• Published 22nd May 2020
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You Will Never Be Alone - Leo Luce

When Sunset was hit by the rainbow, she lost everything. She had no friends, no family or at least a descent place to call her own. But when all seems lost, she not only found someone that care about her like a mother, but also someone very special.

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Chapter 05

Since Fluttershy left, Sunset couldn’t help but think about her. Think about what she said. Out of all the people she expected to help her, Fluttershy was the last on her list. Sunset knew about the Elements of Harmony and she deducted that Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness. But the fact that Sunset always tried to take advantage over Fluttershy’s timidness and bulling her for money made her doubt that she’s worthy of her kindness.

‘Why did she help me? I was so mean to her? Is it because she’s the Element of Kindness?’ These thoughts crossed Sunset’s mind as she helped the construction crew in any way she can until Miss Raven called her to the Principal’s office. Now, she began to think about why Principal Celestia was calling her as she walked towards her office in the middle of the angry glares of the students. She knew the only reason why the Students aren’t trying to attack her is that Miss Raven is with her. But she still has to get back to the entrance without her which she wasn’t looking forward to. After what felt like hours, they made it to the Principal’s office and Miss Raven gestured her to enter the office. Sunset walked over to the door and reluctantly knocked on the door. After a little pause, she heard Principal Celestia calling her to come in.

“Sunset, please take a seat.” Principal Celestia said pointing to a chair, trying her hardest not to frown at the look of her student. Sunset walked over to the chair and took a seat without taking her eyes off of the Principal.

“Y-you wanted to talk to me?” Sunset asked, wincing at the slight waver in her voice.

“Yes, Sunset, I need to ask a few questions about you.” Principal Celestia said, studying the girl in front of her. “Before, Princess Twilight left; she came to me and told me about you. But she didn’t say much information saying that it’s up to you to reveal anything about you. All I know is that you are from that world too and you were a unicorn, a pretty powerful one at that, that you became a personal student of Princess Twilight’s mentor, and you and your former mentor had a fall out before you ran from her to this world. I this true?” Sunset simply nodded, glad that Princess Twilight didn’t reveal anything more specific like who her former mentor was.

“This comes to my first question, how did you survived in a completely different world and body from what you are used to for almost three years?”

“Um… I-It was a little hard at first to get used to this body, but after a few days, I got used to it and then I sold some of the things I brought over to this world that had a lot of value here than my homeworld. I-I used that money to rent an apartment.” Sunset half lied after a while, but Principal Celestia knew she was hiding something.

“So the address in your profile is false?” She asked. Sunset slowly nodded. “Do you still have that money?”

“N-no. But I found a job that pays me enough money for the rent, food, and tuition fees.”

“Where is that exactly?”

“Uh… a Japanese restaurant at the mall. They didn’t need any paperwork other than the once I already had.”

“Oh, I know its owner; Tsukihana?* Right?”


“So I guess the paperwork is forged?” Sunset nodded. “Sunset, as the Principal of this school, it’s my responsibility to ensure the safety of my students. But your case is quite special. As someone who came from a different world, I assume you live alone, right?” Sunset nodded, lowering her head. “In that case, I can’t just take your words without any proof. I need to make sure you have a proper place to live and you have everything you need as a teenager. What I’m trying to say is, that I want to see where you live, and I’ll make sure to ask Tsukihana about your job too. Is that okay?”

Sunset froze. She knew from the beginning that this meeting is going to be a problem. And saying no will only make Principal Celestia more suspicious. She knew that Principal Celestia wasn’t going to harm her in any way but her past experiences with her Principal’s counterpart made her doubt. But then again it was she that messed up. Knowing she won't have any choice in the situation, she simply nodded.

“Good you can go back to work.” Principal Celestia said before looking at the retreating form of Sunset. ‘You are lying Sunset. But I know one thing for sure. You are going to come with me today. I can’t let you live like this anymore.’

The bell rang for the lunch period and Fluttershy was the first one out the class, heading to the cafeteria. Sunset is suffering and she can’t let that happen anymore. So if Sunset can't come to get lunch, then the lunch has to get to her. And that’s what Fluttershy was up to. She quickly made it to the food line and picked a tray, and quickly chose what Sunset might like to eat. Fluttershy turned back to leave the cafeteria only to see Rarity behind her. “Yeep.”

“Oh! Fluttershy you are early today, um… where are you going?” Rarity asked.

“Oh… um… I… I’m going out to eat… with… with my animal friends.” She timidly replied.

“Okay… mind if we join you?”

“NO- I-I mean, I need to be alone with them for now. I-If... you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. We’ll meet you later then.” Fluttershy slowly nodded and left the cafeteria looking for Sunset.

Sunset walked towards a nearby tree, under the constant heat of the sun, after she’s been given to take a rest. It’s not a very hot day, but for Sunset Shimmer, it felt like she’s been walking through a desert for days. However before she could reach the tree, she suddenly felt a dizziness and lost balance.

“Woah!” She yelped clutching her forehead. But before she could fall over, a hand suddenly grabbed her and steadied her.

“Sunset! You okay?” She opened eyes and saw Fluttershy holding her arm with a tray in her hand.

"Uh… yeah. I just felt a little light-headed that’s all.”

“See I told you Sunset, you can’t starve like this. Here I brought you some food.” Fluttershy said with a concerned voice.

“What? Why did you… you don’t have to do this.”

“No, I have to. I’m your friend Sunset. And good friends look after each other.”

“Is this because Twilight told you to?” Sunset asked looking away.

“What? Y-you heard that?” Fluttershy asked.


“Um… yes… and no.”

“What do you mean?”

“Um… actually… I always wanted to befriend you.” Fluttershy said looking away. Sunset could see her face had a little tint of red before she looked away.

“But why? I was so mean to you.”

“I know but… I could see someone good inside you. You seemed, alone. And I thought if you had friends, then you could become good.”

Sunset was at a loss of words. Here the shyest person she ever knew, the girl she bullied for money for years, trying to befriend her just because she seemed alone. If only Fluttershy knew how right she was. Sunset couldn’t help but smile in gratitude towards the shy girl. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Um… I think you should eat that.” Fluttershy said pointing at the trey in Sunset’s hand.

“Uh… yeah… Thanks, Fluttershy.”

“You are welcome. Um… may I ask you something?” Fluttershy asked nervously.


“Um… w... where do you live- N-not that I think you are homeless-”

“I am homeless.” Sunset said, looking dejected. She didn’t know why but Sunset felt she could talk with Fluttershy openly.

“What!?” Fluttershy yelped in horror.

“You heard it. When I first came to this world, I brought some gems and coins with me. Gold coins. Gold coins are the currency of our world and gems are quite common. People even farm them. So they don’t have any value there. But in this world, they worth a fortune. But I was too late when I knew that. I got fraud and I lost the only perk I had to live in this world. From the money I found, I forged some papers and enrolled here, but since they are illegal and because I didn’t have any necessary paperwork to have a job, all I could use that was to enroll here. I bullied others for their money since I couldn’t have a job… sorry about that. I didn’t have any other choice.” Sunset said, holding back tears threatening to escape her eyes. She thought Fluttershy would become mad at her or leave her after that, but what she didn’t expect was the sudden hug she received from the girl.

“It’s okay Sunset, I don’t mind. I always knew there’s a reason for you to do that. But you can’t live like this. You need a proper place to go. It’s not healthy.”

“Yeah, I know. But don’t worry.” Sunset said.


“No really, it’s fortunate I found a job. Just a few more days and I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, what you are doing is more than enough for me.”

“O…okay. Um… do you have a phone?” Fluttershy asked.


Fluttershy reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Sunset.

“Here, this is my number. Call me if you need anything.” She said. Sunset looked at the paper for a few seconds before taking it, smiling at Fluttershy.

“Thanks.” She said before pulling out her phone and taking a miscall to Fluttershy. Fluttershy smiled with bright eyes at that.

After lunch, Sunset felt a new energy she didn’t know she has before. She was happy. She didn’t expect Fluttershy to help the way she did but knowing there’s at least someone that wants to be friends with her, made her happy. She spent the rest of the day helping the construction crew, happily thinking about Fluttershy. The construction team also saw the change in the girl and even teased her a little. This only brightened the fiery-haired teen even more. The school came to a close as the final bell rang to end the school, and Sunset turned to walk back home. But the sudden voice from behind her stopped her from having another step forward and crushed her happy thoughts.

“Sunset, wait.” Sunset turned around and saw Principal Celestia standing behind her. “Come with me, I’ll take you home.” Sunset's eyes went wide like a deer in a headlight. She knew she had to show Celestia where she lives but she didn’t think it would be now.

“What, n-no it’s okay I can go there myself.” She said.

“Maybe, but you said I can see where you live. So, shall we?”

“But, n-n-now?” Sunset stammered.

“Why do you have a problem with that?”

“N-no… of course not.” Sunset quickly said. “Um… i-its just-”

“You don’t have a home, do you?” Celestia asked looking at the girl in question sadly. Sunset looked down. She could have known that this isn’t going to work. This is her former mentor’s counterpart. If there’s anything she learned about her, it’s that she can’t be deceived easily.

“Y-yeah. I-I’m homeless.” She muttered, but Celestia easily heard her.

“I can’t let you go Sunset. You are coming with me.” Celestia said. Sunset knew from the voice that she didn’t’ have a choice there so she simply nodded. “Do you have anything to take from wherever you have been staying?”

“J-just my clothes and an old guitar.” She said.

“Okay then. Come on.” With that, The Principal lead Sunset to her SUV before pulling off the school grounds.

Author's Note:

*Tsukihana - MoonFlower.
And that's the end of the longest chapter I wrote so far. Thanks for your support. What do you think about the restaurant owner's name? I thought of an English name and translated it to Japanese. And I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Until next time,
Cpt. Leo, out.