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Well howdy there! I'm ping111, obviously, the manager of this group. Now, I don't intend for this to blow up like PonyFall. I'm just looking for a couple of buds to write together. Now, there's no individual or group storylines, no sex, no nothing. Your only skills needed are spelling and grammar and your powers of description. What's going on here is I will list all of the episodes of MLP:FiM that have existed, and people can claim them. Their job is to then rewrite it as detailed as possible, so that we get a novel-esque story from just 20 minutes of showtime. For example:
"I just don't know what went wrong!" the slate pegasus exclaimed, as she continued to bounce jovially on the thundercloud billowing beneath her feet. Her mane and feathers were charred black from the lightning bolts that shot out of the murky cloud like cannons, though her wall-eyed gaze and oblivious expression claimed nonchalance as to the dangerous situation of her activity."
I'm too lazy to write all the episodes now, so help me get the ball rolling. If you want to join as a writer or editor, please PM me with your reasoning or maybe some of your work, and I'll add ya to the list.


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