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In Rainbow's world, she has been together with Fluttershy for two months.

The day she learned Fluttershy is with Pinkie on the other side of the mirror is the day that world turned upside-down.

And she's going to look in all the wrong places trying to fix it.

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Some people just tell the babies to suck it up and accept that sex is a thing.

I can't honestly tell whether this approach is better.

It's probably just my extreme love for flutterdash, but this story gives me many mixed feelings. Some of them border on starting a riot.


7399651 Is it... is it a happy riot?

A very sweet look at love in not-so-parallel dimensions. Thank you for it.

7400904 Even if you are a fan of most everything, your nice words about this thing cheered me up. Thanks!

Hey, pretty awesome fic brony. /). I've considered doing a similar idea for a Rainbow/Fluttershy/Gilda polyamory fic I've wanted to write but then I realized I have literally no idea how human Gilda would act... and that's awesome since it leaves me with almost an entirely blank slate of how to make her character, but I'm still stuck trying to flesh it out. Oh well, this was an awesome read. Keep up the good work :rainbowwild:

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