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    Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!!

    Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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    I'm back!

    actually, I was active on an other account, but... Now I move back. I like this layout a little more. and I worked hard for this. this account carries a lot of nostalgia, and most of my stories. (they're terrible, I know) but still.

    just saying I'm back.

    note to myself: buy this

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    sierra 117

    YAY! 117 followers. thank you all....
    (GIMME MORE :pinkiecrazy: bhueueueueueheuehueue)
    anyway, I like Halo. a lot. so, therefore, I'd like to mention it. :scootangel:
    oh, oh....
    if someone likes to play a game, my gamertag is HastyStream04 :scootangel:

    Derec out-

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    shut up!!!!

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Happy valentines day · 11:51am Feb 14th, 2015

So... What are your plans for today?

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Comments ( 35 )

to write stories:heart:

Watch netflix. eat junkfood.

No mabye play gta5

2795319 D'aw. A ship?

2795320 à normal weekend for a student :derpytongue2:

2795338 sweet. I really have to buy that

2795350 Nah. I "despise" valentines day.

2795353 A shipfic. Between the two side members of the Ponytones. Toe tapper and Torch Song.

I did AcroYoga and hung out with a friend. Also worked on a little Fic about living in a country that does not celibate the same holidays.

My plans... work.

I have no valentine or anything so... just a normal Saturday with extra shipping on the side.

2795413 oh. I see. That could be intresting :derpytongue2: is it a romantic story or something?

2795642 work? Like a job?

2795679 that's nice to :twilightsmile:

Yes. I'm at work right now. :pinkiesmile:

2795683 oh... what's your job?

I work in the Network Operations Center for the medical corporation Providence. They're situated on the west coast of the United States. I watch over the enterprise. More info on their page here. I monitor all of their IS systems.

2795695 waw. Sounds important

Depending on what happens, sure. My primary responsibility is engaging the IS staff responsible for a system when it breaks, then turning those things into reports for their managers and the managers of their managers.

2795715 waw. It's awesome. I guess. Is it difficult?

I wouldn't say difficult, just stressful. When a system breaks, it's a wild scramble to get somebody working on it and get communications out for the enterprise. There's a lot of high management watching what we send out.

EDIT: By high management, I mean the person right under the CEO (the CIO) reads our communications as well as multiple people (at least three or four) directly under her.

2795730 oh... I see... And I'm here.... riding my bike every day.... to school...
And sometimes to a factory....
candy factory.... *sob* sorting candy
or... cleaning and such....

I graduated high school and devoted two whole years of my life learning a trade away from basically everyone. I'd say I'm entitled to a nice job. :twilightsmile:

Gonna eat chocolate at a park with my dog

And was invited by a friend to his house, so video games

2795738 awesome! That's great for you :twilightsmile:

2795739 that's nice. Video games are always nice

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day man.

2795680 No, not a romantic... Since its out of Equestria it has to do with my OC and a refuse to Ship my OC with an actual character (Principles :applejackunsure:). But he does have a little run in with a few characters that hopefully will get him feeling more confidant. The first bit is posted now, and it reads like it could turn into a ship fic.... but not heading that way with it.

I have nothing planned....none of my friends are online or able to come over...I've been alone this week. Why change today?

2795823 happy hearts and hoofs day to you :pinkiehappy:

2795889 oh. Okay then. I shall take a look at it

2796028 because you might want someone?

2799124 hmm.... no? never wanted someone special?

2800716 All that I've ever had before are crushes. You know....those childish, completely useless love fantasies..

2801801 puppy love?
but still, it's cute.

2804087 Yeah. But it only worked when the person you have a crush on also has a crush on you. I didn't even learn that he had a crush on me until almost the last day of school, and then he moved away over the summer.

2805662 oh.....that's sad .
I'm sorry

2807121 no, it's fine. I don't even remember his name, and it was about 1 or 2 years ago.

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