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  • 174 weeks
    Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!!

    Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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  • 175 weeks
    I'm back!

    actually, I was active on an other account, but... Now I move back. I like this layout a little more. and I worked hard for this. this account carries a lot of nostalgia, and most of my stories. (they're terrible, I know) but still.

    just saying I'm back.

    note to myself: buy this

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  • 206 weeks
    sierra 117

    YAY! 117 followers. thank you all....
    (GIMME MORE :pinkiecrazy: bhueueueueueheuehueue)
    anyway, I like Halo. a lot. so, therefore, I'd like to mention it. :scootangel:
    oh, oh....
    if someone likes to play a game, my gamertag is HastyStream04 :scootangel:

    Derec out-

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    shut up!!!!

    God damn it!!!
    I can't scroll trough the Internet without seeing s*** about this

    and this

    I don't care what colour the dress is.
    And i respect Leonard. But this is getting Redicules!!!!!!!

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    what a night...
    I've been talking with Lola all day long and euhm... I discovered something. for years I thought I was straight... but now I discovered I'm actually bi. I had this doubt before, but now I'm sure and I accept it... and I feel good actually. I still like girls more then guys but... yeah...

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Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!! · 3:08pm Oct 21st, 2015

Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

people who play Halo will understand me. I know, I did this blog like.... 42 weeks ago, but then I took a break and everything... anyways, I'm getting back to this account, because the layout is better and all this stuff. I won't be online THAT much, because of family situation. so ... yeah ... oh, and because of school too! XD

anyways... does someone watch archer? because I'm watching it right now XD

oh, and euhm, it seems like I suck at family relations. no matter what I try, I'll always fuck something up. I always forget something, and then, I get into trouble and feel guilty and sad. like now....

anyway, I just got back from middle school, and I saw my old schoolfriends again. they gave me a pressent! XD an mlp comic book :) I love them. they're awesome. no wonder I had a crush on him

and please, click this. help written sound with the poll :)

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