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Derec mc coy

Your favorite jackass is back from the dead. be aware.

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  • 247 weeks
    Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!!

    Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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  • 247 weeks
    I'm back!

    actually, I was active on an other account, but... Now I move back. I like this layout a little more. and I worked hard for this. this account carries a lot of nostalgia, and most of my stories. (they're terrible, I know) but still.

    just saying I'm back.

    note to myself: buy this

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  • 279 weeks
    sierra 117

    YAY! 117 followers. thank you all....
    (GIMME MORE :pinkiecrazy: bhueueueueueheuehueue)
    anyway, I like Halo. a lot. so, therefore, I'd like to mention it. :scootangel:
    oh, oh....
    if someone likes to play a game, my gamertag is HastyStream04 :scootangel:

    Derec out-

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    shut up!!!!

    God damn it!!!
    I can't scroll trough the Internet without seeing s*** about this

    and this

    I don't care what colour the dress is.
    And i respect Leonard. But this is getting Redicules!!!!!!!

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    what a night...
    I've been talking with Lola all day long and euhm... I discovered something. for years I thought I was straight... but now I discovered I'm actually bi. I had this doubt before, but now I'm sure and I accept it... and I feel good actually. I still like girls more then guys but... yeah...

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Smile · 10:00am Jan 26th, 2015

one smile a day
keeps the doctor away

Please. SMILE :pinkiehappy:
only for today... please... no bad news ... please :pinkiesad2:

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Comments ( 87 )

2748117 by the way... any art request? i'm open right now.:pinkiecrazy:

The I guess I will simply go to bed then... Good night Derec.
Sorry I was not any further help. Here is a soft song to sleep to I will listen to it you can do what you want.

2748118 I know someone. this guy He need some art for a story. he's a good friend.

2748119 ... don't go because I act like a careless jerk today... I'm sorry

2748120 well, what does he want?:rainbowhuh: Tell him to PM me.

2748123 I think he's offline. But I thought he wanted a coverart for a horror story. two colts in a dark forrest

2748124 hmmmm...... That seems a bit hard. I never do backgrounds.:unsuresweetie:

2748121 I am sorry to Derec I am just I don't know any more I am the opposite I want to give up but I can't

2748127 just a dark colour or something like. black with a little grey or something brown? I don't know...

2748130 and I can give up... but I don't want to....

2748132 i'll figure something out. Last time I actually drew a horror scene, it was something out of my head.... shadow wolves. I named it "Hashtagged" because the earth pony is named Hash Tag.:applejackunsure:

2748133 I will told myself long ago I will suffer as long as one person is still willing to try. They are few and far in between but there are those still try so I must try as well.

2748135 that looks fine :twilightsmile: It's not the best you made, but still.

2748136 ... I see... I failed then. I guess

2748139 yeah.... not the best on paper.:twilightsheepish: But Shadow Wolves should be a thing.:rainbowhuh:

2748139 You may have. But I have something I want you to see.

2748141 yeah. maybe. Shadow wolfs are pretty cool

2748143 alright then. what?

2748144 I wrote this not to long after joining the site. It is something I think about and I stands to this day. I want you to take a look at it. Maybe it will help

2748158 alright. I'll take a look at it...

I don't know if I can

2748171 why? something happened?

I'm smiling! :trollestia:

Just having a lousy day in general.

Forgot my ipad at home, forgot to bring a new pencil, writing a fanfic about exatly how horrible, grey and boring my day to day life is, my headpnies stoped working for a little while so Find you got the music played out for everyone to hear. (Thry know I like ponies, but still.)

2748221 I see. well, I can give you good news if you want

Yes please. I'd need to hear some good news that make someone else happy right now.

2748227 I gonna pick up an old story, and I want you as one of the main six characters :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: (I don't know if it's good, but I just want to know if you'e okay with it)

Now I smile. :D
That's wonderful! And yes, yes, you can use Daffodil (?) Thanks, I really needed some good news like this.

2748232 :pinkiehappy:

2748235 YAY. you want to hear what's the story about?


Yes thanks! :yay:

2748242 It's a kind of detective story. like ...
a bit like NCIS. but then with OC's

I've never watched NCIS, but I kn8w what it is. Sounds good.

2748250 good. you'd be the technichian. you know. the one with computers and stuff. unless you want to be someone else, of course

No, that's the most fitting role for Daff.

2748258 alright. can you give me a discription of Daff then?

Well, she's a bit socialy awkward, shy, kind and warm hearted, got a tendamcy to start ramble and like talking

2748310 that sounds perfect.

2748315 alright then

2748319 thank you :yay:


I can guarantee four or five minutes. Longer than that and my face will begin to ache and will gain a headache

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