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Don't let people stop you from using creativity. Some may be bad, some may be dreadful, but that's the thing with creativity. You create ways to make it even better. That's the creative truth.


When Blue Blitz gets transferred to a new school considered snotty and rude, he feels uncomfortable. BUT, with the introduction to an awesome girl, he finds out that he had someone to depend on... and to love. Indigo Zap was her name, and being awesome was her game. Blitz was cool, too, so why not give it a shot? She was actually nice and awesome, after all.

Takes place after Friendship Games.
Proofread by KillerShadow 15.
Art done by the amazing BlueSun52!

Chapters (10)
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finally it got approved, also would you like to join The PoME Reaction Show?

6580655 Again, it's gonna be a little hard to combine, but I'll see.


6580664 ok I will send you the link to story later so you can at lest look at it

Neat, you can use jess if you want. She goes to that other school, for now...

My mother was... a little crazy. She was a drug dealer, secretly, and one day, she was caught red-handed. My dad was there, and told her to drop her gun. She didn't listen, and dad was crying. He loved mom so much, but when she tried to pull the trigger, his partner pulled the trigger on her. She wasn't shot dead, but she was definitely injured. Right through her right leg. He hated that day they arrested her, and soon eventually, she died in prison from suicide.

It hurt both me and my dad. Dad was heartbroken, but he did manage to go through it. Yet, it doesn't mean he hasn't stopped thinking about it...

Wow... :rainbowderp: :fluttershysad:

Okay, that's very original background.

6580784 I don't think I've read your story before, but I will take a look at it. I DO remember a Jess or something in SonataXWarhawk.

Oh, Punch Out. I love that game.

Blue Blirz, your main character is called, huh?

Strange. I've heard that name before.

Look up Mugiwaranoyoshi's reading of a story called Tale of Prince Blue Blitz over on YouTube.

Finally! The wait is over!

You can also use Knock Out/Steen if you want. He can befriend Blue Blitz.

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

You should watch this.

Nice to see you got this accepted :pinkiehappy: 'grats on that. I'll definitely be reading this later.

kewl stery bro. not an spodermen quote btw :raritywink:

Nice chapter Generation looking forward to the next!

Pretty good chapter. Brings back memories of kickball in middle school...

6621290 WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
His Name Is Prince Devitt!!!!


Oh yeah. I forgot about that. He was in Mexico too.


What will happen if he debuts in the main roster?

6621906 I will go Crazy.


6621311 First off Generation i would like to say, please forgive I am an idiot I just found your story today and I feel so bad for not finding it sooner.

Artemis: Forgive me too Blue Blitz, I'm so sorry.

6636414 Alright and second, the story is awesome so far and I really like Blitz Great job:twilightsmile:

History? I can't wait....


Me too! I love the medieval things and the expansion of the European and Ottoman Empires! These two are awesome!

Insert Straight during the Training Chapters. He may be a pro wrestler, but his basic styles are cited from Kick Boxing and Jeet Kune Do.

6722321 MY LAPTOP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

If you do a segment of Blue's training, PLEASE have a link to "Eye Of The Tiger".
Also, I want to watch him kick Sand Man's ass and take his crown.:pinkiecrazy:

6723112 It's pretty much a rule in all films or fanfics with a training montage.

6723112 Plus it's always fun watching the asshole character get his ass handed to him in his own game, especially on his home turf.

Okay what's going on with indigo.:trixieshiftright:

OMG Indigo likes Sandman!!! IM TOTALLY CALLING IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

And, um... I might've missed something, who's Misty? :twilightblush:

DON'T EVER SAY WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:
Now something WILL go wrong!
Can't wait to see what happens next.:twilightsmile:

Oh what's going to happen i wonder.

What could possibly go wrong?

...Murphy, what have you planned this time!?

Murphy's Law man, stop tempting fate.

Alright Timmy Turner. Let's see what won't go wrong. Only time (and the next chapter) will tell.

I think Sandman is Indigo's ex.

Whatever you do, don't put your cursor into this black line.

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