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I hate Twilight Sparkle, I have ever since we were kids and I still hate her. You're probably wondering who I am and why I'm saying this, right? My name is Artemis Arrow and I'm the Stardust Phantom...or at least I was.

This story follows the Equestrian version of Artemis Arrow and boy is he different from the Artemis in Blazing Passion (Go check that out to see what I mean). His life has been one filled with both silent rage and jealousy and all of it is aimed directly at Twilight Sparkle. One day, Princess Luna decides to take on a student of her own, Artemis quickly catches her eye and she decides to take him under her wing.

Tell me in the comments if I'm getting better with these descriptions or worse.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 24 )

Looks great so far man! I can definitely see the difference between the Artemis(s) and I like it, keep up the good work!

From what it looks like he has more reasons to hate his parents then Twilight. What's with Odd eyes raging dragon, are you going to have Arrow go berserk at some point like Yaya when Zarc takes over?

This first chapter was quite interesting, I do hope to see more in the near future.

Those two are not very good parents, not at all. They cared more about their niece's achievements than their own son's to the point he told them he was leaving twice and they didn’t hear him. After they acknowledged they weren't listening the first time you would think they would actually pay attention the second time. Otherwise it seems like they're suggesting they don't even care about what their son has to say.

SOOOOO AWESOME!!! I can't wait for more bro. Keep up the great work

When do you plan to update this story?

Huh. Your first go at a yugioh story. Gotta admit. It's pretty good so far. You based your deck off of Yuya's right?

8016546 That’s right, but it's not just his deck.

make more chapters this is awesome

How is this a Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover? I haven't read the story yet.

Comment posted by Zeref792 deleted Jan 12th, 2018

I think the Entermate deck is suitable to this story when Yuya using it in anime.By the way the story is amazing.

Uh when the chapter 3 is out? I cannot wait to see it! And of course this chapter is getting more interesting.

Why didn't you respond to my comments?

Boi. Where my credit REEE, btw just joking loved the chapter bruh keep it up!.

Sorry buddy I'll answer from now on I've been having this problem with others for a while now.

I will we need to get back to work on this.

This story is badass. And amazing and cool im really want to see more of this story

So what Yu-Gi-Oh era is this based on by the way because despite everything it seems like a mix mash of all of them put together to be honest.

It's based on the Arc V- Verse. Just no action duels.

10238071 I was just wanting to make sure on what era of Yu-Gi-Oh it was based on.

Great pls update

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