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Ramble Round 02 with Kabuto: Facial hair · 6:20pm Jan 29th, 2015

Derec: Hello everybody, It’s me, Derec mc coy with your favourit part of the week, namely Ramble Rounds. and today, our special guest is Kabuto901. kabuto, how are you?

Kabuto: Let’s see, got no homework, going to watch Taken 3 tomorrow and stuff. So overall I’m doing great :P

Derec: Okay. I saw Taken 3 alraedy, but I’m not gonna spoil anything.

Kabuto: I wouldn’t give you the chance >:P

Derec: HA. alright *cough, the main character will ….*Kabuto interupts* a dwafafaf Derec: Okay, I get it. anyway, the subject of this week is… facel hair. is that how you write it?

Kabuto: Correction “Facial hair”

Derec: okay. So, facIAl hair. good. Kabuto, what’s your oppinion about it?

Kabuto: Beards everyman needs one. If you don’t have one then your missing out.

Derec: Luckely I didn’t shave myself today…. So, I’ve got this tiny goatbeard. is that good enough, you think?

Kabuto: Better then nothing!

Derec: alright, do you have a beard?

Kabuto: No D: I was forced to shave it.

Derec: you’re missing out >:p anyway, Let’s do a little research. which I already did. Do you know why people let grow a beard?

Kabuto: To look cool? Well I want a beard so I can say I have a 14 inch avantage over people.

Derec: bow chica bow wow…
no. 80 percent of the students with a beard, say that they have a beard because they feel smarter when they’re studying, by stroking their own beard.

Kabuto: What can I say? Beards feel nice especially when thier long.

Derec: Indeed. I like to stroke trough those tiny hairs. it makes me feel superior, but also a bit redicules.

Kabuto: That’s the fun of it all !

Derec: yeah. like the beard. it’s a rock group and every member of the band has a beard. (duh!) and the leadsinger, ditched his wife, because she forced him to shave his beard…

Kabuto: *sips on Milo*

Derec: like ZZ top. do you know that band?

Kabut: Nope, I don’t go to concerts.

Derec: It’s also a rock group. almost every member has a gigantic beard, except the drummer. and his name is…. (you’ll never guess it) BEARD!

Kabuto: Praise the Sun! *Insert praise the sun emote*

Derec: Alright. anyway, did you know there is a new religious, involving beards? goatbeards to be exact?

Kabuto: I didn’t know :o

Derec: It’s called “The relegion of the great wolf.” it’s brandnew. It’s made a few monts ago, and there are already five member, including me.

Kabuto: It’s interesting I’ll tell you that much!

Derec: Wanna here how it started?

Kabuto: Does it have something to do with beards?

Derec: The making of not. but Having a goatbeard is something that connect every member. because it looks awesome.

Kabuto: Wouldn’t make sense if it turns out all the members didn’t have beards now ould it?

Derec: Well, for those few members… and the religion is made by a drunk guy, so don’t expect logic.

Kabuto: Ahhh drunk people the funniest and scariest people

Derec: yeah. especially when they drank a whole bottle of rum.

Kabuto: Or 10

Derec: 10 what?

Kabuto: Bottles :P

Derec: do you want to blow up your liver? because that’s how you blow up your liver!

Kabuto: Well we don’t have rum here I think.

Derec: oh… well, that makes sense. just, don’t try to drink a whole bottle of rum. before you know, you become overly attatched to the empty bottle, pee on the trainrails, fall on your knees and pray for the mighty wolf in the sky, and piss of your parents.

Kabuto: That is some story mate.

Derec *gone for a few minutes* : that’s how the religion got started. (sorry I’m late, all of a sudden we had cops in front of my door)

Kabuto: What did they want? Are you hoboring drugs!? O.o

Derec: what? NO! they asked for the brother of my mother. The cops can’t find him, because his adress isn’t the same anymore.

Kabuto: Ohhhh~ Okay but why are they looking for your brother? O_O

Derec: not my brother, the brother of my mother.
I don’t know. probably because he doesn’t have a beard.

Kabuto: Beard police! Come out with your hands up!

Derec: NOOOO! I promise I won’t die my beard blue anymore!!!

Kabuto: Get down on the ground! Stop resisting! Open fire! *fire all guns*

Derec: WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? *falls on the ground*

Kabuto: *turns to the reader* This man has violated over 8000 beard laws and the most man in the beard community.He needed to die. (XD)

Derec: *with last breath* don’t forget… to … *cough* pay the gardeneer…

Kabuto: *looks at the the garderneer* Don’t worry sir, we’ve killed the criminal……*just shoots the guy in point blank range*

Derec: *moans* tell my wife…. that… I don’t … that… *sob* I don’t have a wife…..

Kabuto: And you never will! *laughs evilly before claming down and calling Mcdonalds delivery while walking away*

Derec: you monster! *dies*

Derec: anyway, I think It’s getting long enough. but before we say goodbye, … or do you want to add something?

Kabuto: Shhh I’m ordering pizza and Mcdonalds *continues talking on the phone*

Derec: Okay. but since no one gave me a question I should ask you, you can choos your own question. pick a number between 1 and 49.

Kabuto: I pick 2

Derec: aw. just a borring one. White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha?

Kabuto: Chocolate Mocha

Derec. alright then *grins* anyway, Thank you for coming.

Kabuto: Thanks for having me it was fun, and remember Praise the sun! Or I’ll murder you in your sleep! Just Kidding!

Derec: Alright, I will praise the sun. *laughs* anyway, *turns to the reader* if you have a suggestion for next next week, leave a comment, or if you want to be the guest of the week, or you know someone who you’d like to see here, let me know.
next week we’ll have TheWalkingSkyMon with a top ten video game list. so, please, leave your top 3 video games in the comments below. and, we’ll see you next week.

Derec and Kabuto - out

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Comments ( 269 )

I must use gmail to message you, my PMs here stopped working for a bit.


The randomness has reached a new level! :rainbowlaugh:


It soo nice to inherit all my father's hair exept the beard part :ajbemused:


My top 3 games.


2756210 :rainbowlaugh: lol.
and good game choice

Uh, as to go all pink.
Beard rimes with weird,for those who care.
otherwise, it is just a tickling nuceance, I think.

If you need it to feel manly, I'd point out that you're insecure in yourself.
The beard doesn't make you any more of a man.

2757468 I just look much younger than I a actually am

2757530 Most of life, we all desire to do that.
Just a few years, as kid, you like to look older.

2757549 I just don't want to look like a little kid

2757685 I know that feeling.

2757696 I love halo. I've got every game

:ajbemused:Fuck your beard. I ain't no Aryab


But my reaction was acctually for the younger looking than you are.

2757722 oh.... alright then :derpytongue2:

You don't have a beard, your missing out.

2757725 not anymore. :ajsmug: I had a little goat beard a little while ago. But it looked terrible

You workens with dem Iranes?!

2757728 .... What? no! Metal folks

If you say so, motor head.

2758039 who is that dude anyway?

SHE is my girlfriend that shall be joining us.

2758080 :rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp: my god I feel stupid

Yep! Welcome to my world, know please be nice to her.

2758090 of course I will. I earned the title element of kindness for a reason

I got the element of bigotry!

2758095 :rainbowlaugh: I see. It totally suits you

2758100 bigotry...
Google translate please :pinkiehappy:

intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
"the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry"

Here you go

2758109 I was faster :derpytongue2:

Kwezelarij in dutch :derpytongue2:

2758129 don't be. You have me, your GF, .....

2757685 A mature looking suit could do the same for you.

Depending on your face, a little poy's beard only makes you look silly and forced.

Besides, in a decade, you would eat these words, if you do it for the reasons.

2758193 and swirl.... everyone who care about you

2758287 yeah.... I go for facial hair when I'm 26

2759609 who are the other 5? And you said you were black?!?!?

2759751 oh.....

Yeah. You told me you were black. Somewhere in the beginning we met

2759604 oh well, I guess it is your choice, to have or not to have.
by the day you are 26, it is beyond the date you should need to prove you are a man?

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