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Meet the dogs of the Charlesworth Family! · 11:07pm Jun 28th, 2018

From left to right...

1; Ziva (my little brother's dog / Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Originally bred as a nanny dog, has babysat puppies during my time as a breeder, has also babysat kittens, is clumsy and greedy but shows much affection towards people and children)

2; McGee (my mother's dog / Wolf Chihuahua / a little bugger who plays with Bear a lot, is fiercely attached to my mom, enjoys being walked by my niece)

3; Bear (also my mother's dog / Malteaser Chihuahua / our recent addition to the Charlesworth family. very mischievous and is always wanting to play, was named Bear due to his facial resemblance to Kodak Bears, is very aggressive towards people who try to pick him up while he's playing with McGee or wants to sit with my mom)

4; Ozzy (my dog! Best dog in the world! / Jorkie / you've likely seen and read about him in my previous blog post, so there's no need to repeat information here)

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Aww they are so cute. :)


A lovely family, that.

And yeah, Chis tend to be one owner dogs.
I know mine is.
He loves everyone in the house, but he sticks pretty close to me.

And Bear has a pretty good resemblance to my Pedro.
VERY cool.

Unique, please let them know I love them and would kill for them.

But which one is the goodest of doges?

Edit: A better family than a human one imo.

Such sweet n cute dogs :twilightsmile::heart:

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