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You wouldn't believe me if I told you but... · 6:24pm Jul 6th, 2018

I've just been listening to 101Fact's video about 101 facts about the Deep Web, and as he started talking about the Red Room and how it is used to torture people...

...my own personal torturer, Nevercake, shows up to interrupt the video with one of his bloody accursed League of Legend adverts.

I am sorely convinced this man needs to die in the most brutal and most painful way possible.

Hashtag; Never Cake, Never Wake Again

Also, I'm nearly done setting up my very own Patreon account. Just need a home page description and some good cover artwork and it's ready to submit for viewing! So if anyone here would like to help fund my quest to find and F U C K I N G M U R D E R N E V E R C A K E then please do go and check it out when it's done I'll let you all know when it's ready.

But seriously, Nevercake, go drown in the bathtub you horrendous monster.

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Nothing's more anoying than for one of those non-skip able pops to show up in the middle of the video.

Yes. It is annoying.

But it could be solved...had I a name, an address, and a truckload of gunpowder.

Or, most simple, an ad blocker.

My way offers fresh air and thrills.

Everyone has his own way

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