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This story is a sequel to Amor Fati

Last year, Clyde was truly blessed by fate as he made some new friends, joined the school basketball team, and of course, met the most amazing girl in the world. He couldn't have asked for a better junior year of high school.

Now, Clyde and Rarity will continue their love of fate attitudes as their high school days dwindle down and life after school begins. Even through struggles, both of them will learn that their love conquers all.

Cover art made by BlueSun52.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 258 )

5420833 Awesome! I hope you enjoy it and I always welcome feedback.

This was a very good start to your sequel. great job as usual!

5433698 :raritywink:

I hope you approve of First Light's scene.

When I started reading the description for Clyde's outfit I was like, "You did not..."

You know I have a bae

How much did you cringe typing this word?

Clyde could tell she had struggles trying to look

remove 'had' and replace the 's' at the end of 'struggles' with a 'd' :twilightsmile:

They stopped in front of the small and

Small what?

Ahh, this was just great as usual. Onto the next chapter!

5446049 Thanks for the help! Hopefully you enjoy the future chapters.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of 'bae'. I enjoy "Boo". :raritywink:

“Why make me say something you already know? asked

Switch 'make' with 'have'. It sounds better, and you're missing a quotation at the end here.

“I care you like it?”

I've never heard this phrase with 'care' in it before.

Ooh, what a fantastic Christmas, so romantic.

And right as I finish this, you decide to update. What great timing! :pinkiehappy:

Shit, dude. They gonna fuck yet? Nah, I'm kidding. Awesome chapter, though. I'd also love to get a picture of Rarity in that nurse outfit.

5448916 Woah! He's sick! Besides, I try to let others imagine what happens in the scenes between chapters if you know what I mean. I won't ever write that stuff.

Also, so would I. Nurse Rarity would be :heart::raritywink:

Dear Celestia, just coming back, and only to see that my suggestion has come to fruition. :pinkiehappy:

About to start reading, and I have incredibly high hopes for this. New comments/reviews from me with each new chapter read!

5477112 welcome back! :raritywink:

I hope you enjoy it. Especially since you loved the first story so much! I'd hate to dissapoint a huge fan! :raritydespair:

12/10. Happy make- out scene is happy. :pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

All in all, that was a nice beginning to your sequel here. I also caught that Michael Jordan reference, the Bonnibelle and Clyde reference, and the fact that the Balloon Pop from the original. Now, onward to chapter 2! :pinkiecrazy:

5477487 Great! Thanks for reading and I hope you love the rest! :raritywink:

YAY! a sequel :3 i hope this a WIP since this is three yearly events soo i hope to some from other yearly events like i don't know maybe a Easter special :D

Again it was soooooo amazing :O i just wanna read it again and again and again :D

5598734 Thanks! And the next chapter is coming out next Saturday. (It's Valentine's Day after all. :raritywink:)

AMAZING! :O it's a master piece :) BTW Happy valentines day :D

5625183 Glad to see a superfan enjoyed it. :raritywink:

once again you have outdone yourself. this was absolutely adorable.:raritystarry: can't help but ask was that some foreshadowing at the end there?


5626196 Thank you for the lovely comment, glad you like it.

As for foreshadowing, quite possibly. :raritywink:

This "sequel" won't be nearly as long as the original story so there's only a few more chapters I'm going to include. The ending was sort of a way to get people guessing about the ending.

5626452 Heh. It's true though. I put "sequel" in this story's title because I knew people wanted one. :raritywink:

This was a fantastic chapter. Happy belated Singles Awarness Day!

A bit of a haunting note to end the chapter. That aside, I enjoyed seeing Fluttershy get that strike. :yay:

5644026 I feel like Flutters is secretly good at nearly every sport after her friends politely cheer her on. :raritywink:

Ohh, they did the ~HEY HEY~ in the ~CAR CAR~ didn't they? Niiiice. :ajsmug: So that's what the title ment.

Great chapter by the way, dude!



5766799 They also did it in other places, too! :raritywink: Probably. Most likely.

And thanks!

Way to go Clyde, having fun with your lady is important. Swift would never have the bravery to do that though.

5795345 Swift actually needs to get his girl first, though. :raritywink:

5795350 Well even if he did, I doubt he'd have Clyde's courage.

5795359 I feel it would be more of a mutual decision than him just asking her.

Although, I can see her asking him more than him asking. :raritywink:

5795498 Pinkie: Swifty, the party don't stop just cause we're the only ones left.

Swift: :twilightoops:

5795547 Luckily for Clyde and Swift, their girls seem to be the ones to initiate the fun times, and probably very often.

All the boys have to do is stand there, smile, and nod.

Love Conquers All:raritystarry: , i like it :pinkiehappy:


5849359 Indeed it does, at least in this case!

Aww, this was a sweet chapter:twilightsmile:

And I have no idea what Pinkie said at all:derpyderp2:

5943247 Basically, she was excited it was Cinco de Mayo, so she threw a party for the school in the cafeteria.


How dare Rarity desecrate the sacred holiday of Cinco de Mayo by speaking French! :flutterrage:

5944162 It's such a fabulous language though. :raritywink:

5944192 I agree, I much prefer French over Spanish. and great chapter. I was going to wear a sombrero to work but I couldn't find it.

5944583 I wish I had a sombrero. I didn't find one in the house, but I did find a half-destroyed piñata in the basement. :raritywink:

And I'm glad you liked the chapter. :D

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