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We are followers of the magnificent Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. We hope to expand are reaches to the world and show it love and tolerance through the sweet aroma of muffins.
-attacking other users is prohibited, you do that and I'll shank you like a muffin.
-If you do have a NSFW story, then please put it in the one folder for said stories.
-(follows the second rule) post stories in the correct folder.
-have fun

:thank you Octascratch901

(For new members)
Official Muffin by Octascratch901: Lemon Muffin Suprise

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392960 That is what I was expecting to hear .. :pinkiesmile:

385310 I am just one shy of 30th member ;)
385251 Who could resist Derpy?
385188 Woah, both a Robe, and a Muffin? I would have joined for just one of these.

PS, which folder does one place stories in? some may be fitting more folders, after all.

Did it say that the NSFW was exlusively in that folder?

Some Anthro stories may be Romantically oriented or Adventures as well.
A NSFW could still have fitted in all the previous folders as well.
Congratulations! Your group has been judged, and was found to be new. The listing of it in the New Groups ensued as a consequence.

I love how this group was started two days ago i think and already we have 13 members.....TURN UP

385187 *Hands you both ceremonial robes with muffins* You both are now official members...probably should make a forum for this

Do I get a ceremonial robe of sorts when I join?

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