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This story is a sequel to Shy and Aggressive

Disclaimer: This is a continuation as to not bloat the first book with too many chapters. Reading book 1 is required to properly understand the context of what happens in this story.

In attempt to thwart the malevolent monsters that terrorized Ponyville, the Main 7, The Dazzlings and Mutant 4 find themselves transported to a foreign land. Here, they face off against the dangerous flora and fauna native to this realm. With despair and danger looming over, these teens will have to put aside their previous grievances in the name of survival.

Special thanks to ThePMB-Brony and Moongaze14 for proof reading this story.
Cover art is by me.

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A kirin finds himself an outsider to the rest of his kind. In his darkest hour comes a glimmer of hope, in the form of those who are almost as strange as he is. Could his hope last in a world blind with fear?
Cover Art is by me. Better quality can be found here on my Deviant Art: http://johng117.deviantart.com/art/The-Other-Side-of-The-Story-660073161
Special thanks to ThePMB-Brony and Moongaze14 for proofreading this story.

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It was just another day in school for Fluttershy in Ponyville High. Conflict is brewing between two races, The Humans and The Trans-mutants, tensions are high, and prejudice to one another is rising higher than before. To make matters more tense, some of the Trans-mutants are being allowed to walk among them as well as attending the same schools. Fluttershy will cross boundaries that few would dare cross.....Making friends with one.
(A Humanized crossover fan fiction of Godzilla and MLP FIM. If you are familiar with "The Arrogance of Man" (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/220838/the-arrogance-of-man), then be aware that this is an alternate universe for the story). Sex tag is mostly for dialogue that may be deemed dirty at certain points, and intimacy. No sex scenes, keep this in mind. Cover art is by me, and props goes to Moongaze14 and ThePMB-Brony for proofreading this story. Thanks again guys!

Breaking the Walls Arc: In a world of humans and mutants, Fluttershy befriends a boy, Gojira Takeshi Jr, who has a gruff and pessimistic attitude, with a reputation to boot. Sometimes, it takes kindness to uncover what's beneath the surface. (Chapter 1-15)

Sins of the Father Arc: With his father back in his life, Junior finds himself caught up in situations that turn his entire world upside down. In comes new friends, and new revelations. From the shadows, enemies plot to bring chaos. And somehow, the Takeshi lineage is at the center of it. (Chapter 16-72).

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Beings of renowned strength and power are made when man sought to harness the power of gods for themselves. However, these beings can not be controlled. In his hubris, man has created a hated enemy. Only one has the power to restore order in a world falling into chaos. He is no longer alone. This is his story.

(This is a crossover and humanized fanfic of Godzilla and MLP FIM. Cover art is done by me! A special thanks to ThePMB-Brony and Moongaze14 for helping me correct grammar errors and proof reading this fic.)

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