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Applebloom fell in love with one of her best friends. But is it right to have this feeling?

She tries to figure everything out, but when the love of her life turnes her down, she's devestated.

Secrets were made. but sometimes you can't hide them....Especially, when they are broken.

Thank you Sakra for the editing

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Com Hurri just rolled into Ponyville. She tries to settle in, and Pinkie Pie is prepared to do everything to give her a good time. But good turns into wonderful when she meets a very, particular pony...

A pony who makes her feel special. maybe even.... beloved...
but how does she gain the heart of this Rainbow maned dare devil?

starring Com Hurri
cover art..... also by Com :yay:
and of course Com's Note: This ship is a crackship and thus should not be taken seriously
special thanks to..... Com Hurri....
Who says up late to write this story? who comes up with the story line? me.... XD

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash heared of a competition in Dodge Junction, she definatly wants to compete But it’s a competition for duos. She decided to go with Applejack. But the longer she’s in the competition, the more she doubt about the reason she compete.

Will she win the price of a life time?

Special thanks to Arashi69. thanks for editing pall.

Chapters (10)

now. gilda is back in ponyville, and she's stilll mad at Rainbow Dash. so she spred an awefull rumour that makes Dash look stupid in front of the whole village.

special thanks to Blarp7193 (he's not on fimfic yet)
special thanks to Com_! she's the new editor, and she made the awesome avatar

Chapters (6)

based on a true story.

Scroll Pattern, a writer, brings his books to the golden oak library.
he really hopes that it would be a succes, but things doesn't turn out very wel.

Chapters (1)

The best guitarist of Equestria returns to ponyville. princess Twilight never saw him before, but became a good friend. Just as he declairs his love to somepony, things turned dramaticly wrong.

Chapters (5)
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