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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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The Day's End

Luna stood by the entrance and exit of CHS watching the students leave for the day. She saw a familiar group of girls approaching. She called out to them.

"Aria, may I speak to you for a moment," Luna asked. Aria hesitated a moment and looked at Sunset and her other friends.

"Don't worry sis," Sonata said cheerfully as she draped an arm around Pinkie Pie, "we'll be right outside."

Aria watched as the seven girls walked out onto the CHS front lawn. She then turned and faced Vice-Principal Luna.

"How did your day go," Luna asked, smiling, "any problems?"

"Not really," Aria answered, "Sunset and her friends are really nice, I don't understand why they want to be our friends after everything we did."

"Sunset has a history quite similar to yours," Luna answered, "I'm positive that she would tell you about it if you asked."

"That was true," Aria said incredulously, "I thought those stories about the Fall Formal were just rumors."

"Aria, everyone has secrets," Luna said, "even myself."

Aria was curious what the Vice-Principal's secret could be. If she still had access to her magic she could have easily found out. Aria banished that thought from her mind, she didn't want to return to the evil Siren she had once been. Luna reached inter her pocket and handed Aria a slip of paper. There was a phone number scrawled on it.

"I know, my hand writing isn't the best," Luna joked, "but that is my number, if you or your sisters need anything don't hesitate to call me."

"Uh, thank you," Aria said.

"Your sister and friends are waiting for you," Luna said, "better go catch up."

Aria looked at Luna for a moment before exiting through the same door that her friends had only moments earlier.

"What are you up to Luna," a voice said. Luna looked up and saw Raven Inkwell standing nearby.

"Aren't I allowed to be concerned about my students," Luna asked her oldest friend and secretary.

"Sure," Raven laughed, "but I know you, am I going to need to do for you what I did for your sister?"

"Maybe it won't come to that," Luna answered.

"Look at how happy having Sunset in her life has made Celestia," Raven said, "don't you deserve the same thing? I know that you get lonely in that large house by yourself."

"Let's give them some time Raven," Luna said, "let's get out of here."


Aria looked nervously at the clock mounted on the wall behind the counter in Sugarcube Corner.

"Sunset, may I use your phone," she said, "I want to call Adagio."

"Sure, but don't you have a phone," Sunset asked as she pulled out her phone.

"No only Dagi has a phone." Sonata answered from across the table "and it isn't even a smart phone."

Aria dialed a number from memory.

"Hey Adagio, don't hang up, it's me." Aria said into the phone, "this is Sunset Shimmer's phone... No I didn't steal it."

"HEY DAGI," Sonata said excitedly.

"Yeah, that was Nata," Aria said, "OK, see you when we get home."

Aria handed Sunset back her phone.

"We should be getting home," Aria said, "I want to see what Adagio has been up to."


Aria and Sonata made sure that they weren't followed. They weren't ready for their new friends to know about their living situation. When they entered to abandoned storefront, they found Adagio filling out a stack of forms.

"Whatcha doin Dagi," Sonata asked as she bounced over and gave her eldest sister a huge hug.

"Nothing," Adagio said quickly. That got Aria's attention and she walked over and picked up one of the forms.

"Adagio," Aria said, "this is an application for Crystal Prep. Why do you want to go there?"

"I'm not going back to CHS," Adagio answered, "they may not have turned on you today, but it's only a matter of time."

"That won't happen," Aria countered, "the Principals and Sunset and her friends won't let it."

"You are so naive," Adagio said, "you sound just like Sonata. Now I need you to sign these forms so that I can get enrolled. I'm headed out for the evening."

With that Adagio got up and went into the back room to get changed. She came back out wearing a tank top and running shorts.

Aria studied Adagio's enrollment application, then an idea came to her. She pulled a small slip of paper out of her pocket.

"Nata," Aria said, "hand me that pen."

"Ok," Sonata said, "wait you're actually going to go through with this, how long do you think Dagi can stay out of trouble with out us?"

"Exactly," Aria said as she signed the application and filled in the contact information slot. She then held out the application for Sonata to read.

"Ooh, devious," Sonata said, "I like it."

"I thought that you would," Aria said, "I need to go make a call, want to come?"

Sonata looked around the place she and her sisters called home. She didn't mind being there when one or both of her sisters was with her, but she didn't enjoy being left there alone.

"Sure." she answered.


Aria and Sonata found themselves sitting in a corner booth in the Coinky-Dink Dinner. They both had glasses of water sitting in front of them when the person they had been waiting on slid into the booth with them.

"You didn't tell me that we were meeting Vice-Principal Luna," Sonata whispered to Aria.

"Good evening girls," Luna said, noticing the surprised look on Sonata's face, "have you ordered yet?"

"No," Aria replied, "we don't have enough money to eat here."

"Go ahead and order what you want," Luna said with a smile, "and don't worry about paying me back."

Luna ordered a Monster Patty Melt, while Aria ordered a bacon cheeseburger, and Sonata ordered a bowl of mac and cheese.

After taking a few bites of her sandwich Luna looked at Aria.

"What's the reason you asked to see me," Luna asked.

"This," Aria said as she slid a form over to Luna. Luna picked it up and read it.

"This is an application to Crystal Prep," Luna said, " the principal there is a good friend of my sister, and the dean is our niece. I see that my phone number and my signature are on here."

"I panicked," Aria said, "I thought I should let you know."

"I don't object Aria," Luna said, "but I would have liked to know about this before you signed my name on the application."

"Sorry," Aria said.

Author's Note:

I'm not intending this to be shipfic, but it looks like some are going to emerge. I have a question for my readers, what do y'all think about shipping Luna x Raven?

And the title of the next chapter is great.

Why do I smell fish?

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