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Hello, I'm FireflyDash and I love to play video games. I'm not much of a writer, but sometimes it's the only way to keep my imagination on paper.

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1475193 okay I'll see ya around... have a good dream.

I'll be sure to read it if you do get around to doing it :twilightsmile: Anyways, I am pretty tired. I stayed up all night revising my chapters. Hope to talk to you soon.

Comment posted by FireflyDash deleted Oct 21st, 2014

1475183 now... I'm buzy with the halo series ... again.... (Halo 1 down.... still.... euh... halo2 halo3 halo4 and halo reach to go....)
and... I'm thinking of putting that into a story.... but....that's a project for later ...

Mostly just FPS, though I have been shying away from them and began starting to play some MMOs and writing my story. What about you?

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