• Published 5th Jun 2018
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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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Things Get Fishy at Crystal Prep

Adagio didn't want to admit it to herself, but she was nervous. She found Principal Cinch to be very intimidating. Dean Cadence on the other hand was on the opposite end of the spectrum, she was so friendly that it made Adagio feel a little sick. She sat quietly while Principal Cinch looked over the application.

"Ms Dazzle," Principal Cinch said finally, "could you please wait outside while I discuss your application with Dean Cadence."

"Yes ma'am," Adagio said. She knew that if she was forced into a battle of wills against Cinch, she would lose in her current weakened state.

After Adagio set foot out of the room and the heavy oak door had closed behind her, Cinch turned to Cadence.

"Tell me about her," Cinch demanded.

"I don't know anything about her," Cadence said, caught off guard by Cinch's question.

"She put your aunt down as her contact information," Cinch responded, "and your aunt signed the application."

"Really, I know that Aunty Tia recently adopted a girl by the name of Sunset Shimmer," Cadence said, "but this is the first that I've heard of an Adagio Dazzle."

"It's not Celestia's name on the application," Cinch replied, "Luna signed it."

"Luna signed that girls application," Cadence said in disbelief. Cinch reached for her phone and dialed a number. Cadence began to move toward the exit.

"Stay here Cadence," Cinch said as she activated the speaker phone function, "let's get to the bottom of this."

"Hello," Luna said over the phone's speaker.

"Good morning Vice-Principal Luna," Cinch said, "this is Abicus Cinch over at Crystal Prep."

"This is about Adagio's application isn't it," Luna asked.

"Yes it is," Cinch said, "what can you tell us about her?"

"Us," Luna asked.

"Hello Luna," Cadence answered, "what can you tell us about her?"

"Morning Cadence," Luna sighed, "Adagio is smart and calculating, I don't think that she would find the curriculum here at CHS challenging enough."

"What is her home life like," Cinch asked.

"She and her sisters recently went through a traumatic experience," Luna said, "I promised that I'd look after them."

"Any history of abuse," Cinch asked, "you know that I must ask,"

"None that I'm aware of," Luna said.

"Luna you mentioned sisters," Cadence said, "where are they?"

"They both attend CHS," Luna answered.

"Thank you Vice-Principal Luna, that will be all," Cinch said before hanging go the phone, "Cadence, could you bring Ms. Dazzle back in here so that we may complete her enrollment here at Crystal Prep."


Luna hung up the phone and rubbed her temples. She had been expecting a call from Crystal Prep, but that hadn't prevented the headache that calls from the prep school across town inevitably caused. Luna looked at the clock mounted on her office wall. Sighing she stood up and made her way out of her office and into the school's hallway. Shortly afterward the bell rang signifying the end of morning classes and the start of lunch.

She caught site of Aria and Sunset making their toward the lunch room, she decided to flag them down.

"Girls, after you get your lunches would you mind joining me in my office," Luna said.

Luna waited patiently for the two girls to join her in her office.

"Aria, what were things like for you and your sisters back where you are from," Luna asked after they had both sat down. She noticed a moment of hesitation creep across Aria's face.

"Back home our mother is Queen Soprano Harmony of Seaquestria," Aria answered, "and yes that makes the three of us princesses."

Aria waited for this to sink in before continuing.

"Our mother was afraid that the Ponies of Equestria and the Hippogriffs of Mount Aris were going to invade," Aria continued, "so she developed a weapon. My sisters and I were that weapon."

Sunset reached out and put her hand on Aria's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

"She used her magic to transform us into a weapon she could unleash on Equestria," Aria continued, "Sirens get and use our magic through song, our mother changed our magic into dark magic. Then she set us loose on Equestria."

"The Pillars are what stopped us," Aria said as she reminisced, "Starswirl banished us to this world, you everything that happened after that."

The bell signifying then end of lunch rang and both Aria and Sunset stood up to head to class.

"Aria I'll catch up," Sunset said, "I need to take something to the lunch room on my way to class."

Sunset waited for Aria to leave before she turned to Luna with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong," Luna said.

"The events that she just told us about," Sunset said, "they happened over one-thousand years ago in my world's past. Queen Harmony has been dead for nearly nine hundred years."

Luna was speechless at Sunset's statement. Not only had these three girls been exiled to a new world, they weren't even aware that they were orphans.

"Don't tell them Sunset," Luna said finally, "allow me to do that.,

"Thanks," Sunset said, "I really didn't want to be the one to tell them that."

After Sunset had left Luna called both Raven and Celestia into her office. She told them the condensed version of the Story that Aria had told her and Sunset and she told them what Sunset had told her.

"Raven, could you do for me what you did for Celestia and Sunset," Luna said, "and could you backdate the appropriate paperwork.?"

"No problem," Raven nodded, "I can have it all ready by the end of next week."

"It only took you two days to get Sunsets paperwork ready," Celestia observed.

"This time I have three girls to do," Raven replied, "one of whom doesn't even go to this school."

"Thank you Raven," Luna said, "you have no idea how much this means to me."

"Yeah, well you can pay me back with an expensive dinner and a romantic movie," Raven said.