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Do you enjoy the Gameloft My Little Pony game? We do too!
Over in our forums, you can ask for help about certain missions/quests, share gameloft usernames and whatever else you want, as long as it pertains to the game.
Once you join, introduce yourself in the introduction thread.
Have fun and be safe, we want everyone to enjoy it as much as they can!
Please don't post threads without my permission. I will delete any unwanted threads, it doesn't matter what it is about. I will also PM you to alert you of your folly.
Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

Apple Catch- 380
Ball Bounce- 309
Flying Game- 148
If you get a higher score than any of these, PM an admin. No need to prove that you got a score, we trust you to be honest.
Scores are based on a x1 multiplier.

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How's it going everyone/)

My code: 6c05f4d

I'm playing the Windows 8.1 version, so it doesn't have a Gameloft connection, just facebook. My facebook email is

Oh, my ball bounce high score is 499. :derpytongue2:

Looking for friends in MLP App, look me up. My GLID's the same as my FimFiction Username (Moon_Dew).

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