W.A.S.H. (We Are Still Here) 18 members · 22 stories

A group in which Fans who are not part of the MLP Fanthom drama can join and enjoy the show for what it is, as well as criticize the episode respectfully with their own personal opinions.

This group also encourages writers all over the world to share their works, no matter what quality they have. Editors are very welcome to volunteer in helping other writers who are not great at writing improve their skills in literature and communication. To those out there who seem to be put down either from FAVOURITISM, HATE, or lack of self-esteem, please join and share your works. This group is not made to be the bashers of a show for little girls and to the hard working ponies of literature society. This group is made to establish a grand foundation of what really is kindness.

Help one another out, respect what you see, share your works, and if you want, please share your own opinion in how you feel.

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