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    Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!!

    Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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    I'm back!

    actually, I was active on an other account, but... Now I move back. I like this layout a little more. and I worked hard for this. this account carries a lot of nostalgia, and most of my stories. (they're terrible, I know) but still.

    just saying I'm back.

    note to myself: buy this

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    sierra 117

    YAY! 117 followers. thank you all....
    (GIMME MORE :pinkiecrazy: bhueueueueueheuehueue)
    anyway, I like Halo. a lot. so, therefore, I'd like to mention it. :scootangel:
    oh, oh....
    if someone likes to play a game, my gamertag is HastyStream04 :scootangel:

    Derec out-

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    shut up!!!!

    God damn it!!!
    I can't scroll trough the Internet without seeing s*** about this

    and this

    I don't care what colour the dress is.
    And i respect Leonard. But this is getting Redicules!!!!!!!

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shut up!!!! · 6:03pm Feb 27th, 2015

God damn it!!!
I can't scroll trough the Internet without seeing s*** about this

and this

I don't care what colour the dress is.
And i respect Leonard. But this is getting Redicules!!!!!!!
I'll go for a few days until those posts are gone and if the Internet didn't break by then.
Eu.... it's annoying!!!
There. I posted about it. There.
Now. I don't wanna here about it anymore

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Comments ( 58 )

I heard very briefly about the dress, but haven't looked too deeply into it.

I literally just heard about Nimoy.

I guess I can keep out of it more easily than most. :twilightsheepish:

2835604 waw.... lucky you.


Just heard, but I don't find it ridiculous,

2835646 no? Scroll in 9gag. The fresh page.
Then you know what's Redicules.
but thanks for the link. :twilightsmile:

I support you

2835716 really? You have enough of it too?

I have had it with dress thingy also. (btw, It's the same dress, just different filters :raritywink:. That's what I think, anyway... :twilightblush:

2839455 I heard it was about emotional stuff and such...

I cannot resist asking: What color do you see ? :ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

2840228 OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm sorry I missed this message!!!

I see gold with white. you?

2845644 Ive seen both :pinkiesmile: most of the time gold and white

2851721 really? I only saw white and gold

2851722 Its such a..... WEIRD DRESS :twilightoops::pinkiegasp::trollestia:

2851728 it indeed is! Oh god, I missed you.... who are you? carly?

2851732 Nope its Layla, And ahhhhhh I miss you too:fluttershbad:

2851737 layla :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you're back. Where have you been?
*hugs you*

2851740 I've really just been in school, and didn't have time to go on :pinkiegasp: but I'm more free now and have more time to go on fimfiction :pinkiehappy: And Carly? I'm sure she still goes on to read and comment

2851750 really? So I gonna see you more? :pinkiehappy:
And it's beef so long since I saw carly :fluttercry:

2851753 Yep! And yeah, Carly does go on to read popular stories. ONE reason I haven't been working on stories on here is because I do a lot of art :twistnerd:

2851759 awesome!!!
Ah.... well, I hope I bump into carly soon too.... just like old days :twilightsheepish:
And you do art too? :pinkiegasp: you have da?

2851763 Ya I do but i don't have anything good on it yet, I haven't posted the good stuff :twilightsheepish:

2851766 still. What's your account name? :derpytongue2:

2851770 Uhh I have to check :derpytongue2: I seriously haven't been on that

2851777 :rainbowlaugh: oh silly you.
God, you made my day.

2851786 what? What's wrong?

2851786 I THINK I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW ONE :ajbemused:

2851810 :twilightsheepish: poor you.... maybe you'll find it back?
Anyway, I really need to go. so sorry
I hope we can talk later......

It's obviously black and blue.

2861872 :ajsmug: I can't wait for march the 6th

2861978 Uh, it's already past that. Unless you mean 2016.

2862071 yes.
2016. what else?

2862072 What exactly happens on that date?

2862073 Captain America, Civil war will be released then.

2862082 yeah.... but first, Avengers 2

2862087 You sound like a Marvels fan.

2862088 what can I say.... it's epic. I saw a few movies and I saw the cartoons from the 80s

2862090 yeah... you watch them too?

2862091 Actually no, I don't think I've seen anything Marvel. I'm just not into it.

2862092 oh... okay then. what else do you watch?

2862093 I don't watch that much TV, but to name a few that I have seen, or currently watch, or watch from time to time. The Waltons. Dr Oz, The Doctors, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, uh, MLP: FIM obviously, and 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

2862101 101 dalm... OH GOD, memories.....

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