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It was just another day in school for Fluttershy in Ponyville High. Conflict is brewing between two races, The Humans and The Trans-mutants, tensions are high, and prejudice to one another is rising higher than before. To make matters more tense, some of the Trans-mutants are being allowed to walk among them as well as attending the same schools. Fluttershy will cross boundaries that few would dare cross.....Making friends with one.
(A Humanized crossover fan fiction of Godzilla and MLP FIM. If you are familiar with "The Arrogance of Man" (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/220838/the-arrogance-of-man), then be aware that this is an alternate universe for the story). Sex tag is mostly for dialogue that may be deemed dirty at certain points, and intimacy. No sex scenes, keep this in mind. Cover art is by me, and props goes to Moongaze14 and ThePMB-Brony for proofreading this story. Thanks again guys!

Breaking the Walls Arc: In a world of humans and mutants, Fluttershy befriends a boy, Gojira Takeshi Jr, who has a gruff and pessimistic attitude, with a reputation to boot. Sometimes, it takes kindness to uncover what's beneath the surface. (Chapter 1-15)

Sins of the Father Arc: With his father back in his life, Junior finds himself caught up in situations that turn his entire world upside down. In comes new friends, and new revelations. From the shadows, enemies plot to bring chaos. And somehow, the Takeshi lineage is at the center of it. (Chapter 16-72).

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Oh wow, an actual 'mane 6 meets my OC but they're DARK and EDGY and JUST NEED LOVE' fic- Is it 2010 again?

Nice to see this story is out. Have a like and a fav.

Not bad. So far it's looking interesting.

How graphic will the sex and gore be?

6947649 Oh, don't worry about the sex and gore tag. I won't show any scenes with the characters actually have sex. I was actually forced to put the sex tag on since a moderator told me to, but I think it was because a scene where Rarity asks Fluttershy if Jr tried to do something naughty to her, that's where it was needed. Maybe a dirty joke once in a while, but nothing super dirty.
As for the gore, at most, descriptions of the sounds of bones being snapped, blood, scars, and punctures. Nothing like intestines being described to be yanked out or head decapitation (at least not described into super detail). I'm trying to have a bit more fun rather than so much angst with this fic but also include some adventure. Judging by the like and dislike ratio, I may have not succeeded on the angst part.
I should probably put that in the description regarding the sex tag.

This New story is good, i will read the first two chapters again, thanks for the new story. I will be waiting for new chapters. Thank you.

Looks cool! By the way im from the guy who really wanted to read this on DA! :D

Seriously, have someone kick flashes ass already-_-

There is one character in all the fimfic i have read that i don't atención first, wile the story procceds it begin to like me then, Rainbow Dash for her initial actitud (arrogant). This chapter is all slice of life, is good, thank you.

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6984840 lol sure, but I need time to write more chapters and edit them before putting them on. Glad you're enjoying them though.

"Be real with me, bro! If you ain't feelin' the vibe, then I apologize. I ain't tryin' to get up in yo grill!" said Twilight. Junior began to cringe as Twilight spoke with so much slang.


It remind me of this scene.

6985065 let me guess in your pic Godzilla

Is going very well, no this remeins me of the anime My Love Comedy is All Wrong. Thanks for the new chapter.

The Cringe is real in this chapter lol

6987493 I love Oregairu. It's one of my favorite non mainstream anime out there.

is good but as bad.
and thats how you give feedback (im joking by the way this chapter was good)

Great chapter, i think this Battra that act as Batman is better, i don't know if there will be GojiraxMosura in this New story but i still will like it (in personal opinion: please GojiraxMosura). Thank you and keep going.

that was a good chap keep them up

7064346 Nothing that I would like more than to do so. But I at least want to make sure that I have my story going at a good distance before updating, especially with chapters that I have to check to see if they are ready

Yes a very good chapter, this story will not have to many battles scenes? Is more Just a slice of life story?

7067632 I want to have a bit more of non action scenes to both establish this universe and the character's relationships with others. There will be some action scenes though in the future.

I enjoyed the Superman vs Batman reference you included in this chapter.

I think i like more this chapter(for an obvius personal reason), now i have to say a little question that is not related to the story. Have you see the Last trailer of Metal Gear Solid: The Phamtom Pain? The one were they put all the game story line of Snake. I think someone could work whit the same song to make a trailer of Godzilla's story perhaps. Well no matter thanks for the new chapter.

when i read how Gojira was approching Sunset i was like "war mode engaged" only to shit himself when he notist how every one was looking at him :rainbowlaugh:.

good chapter.

I hope GxM! (Gojira x mosura!).

To be honest I wouldn't go to the fall formal

Goooood, the first man Gojira's expresión was priessles, for hi to have such dream. Now how is he gonna do to avoid going to the fall formal? I'm sure is going to be an very bad experience. Thanks for the new chapter.

sweet. But i smell something afoot whats Erika hiding i wonder, will Sunset and Flash ever sort things out or will they have a fallout.
Toon in next time on shy and aggressive.
(sorry coulnt help my self i just had to do it. good chap as always)

Peace out

I got a feeling that MONARCH is behind this so called "Purists" group but what do i know im just guesing

The chapter 9 was great, for me specialy the dance scene. Now the chapter 10, Erika have a terminal illnes?, well in other matters. Have you seen the new trailer of Shin Gojira? Its awesome and the New Godzilla is huge. Thanks for the New chapters.

That was a nice ending their good chapter

Great ending and chapter, now about Genshiro i though he would take some of Gojira dna of the tisue that cut from his lower back operation. No matter. Thanks for the New chapter.

"I gotta clear my head. Maybe some T.V. will help," said Junior as he reached for the remote on the side of his bed and clicked on it. The television that hung on the wall clicked to life, displaying its picture. An old film of a man crying out in agony as he clutched his head was shown. A full moon was revealed and the man's body grew in size while sprouted fur all over his body, transforming into a werewolf that howled into the night. Junior immediately changed the channel and switched to a film where humanoid fish monsters terrorized a small town of humans. Again, Junior changed the channel. He continued to change the channel as he found movies ranging from a man turning into a fly, to people turning into the living dead. Junior scowled as he changed the channel again.

*Shouting at the staff off screen* Could someone turn off the ironic channel please! The kid got enough problem as it is!

"No. You were called in here today for a proposal," said Luna. Junior smirked.

"Vice Principle Luna, I'm flattered, but I'm still young and I have a dream that I wish to fulfill," said Junior in a sarcastic tone. Luna merely scowled while Celestia snorted in amusement.


I kind of like Metal Gear Sparkle~

Love this Chapter... Also

7173074 oh my god! Someone actually got it! I love you! :raritystarry:

7173157 Yeah. I love Neebs Gaming~

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