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Sirens of the Night - The Crazed Werewolf

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Investigations (revised 12.28.2018)

Luna sat at her desk in her office. It was the Monday after the Battle of the Bands, and inter-dimensional magical threats or no, there was always paperwork to be done. She was looking over the morning attendance reports and she wasn't surprised to find three names listed as absent. With a sigh, she leaned back in her chair and deliberated on her next course of action. In the darkness of her office, the single desk lamp she allowed for illuminating her work area caught the facets of the remnants of the Dazzling's gemstones. Every survival tool those girls have was destroyed Friday night...have they even been able to get themselves food? What if the only way they had to get shelter was to use mind control, and now they're homeless? Her thoughts crystalized, recalling when she'd followed a similar (though admittedly far less magical) path as a rebellious teen herself. Shaking her head to clear the thoughts of her own past out, she keyed the button on her desk phone to page the secretary she shared with her sister.

"Raven," Luna said after a moment, "could you please bring me the files for Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk."

The silence that greeted the request spoke volumes, but rather than voice her concerns, Raven just said, "Very well," and disconnected the line.

Enough time had passed for her to resume the next task on her daily to-do list (attendance reports for the previous afternoon's detention) when she heard a knock on her office door. "It's open Raven," Luna called not looking up.

"Raven asked me to give you these," Luna heard her sister say, "Why the interest in the Dazzlings?"

Luna looked up at her sister and reached for the files. "They are enrolled as our students," Luna said, "It is our duty to look out for them, is it not?"

As Luna spread the files out on her desk, Celestia started to speak, but reconsidered and sat in an open chair while Luna read.


"What?" Celestia said out of curiosity as she leaned forward and looked at the files over Luna's desk.

"All three of them have a different mailing address listed," Luna said, "However the home phone numbers they provide are identical."

Celestia pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and entered the address listed for Adagio, then set it down so the screen showed the map, allowing her to pinch and scroll around, dropping pins at each of the listed addresses. "Notice that the addresses are all in the same block," she said, "They are close enough that we wouldn't have caught it at a quick glance."

"We didn't." Luna replied chastisingly, "Is Sunset busy?"

"No, she has Study Hall in the library this period," Celestia said, "Why?"

"I want to ask her a few questions," Luna responded.


Luna found Sunset in the school library. She was busy helping a freshman with her history homework. It took Luna a moment to remember the freshman's name.

"Silver Spoon, could you give me a moment of Sunset's time?" While Luna phrased it as a question, it was intended as an order.

"Sure Ms. Luna," Silver Spoon said as she started to gather her things.

"Please stay seated Ms. Spoon," Luna motioned for Sunset to follow her, "Sunset and I will take this out to the hall so as not to disturb the library any more than necessary. Please return to your studies." Silver meekly set her belongings back down and re-opened her book to the place she had been studying out of with Sunset.

The vice-principal and her adopted niece stepped into the hall. It was blessedly quiet, as all the students who were not in a class were in practice rooms, the library, or enjoying the cool of the morning outside. Luna pondered how to approach the question for a moment, then spoke, "Sunset, you gave the Dazzlings a tour of the campus did you not?"

"Yeah," Sunset answered, "why?"

"Did you girls talk about anything other than the school," Luna asked.

"I tried, they really didn't seem that interested in making any friends. They only told me that they were sisters," Sunset paused to recall the events of the week prior, "I did ask them about their pendants but looking back now, I understand why they were so tight-lipped."

"So you didn't learn anything about them," Luna asked her niece.

"Not really, sorry," Sunset answered, "why are you so interested in them?"

Luna's gaze held Sunset's, and for a moment the mask of the school administrator fell. Sunset recognized the emotion on Luna's face as the one she saw far too frequently in the mirror; the distant scarred echo of regret. "Everyone deserves a second chance." she answered.


"What do you mean we can't go to school tomorrow," Sonata cried, "it's Taco Tuesday!"

"C.H.S. isn't safe for us anymore," Adagio answered, "Without our powers of manipulation we would be defenseless there!"

"BUTIWANTATACO!" Sonata cried even louder, "Please 'Dagi, I'm hungry."

"Sonata, knock it off! We're all hungry!" Aria said from the corner she was sitting in glaring at them over the top of the book she was reading.

"And what would you have us do," Adagio asked sarcastically, "Go beg on the streets like a common earth pony?"

Aria didn't answer, instead she stood up and grabbing her book and vest she headed out the door.

While this was far from the first time she had taken some time to break away from the other two, this was the first time that she could recall since coming to this world that she had no plans for the future whatsoever. Being a Siren, she was completely unfamiliar with how the human world operated, so had little idea what options might be open to her and her sisters. Adagio had always been the manipulative one of the three, was accustomed to getting her way, and had a stubborn streak as deep as an ocean trench. Sonata, on the other hand, was more innocent, she only had gone along with their plans because she had believed that Adagio had their best interests at heart. Now they had no plan, and no means to support themselves. Aria wondered how long it would be before Adagio tried to stab both Sonata and herself in the back.

"It's only a matter of time if our lot doesn't improve," Aria muttered to herself as she entered Sugarcube Corner. She reached into her pocket and found a few dollar bills there.

"One large tea and a brownie please," Aria said when she stepped up to the counter.

"Here you go dearie," Mrs. Cake said as she handed Aria her order. Aria nodded her thanks and went and sat at one the tables outside the bakery and coffeehouse. She sat reading her book for a while, not really paying attention to the passage of time.

Her reading was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a ringing phone. With a start, she looked around to see who's phone was disrupting her quiet time when she realized it was a payphone. In fact, it was the payphone, the only means of contact the Dazzlings had with anyone who wanted to call them. Given their rather sound defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms the previous Friday, she had a strong suspicion who the call was from, and after careful consideration decided not to answer it. Adagio had already made it clear they weren't going back to the school.

Her train of thought was derailed when she noticed a navy blue Camaro driving slowly down the street. Aria watched as it drove past. "Bitchin' ride," Aria thought to herself. Then she noticed another navy-blue Camaro drive by. Now Aria was getting suspicious. "Don't panic Aria, there is a perfectly logical explanation for this," Aria said to herself. "...Great, now I'm talking to myself."

Aria watched as a blue Camaro drove by for the third time. Now she was certain that something was up. Camaros may have been a more frequent sight closer to Crystal Prep, but on this end of town, even one was slightly unusual. Given that she was pretty sure it was the same vehicle all three times, Aria got up quickly, abandoning her food, and began to walk down the sidewalk. She made up her mind to take a long way home; she figured that would give her the best chance at evading anyone that might be following her. She saw the Camaro turn onto the street she was walking down and start driving in her direction. Aria began to run, but she stopped when the Camaro cut her off. She was surprised when the driver's door opened and Vice-Principal Luna climbed out.

"Aria, wait!" the educator said, "I just want to talk."

Author's Note:

So I decided that Aria is going to be the reasonable one of the three Sirens. I guess it is because she is the middle sister. However I can't use my family as an example because I was the reasonable one growing and I'm the oldest, my younger brother and sister were constantly at each other's throats.

Revised by PrincessColumbia. I appreciate your hard work.

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