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Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!! · 3:08pm Oct 21st, 2015

Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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I'm back! · 11:12am Oct 16th, 2015

actually, I was active on an other account, but... Now I move back. I like this layout a little more. and I worked hard for this. this account carries a lot of nostalgia, and most of my stories. (they're terrible, I know) but still.

just saying I'm back.

note to myself: buy this

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sierra 117 · 8:30am Mar 11th, 2015

YAY! 117 followers. thank you all....
(GIMME MORE :pinkiecrazy: bhueueueueueheuehueue)
anyway, I like Halo. a lot. so, therefore, I'd like to mention it. :scootangel:
oh, oh....
if someone likes to play a game, my gamertag is HastyStream04 :scootangel:

Derec out-

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shut up!!!! · 6:03pm Feb 27th, 2015

God damn it!!!
I can't scroll trough the Internet without seeing s*** about this

and this

I don't care what colour the dress is.
And i respect Leonard. But this is getting Redicules!!!!!!!
I'll go for a few days until those posts are gone and if the Internet didn't break by then.
Eu.... it's annoying!!!
There. I posted about it. There.

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confesion · 9:38pm Feb 24th, 2015

what a night...
I've been talking with Lola all day long and euhm... I discovered something. for years I thought I was straight... but now I discovered I'm actually bi. I had this doubt before, but now I'm sure and I accept it... and I feel good actually. I still like girls more then guys but... yeah...
*sigh* I don't know what to do. my parents would accept it. they always thought I'm homosexual for some reason. but my friends?...
god, I need some sleep.

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Click this! the Competition is on!!!! · 2:42pm Feb 17th, 2015

Yup, there is a competition on in the Bambi fans group. for more information, click this link.
It's totally worth to try. and most of all, it'll be fun :pinkiehappy:

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Happy valentines day · 11:51am Feb 14th, 2015

So... What are your plans for today?

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Ramble Round 03 with TheWalkingSkyMon: top ten video games · 7:20pm Feb 7th, 2015

Derec: Good morning/evening/night, whenever you read this. I’m Derec MC Coy with your favourite part of the week. Today we’re gonna do a top ten list video games. And with my Special Guest: TheWalkingSkyMom. Mom, how are you doing?

TheWalkingSkyMon: Hello Derec! It’s great for me over here. Kind of. It’s winter so it’s cold as all living fuck, so, you know. But I’m fine. I’m happy to be here. This seems like a fun thing to do and I’m glad to be here.

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Ramble Round 02 with Kabuto: Facial hair · 6:20pm Jan 29th, 2015

Derec: Hello everybody, It’s me, Derec mc coy with your favourit part of the week, namely Ramble Rounds. and today, our special guest is Kabuto901. kabuto, how are you?

Kabuto: Let’s see, got no homework, going to watch Taken 3 tomorrow and stuff. So overall I’m doing great :P

Derec: Okay. I saw Taken 3 alraedy, but I’m not gonna spoil anything.

Kabuto: I wouldn’t give you the chance >:P

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Smile · 10:00am Jan 26th, 2015

one smile a day
keeps the doctor away

Please. SMILE :pinkiehappy:
only for today... please... no bad news ... please :pinkiesad2:

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