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Entertainers do what they love and share with the world their achieved skills. Sometimes for money, sometimes for fame, but mostly of all, to entertain. The group is for those that write for entertainment and nothing else more. Join if you are an Entertainer. Feel free to share your work to many that seek to have a lovely, scary, sad, or/and amazing time.

Respect all writers Race, Gender, Orientation, Nationality, and Belief.

No Foalcon, any clopfic or story with Adult Content must be age appropriate.

Please put stories with Ratings in respectful folders (Example: Mature Content goes into the Mature Content Folder and Everyone Rating content goes into the other folders), I am sure you understand.

If you have any questions or a problem with the folders or struggling in putting a story that might object one of the rules, message me and I will see what I can do about it. I wish you a good year and remember, We Are All Entertainers.

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I see that this is not a group for those who like to talk at all.

That's cool that's cool :eeyup:

Do I count as an entertainer if I seek only to entertain myself and friends with a stupid sense of humour like mine

I wonder

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