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Shimmer Dale

Do not waste your time pinning yourself down to any set religion. No deity cares for the benefit of you or anyone else other than themselves. Do only what benefits you, then what benefits those around

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Why I am Dead · 2:03pm Sep 22nd, 2015

I assure you my faithful readers, I am not dead
I am still very alive and very active
But that is quite the problem

I am alive and active in other subjects aside from writing and being an author (and a mediocre one at that)

College and scholarship applications have caught up and gotten to the very best of me this year, and it has bought up most of my time along with the normal everyday activities of my life
Does this make the end of me?

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I want you to be the next saviour. You must be our Donald Trump.

You are always welcome :twilightsmile:
Just keep up to date on my blogs, and hopefully I will remember to keep you guys up to date.

1922683 Ok. Thank you for responding.

I have simply been preoccupied with other things in life, such as work and vacationing
And without a speedy laptop (This one is a dinosaur) working on a fanfic becomes more of a struggle then enjoyable like I feel it should be.
Maybe tonight I will get bored and continue on. I dunno. We will simply have to see.

Sup? It's been a while...

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