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Just a guy that like to write and enjoys MLP. And prefers to be the serious stooge where ever he goes.


Alchemy Star is a student with high academic Accomplishment is returning to Caterlot after 2 years of being alone to work on his studies is coming to Caterlot high to complete his high school education. During that time follow him as he learns to open up to friendship and gives a bully the big brother figure she needs to help guide her on the right path for the future.

Take place in the PoME universe after the friendship games.

Thank you to the Pome writers for inspiring me to write this read the other stories here.
The front page image is by BlueSun52 Thanks for the artwork.

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I haven't been reading stories on here as of late, but I'm caught up now and I think you are doing a splendid job. :raritywink:

I'm really intrigued to see how the characters develop in this story.

This is getting better and better.
Artemis: I'll say.
Aria: It’s alright.
You just have to be that person don't you Aria.

Yay Silver Spoon enters at last can't wait to find out about the glasses.

I want to know what happened to Silver....wait did he just say he was going to join the group?

Artemis: Yes I think he did.

Oh now I'm excited great chapter Mesiagamer I cant wait for what's next.

Artemis: Have fun driving with Silver, Alchemy.

So basically Alchemy is the youngest of the group?

Oh my God for once, I commented normally!!


Wait how old is Alchemy? by the way good chapter.

Great chapter! I was also planning to do a 'Star Wars chapter' in my story. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Trixie getting more love yay. Great chapter:twilightsmile:

Alchemy: I'm 17 guys I said so in a previous chapter.

Warhawk and Soul both looked at each other then back to the others and slumped over. With Warhawk speaking next. “How did we not see it?”

Warhawk: Bullshit I didn't notice it. Oh great chapter by the way.

After that Apple Bloom opted to use her friends as support. Apple Bloom Sweetie Bloom and Scootaloo start staking as a trio

Where were you when Apple Bloom fell so hard on the ground she fused with Sweetie Bell ?

6901933 Thanks for catching that its fixed now.

Lone: You know Alchemy, I think you would be a great student at Crystal Prep. Despite your attitude to others sometimes, you work and study very hard. But I respect your choice about staying at CHS. Diamond Tiara needs you more then you think. :twilightsmile:

6903330 Alchemy: Actually It wasn't my choice to go to Cantorlot high but I'm starting to like it there.

Spark: Trender is your cousin or what? Cause if he is, tell him he's still the biggest cunt I've ever met.

6908966 Alchemy: What make's you say that?

6909139 Spark: A year and a half of me being his target every single time.

6910195 :facehoof: I'll remember to talk to him latter I had no idea about this. Damit Trend

6910211 Spark: Good luck with that, but I'd rather not have you do it, what I said is a joke, between Trend and I everything is personal, and I am still mad at him.

6910255 Alchemy: He's still my family and him to be doing that to you is something I can't have. Even if the two of you resolve things I'm still going to have to talk to him about this. What does he do to ya anyway?

6910308 Spark: I'l have to tell you later...

6910323 Alchemy: Spoilers?

6910506 Spark: I guess you can call it that.

Good work Mesia chapter's pretty good walks out of the room. you might want to remove the spoiler things you put there.

6929169 Thanks for spotting that and thanks for the comet.

Aw... a cute Valentines day chapter good job mesia.

Yay more Trixie.
Artemis: Good to see our girl making more friends, but she's speaking in third person again.
She just finished a show cut her some slack, great job Gamer.

7059738 It's still early in my story and Alchemy doesn't know about her mental state yet give her time.

Rapid: Hm... seems like this Trixie seems nice. i think it would be awesome to meet her.

Light:Nice Diamond awesome that you got see a Countess Coloratura concert.
Sweetie Belle: Aww... I'm so jealous.
Light: How about next time she's here i'll get you tickets?
Sweetie Belle: Alright Light. I'm holding you to that.
Light: I promise on my life that you will get those tickets Sweets.
Sweetie Belle: Alright and don't call me that.
Light: Ok. whatever makes you happy.

7221431 Diamond: The Concert was only one part I'm Going to meet her SQUEEE!
Alchemy: *Roles eyes.* Well you enjoy that.
Trixie: Come on Alchemy It i'll be fun.
Alchemy: We'll see next chapter. And Sweets Sweetie bell were did that come from?

Now that was a very beautiful moment between Rara and Alchemy. Well done Mesia! Great chapter! :ajsmug:

Nice chapter. Can't wait for the next.

Snow: *Looks then leaves* Crazy kids doin these things. *leaves drink coffee*

Snow shut up. Go to your room.

And so Lone meets Alchemy. Nice chapter Mesia! You actually gave me and an idea for Lightning Dust and Indigo Zap. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Don't you mean My Little Pony is own by Hasbro?

Did that really just happen?
Artemis: Yes it did and I'm not happy about it.
Nice chapter Gamer.

Wow, this chapter.... I really didn't see that coming. :pinkiegasp:

7463733 I had to check that myself when I saw that...I think he'll leave it for comedy purpouses

Alchemy: How did that kid get her glasses broken anyway.
Alchemy: You've been wanting to make that reference from the beginning weren't you. -_-
Shut up Alchemy

Well things are starting to get more interesting.

can i have a pig like D please?


Just so you know I have no problem with people talking like this but out of curiosity, do you always have conversations with Artemis in the comments?

if they where the same age i would ship it

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