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Hey there, everypony! I'm a big time video gaming nerd and love to write stories and make art. Hope that you all like my stories and become good friends!


This story is a sequel to The Sun of My Heart 2: Love's Flames

Blaze Writer. Son of Sunset Shimmer and Soul Writer. Scarred by an event that had happened to him during his first year of high school, he slowly heals as he starts to rekindle with his friends. And he will be caught up in events that will make two girls want to be closer to him.

Sunday Writer. Daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Soul Writer. Having a huge crush on her childhood friend, she is determined to make this boy fall in love with her and do whatever it takes to be with him. While she is not the main focus of the story, that would not stop her from being with the one she loves the most.

Will Blaze be able to heal from his old wounds? Can Sunday be able to win the heart of the one she loves? And will one of the girls be able to be with Blaze in the end?

Follow Blaze and Sunday on their adventures with their friends on this romantic comedy as the universe goes against them. But hopefully its not.....

It is.

A continuation to the ever beloved series of Sun of My Heart and Sun of My Heart 2: Love's Flames.

The cover has been done by the ever lovely, kiriche

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 115 )

Good start, and first comment :pinkiehappy:

WHooooooooooooooooo Thank you for releasing this early I couldn't wait to read it until next year my hype has officially been brought to a new level!

Just like old times right? Now what in heavens are Warhawk and Treble probably doing right now?

Treble's probably having multiple odd jobs. Yeah that seems about right.

FFS BlueSun get on our ride


And so it begins and I can't wait for more. Great star BlueSun, this is going to be just as fun as the last two stories.

Who's blaze partner parent fluttershy ?.

Oh, boy, the next installment to my favorite rom-com! Let's see what we have in store...

Reads the first 10 paragraphs
Laughs ass off
Damn, I can't believe how much I missed this...

He had mentioned to her before that it was considered stalking but she had a talk with her aunt, Sonata Dusk and she said it was spying


God, the callbacks are real! I'm extremely looking forward to this story as it continues along!


I can't say how excited and happy I am to see this finally out. Ever since I finished The Sun of my Heart 2 with mention of a future sequel, I've been patiently waiting, and now it's finally paid off. I'm looking forward to where this will lead down the road, and am curious if this new generation will have inherited their mothers' Equestrian magic or not.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

Trust me, Blaze is no Soul 2.0. He's his own character :raritywink:

Thank you very much!

Thank you! Expect some comebacks within the new series!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter and more chapters will come hopefully soon!

So mystery girl Iris has a sister? the plot thickens

It begins! I've been waiting for this for awhile now, can't wait to read more!

I would guess that Iris is the daughter of Fluttershy, consider that she is shy like her mother.

Ah! i love it already! I can tell this is going to be an awesome story! :pinkiehappy: But look at who's writing it after all. :raritywink:

Oh no, you turned one of my favorite series into a overdone love triangle type of story. I can tell this is going to be an obvious outcome. :unsuresweetie:


OML. I just read everything and this legit cried like a baby at the end of the second story and I find out there is another i could not be a happier boy at this point and time.

Blaze and Iris sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage XD

then comes the baby in a baby carriage

See now I want to know the parents of iris and eve now, keep up dem good words sun and join the discord would be nice to have more members to talk with :pinkiehappy:

As glad as I am to finally see a new chapter released, I think I'm even happier that this wasn't an April Fool's Day prank.

I can see you're already liking BlazeXIris XD

Maybe their parents would be revealed in the future, maybe they won't. Only one way to find out :rainbowwild:

It's just so fun messing with them XD

...By licking Treble?

..... If that's what you want to, I won't judge.... Much.

Poor Kringle. I feel your pain, man.

Don't you worry, his time will one day happen :ajsmug:

This is just s theory but I don't think altair swings that way, that's what I'm picking up or he's not really attracted to su day so he just trying to be nice. Also kringle give it time swift got pinkie. You'll get your girl

Aaaaand I caught up with your new story and I already love it!!! I recognize some other kids besides Blaze and Sunday and who their parents are. Though I'm wondering who Iris's parents are. Maybe I should re-read some chapters here and some of Brye's story to get a clue.... :trixieshiftright:

Looking forward to the next chapter on 21st of April, BlueSun. Until then! :eeyup:

Good Theory! Let us see if it comes true!

So glad that you're loving it!

Iris could be related to someone we know or she could be an all new character all together. Only time will tell :rainbowwild:

Aw, Kringle is in love with Sunday. That's so cute.

Haha I have figured you out good sir
iris is fluttershy's daughter! No one but her has the "assets" plus mother fluttershy. I am oddly okay with this.. But all in all great chapter as usually dude!

Thank you very much!

And Iris maaaaaaaaybe possibly related to Fluttershy. Who knows? :derpytongue2:

After reading this whole story in general, I started to wonder what Treble's son/daughter would be like? Will he/she be actually a normal kid or like the father, an absolute nutjob.

Probably a nutjob. Blaze's generation needs a nutjob.

I wonder how long we’ll wait until we found out what happened to him last year. It’s pretty obvious some girl shit on him pretty bad. This has been teased since the first chapter was released in the fall.

I'm not so sure. Blaze seems to take enough craziness from Star here XD

We'll just have to find out and see what happens :derpytongue2:

Jade.....You are amazing! Lol I loved this so much.

No words for the amount of hatred I have for jazz, what a waste of a nice tuxedo! Oh and blaze getting hurt was bad too. Jesus Christ jazz your a bitch incarnate. But is good chapter keep it's up my dude!

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it!

Of course Jade is amazing. She’s the eldest daughter of Clyde and Rarity :raritywink:

Treble wishes he had a great daughter :rainbowhuh:

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