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As my favorite Entertainment Duelist always says: "The fun....HAS JUST BEGUN!!"


On her way to Manehattan, Rarity comes across Natsu Dragneel a Pegasus stallion who is just full of surprises. She soon finds herself in a bunch of crazy and dangerous situations with this Pegasus and his crazy guild.

Rarity has replaced Lucy.

I know it's not a good description, I'm still new at this.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 119 )

A good start! I'll be waiting for more

good start I give you a like:twilightsmile:

Spelling error in the tile. You have it as rairty instead of rarity.

This is going to be fun

6616886 I noticed I just changed it thank you. :twilightsmile:

Please tell me happy is here

Super excited to read more! :raritystarry: :yay: :raritywink:

Very interesting idea, can't wait for more.

6616968 Spoilers buddy sorry.:twilightsheepish:
6617348 I glad you are enjoying it. :twilightsmile:
6617507 Thank you.:twilightsmile:


...I just finished the first season. Will this story be good...?

Will the RariSu Ship be any good like NaLu and GaLevy? Or GreyVia?


Only by reading shall I find out...

Fuck it. Let's go.

I mean... It's sorta... Just...


Shitty grammar, short chapters, and horrible descriptions aren't really helping my opinion...

But curiosity is forcing me to watch.


I am withholding my like until I can make proper judgement.

6618184 I WILL! I WILL!


as a die hard fairy tail fan you have my undivided attention...

Oh, so CoCo is Happy? Okay, then.

Ha coco is happy, time to kick some ass natsu.

6652446 Yup.:twilightsmile:
6652476 that’s right its fighting time again. :pinkiehappy:
6652488 I will, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see other fairy tail members like Gray, Erza and Guild master Makarov


Good to see BlueWaffle take a beating.

Just keep Wendy as herself. #wendyisbestgrill

6712070 Glad you enjoyed:twilightsmile:
6712273 I know right.:twilightsmile:
6712748 I was planning on keeping her anyway.:twilightsmile:

OHHH This is gonna be good

6652508 Coco is the equestrian version of Happy?:pinkiegasp: Blueblood is going to get his Royal ass kick:rainbowlaugh:

Natsu meeting the rest of the mane six hehe I sure that both he and rainbow will get along real well:)

6713092 I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I will tell this I have plans for when Dash meets Natsu.

This is great shit. *Smiles* I can't wait for more.


Erza: You better not be fighting Gray again Natsu.

6754600 Natsu: *Shivers* y..y..Yes ma'am.
Don't worry AC the Guild will be shown next chapter.

6754621 Good, now if we could just get Gray to put his pants on.

Gray: WHAT!!!

Juvia: *Passed out blushing*

I wonder how they will react to natsu eating fire

This story seems to follow Fairy Tail so closely, I'm starting to wonder if there's an Equestrian version of Zeref and Acnologia as well.

Also, Coco is obviously Happy, but is she by any chance Lisanna as well?

6819625 You'll find out soon.
6820217 Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it.
6820439 Spoilers pal sorry.

This is awesome. I want more.

Sorry, emotions have been running wild since last Friday.

6823261 it's cool AC we officially see the Guild next chapter promise.

Only complaints is it feels to fast and Natsu and Rainbow feel ooc, but overall a great fairy-tail crossover.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::moustache:

I can't wait to see the interactions with the Fairy Tail Guild!

So one of Twilight's old friends and Sweet Drops' "best friend" is a member of Fairy Tail is very cool

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