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I've been a brony for roughly 6 years and I'm an officer in Timesville in Second Life an MLP/Dr. Who Themed sim. My avatars are of my OCs Dark Exposure and Halo Blue.


Hopefully, I can make a foundation for my OCs · 2:54pm Jul 3rd, 2020

Dark Exposure he is a retired war photographer that due the hazards of his profession asked a soldier he became friends with to change him to a vampire the friend's name is Fox Hole his coat is tatooed in jungle camo. Im told it sounds like a Fallout story. I might go there with that. What I have written has Dark meeting Twilight in ponyville. I have one more OC her name is Halo Blue. Through strength training she was able the walk and run on her hind hooves. She eventually pioneered

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Thanks for the watch!!!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

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