly critical mood (by which I mean legitimate critiques) since I spent the last two days editing and proofreading two different stories.

It's not bad. It's just that the pace went from a leisurely stroll to a crawl. But I know it'll pick up. :twilightsmile:

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