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little update · 7:53am Apr 7th, 2014

Now my first story ‘Run to The Hills’ is finished, I can put my full concentration back on my ‘original’ first story. But that one trailed away for a bit. It’s gonna be a ‘gore’ story, but don’t expect to much of it. Not that sick, or odd kind of stories. Just enough blood and randomness to keep you on the right trail.
The story is gonna be called ‘Slaughter of the Everfree Forest.’
(I don’t wanna spoil, but it’s not a Pinkamana story.)

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first one · 9:28am Apr 2nd, 2014

this is the first bog that i wrote, so i don't know what to write. (but i'm bored and i've got nothing else to do, so here here is a bit text)
My book 'run to the hills' isn't that good, (i can see that on the ratings) but i'm about to continue. this Friday is the part nr.4 online

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