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Ramble Round 03 with TheWalkingSkyMon: top ten video games · 7:20pm Feb 7th, 2015

Derec: Good morning/evening/night, whenever you read this. I’m Derec MC Coy with your favourite part of the week. Today we’re gonna do a top ten list video games. And with my Special Guest: TheWalkingSkyMom. Mom, how are you doing?

TheWalkingSkyMon: Hello Derec! It’s great for me over here. Kind of. It’s winter so it’s cold as all living fuck, so, you know. But I’m fine. I’m happy to be here. This seems like a fun thing to do and I’m glad to be here.

Derec: Good. Good. (you won’t get money, you know that?)

TheWalkingSkyMon: I know that. I’m just doing something with a friend of mine, I don’t expect money. I may be American Derec, but I won’t ask for money for EVERYTHING I do.

Derec *grins* Alright then. Anyway, we’re here to do a top 10 gaming list, and since you’re the special guest, we pick your list. so, your number ten is: God of war 3. right?

TheWalkingSkyMon: Why yes it is Derec. But I have recently made the journey to my room and am seeing my pile of games, and I think seeing the pile of games might alter my top ten list just a little due to my shitty memory span. Is this alright?

Derec: Fine. What is your number ten then?

TheWalkingkSkyMon: I’m actually going to change it to be Assassin’s Creed 3. Because it’s actually a very good game. Decent graphics and a nice fighting mechanics. Many people hail it to be the worst of the Assassin’s Creed series, but I think it’s a lot better than Revalations. It’s a really nice game.

Derec: You know, I have assassin’s Creed 3 to. and, for as far as I played it, it’s good. I played black flag to. and, nr 3 is the best in my oppinion to, BUT the story line is a little bit… well, how do I say it… AWESOME!!!

TheWalkingSkyMon: I will agree with you on that. The Assassin’s Creed series sure does know how to bring a pretty nice storyline. My ONLY complaint about AC3 is that the Tomohawk is pretty OP. In other AC games I could kill freaking EVERYONE with the Hidden Blades, but in AC3 it’s either you use the Tomohawk, or you fucking die.

Derec. I see… well, What I’d like to add, your first oppinion was God of War. I’d like to say a word about it to, because I freaking love that game. it has a great story line, an awesome badass and is overall brutal.

TheWalkingSkyMon: It is pretty fucking brutal. It is DEFINITELY not for the weak stomachs. And that actually brings us to number 9, God of War 3. That’s the number 9 spot right there.

Derec: Great. but, may I ask… why not God of War 2? I know the graphics in GoW 3 is better, but still. GoW 2 is a bit more… memorable, don’t you think?

TheWalkingSkyMon: I do agree taht GoW2 was a pretty exciting and memorable game, but I just have to add GoW3 here because it was just a more powerful game in my opinion. There was blood that covered Kratos, there were more powerful enemies, and it was just an amazing expirience to kill a God.

Derec: I agree, but I think the weapons were better in GoW2. The Blade of olympos was freaking awesome

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well I always found myself LOVING the design of the Blades of Exile and the Nemisis Whips in GoW3. They were just really fucking awesome. And I do have to say that the Hercules fight just might be my favorite.

Derec: right, It was so brutal. you just slammed his face like… I’m not gonna spoil anything for those who still wants to play it….

TheWalkingSkyMon: The next game is called InFamous. Many people know the Infamous series, and I have to say that I love it! It’s a nice game, though it has a couple of glitches sometimes. The concept of the games are nice, the story is great, and I just love it. It actually was part of the story I made for a story I’m making, Multiverse.

Derec: I see. Well, I’m gonna be completly honest with you. I don’t really know the game. I heard of it, but never actually played it or so…

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well that’s alright. Many people know the InFamous series, but many people don’t at the same time. But, do I recommend it? YES!

Derec: Alright. that’s clear. next time I’m in a gamestore and I see it, I’ll buy it. just for you.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Alright, you won’t regret it. Now, the next game I have on my list is called, Red Dead Redemption. It’s a wild west game by the creators of GTA, Rockstar. The game may be GTA on horses and early 1900s, but it’s still an amazing game with a great story and an ending that I won’t DARE ruin for people, it’s that amazing.

Derec: Alright. no spoilers. I indeed think people would hate you if you did. oh, and to keep on track, Red Dead Redeption was number 7.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Right. Number 7, next is 6. Number 6 is a game called Oblivion. It was made by the people who made the meme spawner, Skyrim. Those people are called Bethesda Studios. THey also made the very first Home Alone game on the NES, did you know that? Because I wouldn’t have been able to guess that.

Derec: I had no idea. I love the NES though. But I really didn’t know that. Also, I’m currently playing Skyrim, But I wanted to buy Oblivion, since it’s the story before Skyrim. *sigh* Oblivion…. the most wonderfull hell.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well that’s alright. My very first Elder Scrolls game was Skyrim anyways. And I have to say that Skyrim is my favorite for multiple reasons, but that’s for later. Now, number 5 is a game that many actually hailed to be a disappointment. But I actually liked it. It’s called, Dead Island. Now, Dead Island is a GREAT game! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It gives just what it promises, great and amazing combat that really gets you scared, zombies that are REALLY scary! Every time I play the game I fear for my life more than any horror game I’ve ever played. It’s that good.

Derec: Horror games. You know, I kinda stopped playing it since I always play at night (Nah, just joking) But Dead Island is the next in line for me to play, after Bioshock and Doom 3

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well I can bet you that you won’t be disappointed by Dead Island. It’s a great game that really gets you scared with it’s enviornment. Sure it’s graphics aren’t that great, but as long as it’s story is good and it’s horror is good, then it’s good enough for me. Now, next up (Speak of the devil) Skyrim! I love Skyrim! It’s a great sandbox game that really has a great huge world that I just love. It’s full of things to do and is full of amazing lore. It’s combat is nice, and the graphics are amazing! I just love Skyrim.

Derec: I know. and the fact that you can actually chose your proffesion. And the over the 100 missions and sidemissions, keeps you busy for a long time.

TheWalkingSkyMon: It really does keep you busy. I remember when the game first came out, on my birthday nonetheless, and my family didn’t see me out of my room for freaking months. It’s just a really nice and addicting game. Now, next up is InFamous 2. Now, what InFamous did right InFamous 2 did twice in the positive direction. InFamous 2 is an AMAZING game! It has better graphics, a great story that really has all of the feels slam your face like a sledgehammer, no matter what ending you chose. It has such amazing fighting mechanics and the powers you get are amazing.

Derec: I see. As I said before, I never actually played the InFamous story, but if I have to believe you, it’s a shame I don’t play it.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well when you do play it, just get ready for fucking amazingness just blasting your face like a shotgun blast. Next up on my list is TellTale Game’s: The Walking Dead. SEASON 1!!! Not season 2. My God…… Season 2 of that game was SUCH a disappoinment!! It was TERRIBLE compared to the first one! The first one had amazing and sympathetic characters! Season 2 had idiotic whores who took zombie apocalypse survival and put it in the hands of an 11 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! Who does that!? Season 1 had an amazing story!! Season 2 just had some copy/paste of season 1’s story. God….. Season 2 was SUCH a disappoinment….. But. But at least it makes up for that by giving us a very feels filled ending if you choose your choices correctly. At least it gives us that.

Derec: I never knew there was a game of it (trolololol XD) I know the series on TV, but SHOW?!? (I’m such a terrible gamer… hehe)

TheWalkingSkyMon: It’s alright. The game is amazing though. But ONLY Season 1!! Season 2 can shove a rake up it’s rectum for all I care….. I fucking hate Season 2….. Fucking TellTale…. Ruining their amazing series next to Wolf Among Us…..

Derec: *stares at your rage*

TheWalkingSkyMon: I’m sorry…. I just need a bit to calm down…. They really messed up with Season 2.

Derec: Just like they did with Call of Duty (people are gonna hate me)

TheWalkingSkyMon: Let them hate. Call of Duty is turning into a terrible series. At least Advanced Warfare was a little better than the previous games. The last good Call of Duty game that I didn’t play for the multiplayer (Or in Treyarch’s case, Zombies mode) alone was Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2. But, anyways, let’s just make the list of the games we’ve named off so far, Derec? Will you do the honors?

Derec: Of course I will list it. Okay. From last to best

Number 10: Assassin’s Creed 3
Number 9: God of War 3 (many threes so far)
Number 8: InFamous
Number 7: Red Dead Redemption
Number 6: Oblivion
Number 5: Dead Island
Number 4: Skyrim
Number 3: InFamous 2
Number 2: TellTale Game’s: The Walking Dead

And this brings us to number 1. SkyMon, I’m really curious now. what is your ultimate, utterly best video game ever made?

TheWalkingSkyMon: Honestly, a lot of people should have seen this coming. This is the one game in existence that reviewers EVERYWHERE pretty much TRAMPLED each other like Black Friday shoppers to hail with praise. And, you know what? They’re right. The game’s fucking amazing! Great graphics, great story, great characters, and a great twist at the whole apocalypse story. What is it? It is none other than Naughty Dog’s very own: The Last of Us. The BEST PS3 Game in the world. It’s also the BEST video game in the UNIVERSE! It’s much better than anything I’ve played. It has such an amazing story that you really get engaged to. And it has characters that are so amazing and sympathetic. The combat is a lot like Dead Island in the case that it brings you to have addrenaline rushes because you’re scared and have to fight for your life. It’s also a lot like Dead Island in the way that it captures horror PERFECTLY! Whenever you’re in a dark area in The Last of Us you start getting paranoid because of all the noises that you think are enemies, and you just start freaking out. The only reason I put it up higher than Dead Island is because it has better graphics, a much better story, amazing characters, and it’s just an amazing game. If you haven’t played The Last of Us, then go out NOW!! And buy it. Make sure you have a PS3 though, it’s only for PS3.

Derec: That’s the problem. I have an Xbox. But I can’t really add something to what you said. I guess everyone agrees that The Last of Us is an awesome game.

TheWalkingSkyMon: It is, believe me it is. It’s just a great game that just takes my breath away with how amazing it is. It’s so amazing that a movie is coming out based off it in 2017 I think. And it’s (Hopefullu) going to get a sequel. But that’s only rumors for now, I hope and pray every night that Naughty Dog will make an amazing sequel to The Last of Us, it would be amazing.

Derec: And then it’s called The Next of Us, or something (people are gonna hate me for my jokes)

TheWalkingSkyMon: What? No. That was a pretty good joke. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Now, if you would like to we can end it here before I go on one of my nonsensical talks about how The Last of Us is the best thing since sliced bread.

Derec: Alright then. And It’s getting pretty long to. So, I’d like to finish all my Ramble Rounds, Pick a number between 1 and 49.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Um….. Hm….. 16. Final answer 16.

Derec: 16? Alright. Let me look up which question is connected to that number….
your question is : Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares?

TheWalkingSkyMon: Well, the last time I saw Lady Gaga I had nightmares…. So I’ll just have to choose Madonna. Sorry to you Lady Gaga, but you’re fucking horrifying.

Derec: Alright. Madonna it is. SkyMon, Thanks for coming.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Thanks for having me. It’s been really fun and I look forward to seeing your future Ramble Rounds.

Derec: Thank you very much. *turns to the reader* if you have sugestions for these Rounds, let me know in the comments, or if you want to be the next guest, always welcome, and see you next time with… Cerulean Swirl if she’s able to do this. SkyMon, Do you want to add something to it?

TheWalkingSkyMon: (::) This is a potato. It’s my potato. If you touch my potato I will fucking HM01 your ass. So don’t touch my fucking potato.

Derec: Alright. you heard it folks. Don’t touch this potato.

TheWalkingSkymon: Yeah…. Don’t touch my potato. And I know Cerulean, nice lassie she is. I look forward to reading that Ramble Round.

Derec: Alright then. You’ll have to wait untill next week then.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Alright. I’ll keep an eye on my feed. Now, you do your outro and I’ll do mine? Or me first and then me?

Derec: You can go first if you want.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Alright. This has been TheWalkingSkyMon everyone, I hope you enjoyed. Good luck writers, and write on. Buh bye!

Derec: Love all of you….

TheWalkingSkyMon: What’s wrong?

Derec: Nothing. It’s just… I don’t have an outro like that I usually say.

TheWalkingSkyMon: Ah. Well I didn’t either for a while, but I eventually got one in my attempt to make it feel like I’m actually talking to the readers instead of just typing on a computer.

Derec: Oh, okay then. Anyway, thanks for coming, and maybe until next time. BYE XD

TheWalkingSkyMon: Alright, see ya next time Derec. *Flies out through the roof* …… Well that hurt like crazy.

Derec: *sigh* No one reads the *no flying* sign….

TheWalkingSkyMon: Don’t touch my potato!!!!!!! (::)

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Comments ( 25 )

:rainbowlaugh:. I heard of a few of them, but only was interesting in Telltale Walking Dead.

2776483 that explains. I'm glad you like the

2776503 Yeah, though I never played it, only watched play-through

2776506 I see. I never played it either

2776516 Clem... Lee... Kenny...

2776522 .... who are they?

Thanks for having me on this man. It was pretty fun. :twilightsmile:

2776550 They're from Telltale Walking Dead

2776551 yeah, it was indeed

2776557 I'll be keeping a good eye out for the next one.

2776562 I still have to start with the next one. So...

Man, that list is...interesting. I think only one Ace Attorney or Silent Hill (1-3) are ten times better than any in that list; In particular the Last of Us and Dead Island.
I don't really feel like ranting today, so I'm just going to say I don't like the Last of Us at all.

2776572 Well I'll still keep a good eye out for it.

2776579 dude! How long has it been!!!
*hugs you* how are you?
As u said. It's not my list. I don't know any of those games you just called, so....

2776580 thank you. I hope you will enjoy it to

2776579 To quote JonTron: "I have many questions", and "How dare you". I'd also like to quote me by saying: What kind of words did I just read? Those words..... Is it even POSSIBLE to use them in that order of a sentence? No.... No. I must have read them wrong. What did you say?

2776587 Hardly anybody knows what Ace Attorney is...sigh. There's an amazing crossover between it and MLP called Turnabout Storm; I'd definitely recommend it. Silent Hill is a more well-known series, although very few people have actually played it, so that one surprises me a bit.

2776934 Well, a list with the Last of Us on it is fine, I don't like the game, but I know that it's very well-written, acted, and graphically stunning. It just didn't do it for me; definitely not as much as the Walking Dead game. However, it does make sense; what I don't understand is Dead Island, which has absolutely no story or substance to it. It's first half was excellent: the locations interesting, the game-play challenging but not too hard, and the game very fun overall. The second half was set in a trashed city and twenty different sewer systems, and my interest waned down to contempt.
I also care more about a story-based game; the Last of Us didn't get me because I hated the game-play and while it was well-written and well-acted, I couldn't stand the characters for the most part. Joel and Ellie had their moments, but they felt like a less interesting version of Lee and Clementine to me. I consider Ace Attorney to be better because it's nothing but story, and I like the characters; not to mention, the idea is incredibly unique. "A lawyer game? How would that work?" you may ask.
I don't know either, but it does.
Silent Hill is a horror game with symbolism and subtlety, it kind of speaks for itself. Either way, I do think the Last of Us is a good game Heck, it's a downright amazing game. It has everything a game should have, and more; it just didn't do it for me.

2777214 The Last of Us isn't an amazing game, it's the BEST game to have ever been released EVER. Why would you look for a story driven game if it's story driven, but completely IMPOSSIBLE to play!?!? I don't know about you, but I'd much rather LEAVE a story driven game where the first level is impossible to beat. And yeah, I've played Ace Attorney, but it's fucking NOTHING compared to TLoU. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but just because it's story driven doesn't mean it's good. TLoU has a great story, great actors who really give you the emotions from the game, an AMAZING and unique form of a Zombie apocalypse, and amazing gameplay. Saying TLoU is only an amazing game is like saying Crash Bandicoot, or Conker's Bad Fur Day were the shittiest games EVER made.

2777284 I disagree. I find TLOU overrated.

2777688 FOR GOOD REASON! Unlike Frozen it EARNS and DESERVES it's hype. As I said in the Ramble Round it's the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Because it EARNS and DESVERVES it's hype.

2779049 Why? It's the best game to come out ever! It's the top, top, TOP percentage of quality games,

2779052 I don't think it's that great, man.

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