• Published 5th Jun 2018
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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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Sonata Spends the Night with Pinkie

"Wow Pinkie, your sister is so nice," Sonata said with a smile.

"Which one, I may be biased but I love them all," Pinkie said

"Um, how many sisters do you have," Sonata asked confused.

"Well there is Maude, you just met her," Pinkie exclaimed, " Limey is the oldest followed by Maude, then my twin sister Marble and myself."

Sonata looked around Pinkie's room. It was so different from the abandoned store that she shared with her sisters. Pinkie had an actual bed! No a worn out mattress that sat on the floor. She also had her own TV with a GameSphere360 connected to it.

"You have such a nice house Pinkie," Sonata commented.

"I'm sure that the house you and your sisters live in is just as nice," Pinkie replied.

"My sisters and I don't live in a house," Sonata replied.

"An apartment," Pinkie asked

"No we live in an old abandoned store on 23rd Avenue," Sonata said. Pinkie's hair immediately lost all it curls and deflated and went straight. Pinkie's left eye twitched involuntarily.

"SNACKS," Pinkie cried out awkwardly, "I forgot our snacks in the kitchen I'll be right back!"

"Need any help," Sonata asked.

"NO! I mean why don't you wait here I won't be long." Pinkie said.

"Ok," Sonata said as Pinkie left the room.

Pinkie was relieved that her kitchen was empty when she walked in. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She scrolled through her contacts list until she found the number she was looking for.

SOS! I need to talk to you ASAP @ School tomorrow! Pinkie franticly typed.


What's up Pinkie, is everything alright? Sunset Shimmer texted back.

Can't text right now. Tell ya tomorrow. I'm not in any trouble. Pinkie replied.

Pinkie grabbed a bag of chips and poured them into a bowl and grabbed a couple of juice boxes and marched back up to her room.

When she entered her bedroom she found Sonata looking at the games she had for her console. Pinkie felt her hair reinflate as she thought of all the fun she could have with the bubbly siren.

After nearly an hour Pinkie sat stunned. Not only had Sonata beat Pinkie's high score on most of her games, but she had beaten both Applejack's and Sunset's, and she had completely destroyed Rainbow's best score.

"W-wow Sonata," Pinkie said at last, " you're really good!"

"Thanks," Sonata answered, "I've always been good at computers and games."

"Really," Pinkie said.

"How do you think my sisters and I got into CHS," Sonata replied, "I was able to get into the school's computer system and fudge our information."

The only other people that Pinkie knew who was really good with computers were Sunset and Applejack's little sister, Applebloom.

"So, Sonata, how are you enjoying CHS," Pinkie asked.

"Oh, its great," Sonata said, "its nice having other people to talk to besides my sisters."

"I guess that can get rather dull, huh," Pinkie said. The girls continued to play video games until Pinkie's console began to get really hot.

"There is only one thing we can do now," Pinkie said as she gave Sonata a sly grin.

"What's that," Sonata asked. She genuinely surprised when one of Pinkie's pillows suddenly came sailing across the room and hit Sonata in the face.

"PILLOW FIGHT," Pinkie yelled between fits of giggles.

"It. Is. On," Sonata exclaimed as she
began to return fire.

The next morning after arriving at CHS, Sonata went to go wait for Aria. Pinkie, however, went looking for Sunset. She found her fiery haired friend in the mostly empty art room.

"Sunset," Pinkie exclaimed, "good, I found you!"

"Hey Pinks," Sunset said cheerfully, she was glad that her friend was alright, the cryptic text from the previous evening had worried Sunset.

"I need to talk to you," Pinkie said seriously, "in private."

"Ok," Sunset said, "give me a moment to finish up here."

Pinkie waited patiently, for once, while Sunset put the art supplies she had been using away. She started to follow Pinkie when the bubblegum haired party planner grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the music room used by the Rainbooms. Pinkie looked around inside to make sure that none of her other friends were present. She wanted to talk to Sunset about this before she brought the rest of her friends in on it. Sunset was starting to get worried, especially when she noticed Pinkie's hair start to deflate with an audible hiss.

"I learned where Nata and her sisters live," Pinkie said as tears began to form in her eyes, "they're homeless!"

"What," Sunset said stunned.

"Nata told me last night that she and her sisters live in that abandoned strip mall over on 23rd," Pinkie said. Sunset sighed, she herself was familiar with that old shopping center and that side of town. She had lived there for about a week when she had arrived in the human world. It wasn't a place that you wanted to be caught at after dark. Particularly if you were an attractive young woman. Sunset shuddered as she thought back to the six years that she had lived on the streets before Principal Celestia had adopted her. She was determined to help get the three sisters off the streets, hopefully, they'd be able to stay together.

"Pinkie," Sunset said after a long pause, "let's keep this just between the two of us while I think of a solution."

"Keep what between you," Rarity asked as she, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Aria, and lastly Sonata filed into the music room.

"Nothing," both Sunset and pinkie said simultaneously.

"Y'all seem a might nervous," Applejack said, "are ya sure that ya don't want ta talk about it?"

"We're positive AJ," Sunset said, filling her voice with confidence. Both Rainbow and Applejack looked exchanged looks.

"If ya say so," Applejack said.

"Um, Sonata, Pinkie," Fluttershy said, "why do you both have down feathers in your hair?"

"Yes," Rarity asked, "is there some new fashion trend that I haven't been made aware of?"

"Pillow fight," both Sonata and Pinkie said simultaneously.

Author's Note:

I decided to give each of the Dazzlings something that they were good at. Adagio is a genius, Aria is an artist, and Sonata is a master of computers.

I really do appreciate your comments and feedback. And I want to say thank you to everyone who has read or is currently reading this story. I've said it before that I write the kind of stories that I want to read. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who like this story.

Thank you!