• Published 5th Jun 2018
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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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Trip to the Moon

"Welcome to my home, sorry about the mess," Luna said as she led the three sisters into her house. Celestia and Sunset followed them in carrying the Dazzlings few belongings.

"Wow," Sonata said with wide eyes as she looked around, "this place is huge."

"It belonged to our parents," Celestia said, "Luna moved in here when I adopted Sunset."

There were several unopened boxes stacked neatly in one corner. Most of them were labeled "BOOKS" . Luna led the girls to the kitchen, where she placed the two dozen chocolate chip cookies that she had bought earlier that afternoon. She took one for herself and then motioned for the girls to help themselves. Sonata dove right in. Aria and Adagio both looked around.

"Feel free to look around," Luna said, "there are guest rooms upstairs, you girls may take your pick."

"Weeashgetourownrooms," Sonata asked with a mouthful of cookies.

"Yes," Luna asked.

"Someone mentioned a hot shower," Aria said.

"Bathroom is upstairs at the end of the hall," Luna said, "I can get you a fresh towel."

"We'll see you tomorrow Luna," Celestia said to her sister, "if you need anything just let us know, either Sunset or I will be here."

"Does that mean I get to ride my bike," Sunset asked with a smile on her face.

"Not on your life," Celestia answered as she pushed Sunset out the door.

Luna watched the door close. Now she was alone with the Dazzlings. Aria went to take a shower. Sonata was busy stuffing herself with cookies, and Adagio was just staring at her.

"Something on your mind Miss Dazzle," Luna asked.

"I want to know what your angle is," Adagio answered.

"My only concern is the well being of you and your sisters," Luna replied, "as far as I know you are trapped in this world."

"That is only a minor setback," Adagio answered, "that matter will be resolved."

Luna rolled her eyes and looked over at Sonata.

"Sonata, if you are hungry I can order pizza," Luna said, "how does taco pizza sound?"

Sonata's eyes nearly popped out of her head at Luna's suggestion. She took a moment to swallow.

"They have combined TACOS AND PIZZA," Sonata exclaimed, "forget Equestria, I'm staying here."

"Adagio, what would you and Aria want on your pizzas," Luna laughed as she reached for her phone and the pizza coupon that was stuck to her refrigerator.

"Cheese for Aria," both Sonata and Adagio answered.

"Pepperoni is fine by me," Adagio said. She decided that she would take advantage of this new development until she was able to return to Equestria, either with or without her two sisters.


Aria had helped Luna carry Sonata to a bed after the girl had eaten herself into a food coma. Adagio had decided to take a hot bath. Luna now found herself alone in her kitchen with Aria. Aria was eating her pizza while she was drawing in her sketch book.

"What are you working on," Luna asked, breaking the silence. Aria slid her sketchbook across the counter to the older woman.

Luna looked down at the open page. It was a sketch of Adagio in her Crystal Prep uniforms holding a ninja sword in each hand.

"May I," Luna asked, indicating that she would like to look through the sketchbook.

"Go ahead," Aria answered.

Luna leaded through the sketchbook. On one page was a golden yellow unicorn with red and yellow hair, on it's flank was a sun symbol similar to the one that Sunset wore. On another was a sketch of Sonata dressed as a cowgirl with a revolver in one hand and a shotgun in another. The last page was a drawing of Aria piloting a mech suit that resembled a knight. In each drawing the girls, and the unicorn, were fighting a what looked like a giant nightmarish black and gold seahorse wearing a crown.

"That mech suit that you're piloting," Luna asked, "I recognize it."

"It's from book one of The Lunar Cycle by M.A. Lunacy," Aria said, "its from the chapter where the heroine, Nightmare Moon is exiled by her sister Day Breaker, are you familiar with it?"

Luna got up and went to one of the boxes labeled "BOOKS" and rummaged through it for a moment. After a moment she returned with a book in her hands.

"Intimately," Luna said as she placed the book on the counter, "I wrote it."

"You're M.A. Lunacy," Aria asked, dumbfounded.

"It's a penname," Luna answered, "and I would appreciate it if you didn't spread it around the school or town."

"Of course," Aria said. She was still trying to wrap her head around this new revelation.

"So, Aria," Luna asked after a moment, " what are your plans for the future? Are you planning to return to Equestria with Adagio?"

"Why would I want to go back," Aria answered, "all Equestria ever brought me was heartache, can't say much has changed here though."

"Give it time," Luna said with a smile, "I'm sure that if you look hard enough you'll find that this world has a place for you."

"And don't worry about Adagio, her bark is much worse than her bite," Aria told Luna.


When Aria awoke the next morning she realized that the previous evening hadn't been a dream. When she went downstairs she found Luna helping Sonata finish her homework, and Adagio was already wearing her school uniform and sipping a cup of hot tea. From the smell coming from Sonata's cup she guessed that she was drinking hot cocoa. Luna gestured towards the kitchen.

"There is tea, cocoa or coffee," Luna said, "we'll stop and get something to eat on the way to Crystal Prep."

"Why are we going to Crystal Prep," Aria asked, she wasn't yet fully awake.

"We have to drop Adagio off," Sonata answered.

Author's Note:

Honestly, I have no clue how long this story is going to be.

If I could draw I would sketch out the drawings in Aria's sketchbook.