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This group is dedicated to the filly versions of villains. I hope to gain some members, and I also hope you enjoy!

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*nuzzles* Thank you.

419226 I'm glad it worked. I made that file just for you. I hope the story pleases you as well. I've put years of work into it.

Did I remember to mention that that worked, and I downloaded it?

Yeah, but it's the only way I have to access the internet right now... *crosses arms, pouts, then sighs and smiles* Well, thank you anyways. I've bookmarked it, so hopefully I'll have more of a chance later. *hugs* Thank you for trying.

Would have been nice to read a 10h filly villain story, though. c: Awesomesauce for you for writing it.

417973 The novel is 150 000 words long. That's quite a lot for a phone to digest.

Aww! It looks really interesting, 417827, but it keeps crashing my I-Phone! :fluttershysad:

417773 I have a whole novel about this concept: Darkness in Sweetie Belle.

I would also like to see such a folder, 357584, and stories to fill it. The idea of a filly villains is cute, and I do love super-powered little girls. ... Hm... Suddenly, I'm imagining a filly Sombra, ruling the Crystal Empire with a cute little iron hoof. <3

Can you make a folder for villain filly stories? :unsuresweetie:

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