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I Return! · 12:01am Aug 16th, 2019

After something like a year, I finally return to FIMfic.... ok I was here earlier but for the past year and more a lot of my fandom time and effort has been for another fandom that I am now finally sick of, and ready for a break.
And here's pony!
I've started looking at all my unposted fics and WIPs and feeling that inspiration again, and ready to sink into this beautiful, complex, candy-colored world.
There's so much I want to do...

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Inspired by a true story... · 4:43am Oct 12th, 2017

Just published my first Rarijack fic!
Funny thing is, although they're my favorite MLP ship I never really thought of a good story for them. Then this idea struck me on Sunday night and by Tuesday I was finishing editing it- how the hell did I manage to do that??

So a lot of that story is heavily inspired by my own personal experiences growing up.

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About me! · 9:25pm Oct 11th, 2017

Haha, not like anyone cares but I often enjoy reading these kinds of blog posts, so let's do this! :applejackconfused:

Well, I’ve been watching the show since college and lurking in the fandom up until about, uh, three weeks ago. Hell, I’m still mostly just lurking. But it’d be nice to actually make some friends in the fandom, common interests and all that.
I enjoy giving reviews and critiques although that’s backfired in the past, so I try not to be too critical for some stories.

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Fall of Equestria and me · 5:21am Sep 17th, 2017

(update- changed the title)
So I finally posted the first chapter of a story I have been dwelling on for years. I mean years.
One day a while back I somehow stumbled upon the god-awful, horrendous, misogynistic AU- Fall of Equestria.
It seriously disgusted me, but was one of those stories that managed to linger in my subconscious and I ended up reading them like one might watch a series of youtube videos about trucks hitting bridges.

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