• Published 5th Jun 2018
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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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The Moon Rises Over the Avenue

Sunset knew that Vice-Principal Luna had an open door policy with her students, but she still hesitated outside the woman's office. After a moment she knocked on the door frame. Luna, who happened to be on the phone, waved Sunset inside.

"AK, you know that you are welcome to crash on my couch," Luna said into her phone, "isn't this the first convention you've attended, well ever?"

There was a pause as whomever the Vice-Principal was talking to answered.

"Ok, ok," Luna laughed, "it will be nice to see you."

Luna hung up her phone and looked at Sunset.

"To what do I owe this visit Miss Shimmer," Luna asked her niece.

"Um," Sunset started to say, "Sonata spent the night with Pinkie Pie last night,"

"I'm glad that both Sonata and Aria are making friends," Luna said.

"Sonata inadvertently told Pinkie where she and her sisters live," Sunset continued, "Pinkie told me first thing this morning."

Luna frowned, she had suspected that the three Sirens weren't living in the best conditions, but she hadn't been able to pursue her suspicions. Now Sunset had her complete attention.

"Sunset," Luna said, in her Vice-Principal voice as Sunset thought of it, "close the door."

Sunset did as she was asked.

"Tell me everything," Luna ordered.

"Pinkie said that they're living in that old shopping center on 23rd," Sunset said, "that's all I know, I would have gone and checked it out right then."

"But you know I would have killed you," Luna answered, "and after I was done, your mother would've killed you."

"Yes," Sunset squeaked.

"Sunset, I want you to know that you did the right thing," Luna said, "get to class, I'll handle it now."

Sunset nodded as she stepped out of Luna's office she paused and looked at the older woman.

"Thank you Aunt Luna," Sunset said before continuing to her next class, "I know how hard it can be in their situation."

So do i, Luna thought to herself. She thought about what she should do. She decided to call both Sonata and Aria to her office and ask them both outright about where they lived.

"Raven," Luna paused, "is Celestia in her office?"

"Yes," Raven answered. Raven was a little confused. She had known the two sisters a long time, and she had never heard Luna call Celestia anything other than "Tia".

"Thanks," Luna said before leaving her office and entering her sister's.

"Hey, LuLu," Celestia said cheerfully, "what's up?"

"I need to take the rest of the afternoon off," Luna said, "I have a matter that just came up that I I have to look into."

"Does it involve any of our students," Celestia said as a wave of seriousness washed over her.

"Two," Luna answered, "and a student at Crystal Prep."

"Keep me informed," Celestia told her younger sister. Luna nodded and quickly exited the school. She didn't run, but it was obvious to everyone who saw leave the school that she was moving with haste. Luna climbed into her Camaro. Am I doing the right thing, Luna asked herself. As she looked up she caught sight of Aria, Sunset, and Rainbow Dash on the soccer field for their P.E. class. As Luna drove out of the faculty parking lot she didn't noticed as Sunset watched her leave.

It took Luna approximately fifteen minutes to drive from Canterlot High to the empty shopping center. The first thing that Luna noticed was that state of the neighborhood. She saw at least one woman standing on the the sidewalk that Luna was positive was working in the world's oldest profession. The next thing that she noticed was the state of the shopping center. Most of the windows and storefronts were boarded up. The plywood covering one of the old stores had been ripped down and the glass in the windows long shattered.

"Looking for a good time sweetie," a voice asked as Luna got out of her car, "or maybe some employment?"

Luna turned and looked at the woman addressing her with a look that would have caused hell to freeze over for an eternity.

"Get lost," Luna said in an equally cold voice. She put her keys in her pocket and took some comfort from the handgun that she carried. She was thankful that Celestia had convinced her to attend a concealed weapons class with her.

Luna began to check the different stores as she looked to the one that the Dazzlings called home. On her fourth attempt she found that one of the doors could be opened if she lifted up on the door's frame. Entering the store, the first thing Luna noticed was the smell of mildew, then she saw was a mattress in the corner. Sitting on the floor next to the mattress was a case of ramen noodles. Looking around the room she found evidence that she was in the right place. There in one corner was three clothes racks, two of them held clothes that Luna recognized as belonging to Aria and Sonata, the third held several Crystal Prep uniforms. Luna sighed, no child shouldn't live like this, and while she knew that she couldn't help every child, she could do something for these three. She reached into her pocket for her phone.

"Tia," Luna said after her sister answered, "meet me at the old Canterlot Market on 23rd after school,"

Luna decided that waiting in this neighborhood was a bad idea, so she gathered up as much of the Dazzlings belongings that she could find, except for the old mattress, and carried the items out to her car. She then drove to Sugarcube Corner to wait for her sister. As she sat sipping her coffee, Luna realized that she needed to make another call.

"Raven," Luna asked, "is there any way you can expedite that paperwork I asked for?... Thanks dear, and I'll tell you everything tomorrow."

Luna glanced at her watch and saw that it was time to meet her sister. Before she left the bakery, she stopped and purchased two-dozen chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Cake.

She returned to the old market and had just taken her keys out of the ignition when Celestia pulled up in her van. Bothe Celestia and Sunset got out.

"What's going on Luna," Celestia asked.

"Wow," Sunset cringed, "this place is worse than I remember. I hope we can get them away from here."

Celestia looked at her daughter and was about to speak when Luna interrupted her.

"So do I Sunset," Luna answered, "I saw where those girls were living, it's no surprise why Miss Dusk is such a fan of Taco Tuesday."

"Ok, would someone please explain to me what is going on," Celestia demanded.

"Tia," Luna answered, "welcome to the Dazzling home."

Celestia was speechless. Before she could recollect her thought she heard a familiar voice.

"What are you doing here," Aria Blaze cried out.

"Hi Sunset," Sonata said happily.

"Girls," Luna said, "pack your things and give them to Sunset and my sister, you're coming with me."

"What about Dagi," Sonata asked.

"Yeah, what about me," Adagio asked as she walked up.

"You three are coming with me," Luna said, "at least for tonight, that way you girls can each have a hot shower and a real meal."

The three teenage sisters looked at each other with apprehension. They couldn't believe what was being offered to them. While the three of them thought about what to do, Sunset saw a familiar looking mop of pink hair.

"Come on out Pinkie," Sunset said.

"I'm sorry, but I had to see it for myself," Pinkie said as she rushed to give the three sirens a hug.

After disentangling themselves from Pinkie Pie, the three girls nodded at each other.

"Ok Miss Luna, we'll come with you," Adagio said, "at least for tonight. But what is in it for us?"

"Um, I have cookies," Luna answered.

Author's Note:

I again want to thank you all for reading. This chapter was fun to write. Though at first I wasn't sure if I would like how it came out. I have to say that I am quite pleased with what I wrote. As always I love questions and comments.