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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook


A story that was written for a contest, until I learned how poorly advertised contests are on this site and missed the deadline by a week.

During one of the fierce battles fought during the old war between the Equestrian Kingdom and the Griffon Empire, a nurse surrounded by pain and death shall become a beacon of hope for an injured soldier, and in return he may become the same for her.

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Comments ( 23 )

It's a story about a nurse and a soldier. Hope you enjoy it.

For the soldier tag, you could use the 'Royal Guard' tag. That'd be, I think, a better way to do things.

8076678 Character tags have been changed as suggested, though at this rate I don't think it is going to matter since I'm already starting to think this story was a bad idea.

I'll have a read when I've got a sec. Gotta go to the big smoke for specialist appointment. Premise sounds good. :pinkiehappy:
(and new avatar i see, SKD Falcon Punch!)

8076726 Trust me, if that view count at the top of the story box is anything to go by, you're not missing out on a lot here.

Okay how does this fanfic get into the popular section WITHOUT ANY VIEWS? Isn't the point supposed to be that enough people enjoy a story first for it to be, you know, POPULAR? Am I the only person concerned by this? This site is so broken, and none of you seem to notice or care!

So after I whine about being in the Popular section when I didn't deserve to be on account of this story having had NO VIEWS, the story suddenly gets 30 views out of nowhere?

I'm starting to think the admins are messing with me now. I bet it's Meeester pulling the strings, isn't it? I'd like to think it is.

*insert shameless plug for a similar story I wrote here*
Well, sorta similar, at least.
There needs to be more simple war stories on this site.
Anyway, new profile pic I see, but I liked the old one better.

8076796 Hey, at least you got more views on your story than me. Heck, I'm already thinking of just shoving this story into Hiatus and forgetting about it. This story is starting to look like a bad idea anyway.

8076805 Oh, you think the popular/views count is weird?
On one of my stories, I once had ten views before I had even published it!

Anyway, you should keep working on it, you shouldn't just abandon a story. And, like always, your writing is fantastic.

8076804 I don't like being given credit that I haven't earned. And likewise I don't like being in the Popular section when I haven't earned that spot. I pretty much just took a place meant for someone else. That makes me feel like a mean dick. Thanks, FIMFiction. You idiots made me feel like a bastard.

8076815 Always? As if to imply UniqueSKD ever wrote a good story before? One that he didn't just luck out on?

8076839 Now you're just putting yourself down man, learn to accept praise ^^

8076850 I'll take praise when I finally write something I feel is deserving of it.

You could just use the OC tag instead of Redheart and the Royal Guards.

8076838 You're up to 47 views now but don't worry there are 3 other stories above yours that some how show 0 views. I don't think that's a popularity list, just a new story listing as they are published that's all:twilightsmile:. All's good take a chill pill and settle down, stress will only make you grow old faster,:pinkiesad2: this from someone who's been there. Doctors tell me for a 46 year old I have the body of a 90 year old.:facehoof:
(hey you kids git awfff ma lawwn!)

8077056 Yeah, I could...but I'm not going to because this probably won't be a story worth doing another chapter for. So again, I have spawned yet another useless story into the world as if it were an unwanted child. Because I am the worst person in history, and I hope I die a slow and painful death.

8077745 Dude, there's nothing to gain from being self-deprecating.

8077745 Nurse Redheart is a specific character. It doesn't matter if there's not going to be another chapter- if it isn't her, don't use her tag. The tagging system is for finding stories with defined characters. /psa

8078484 Sorry. I'll change it now then. Forgive me for being a terrible bastard.

8078490 Honestly don't know if this is a troll account or not.

8079502 It's not. I'm just in a self-hating mood right now.

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