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It didn't exist yet, so now it does. This group is for stories involving, you guessed it, detachable penises. If you write or find a story meeting that criteria, be sure to add it. Don't even try to keep a straight face while reading this.

I'm working on a standard set of folders for organization. Please use them. Each character folder is for stories with that character as the main detachable penis... wielder (I doubt there's really a proper way to word it). If it's more than one pony, then just choose whichever one you think fits best.

Female ponies are in the futa folder because that's the only thing that makes logical sense, Rule 63 has it's own folder, OCs and non-pony characters go in the Other folder.

The Non-Clop folder is for stories with the concept, but where sex is not put in detail, avoided, or worked around.

Anything overly disturbing, gory, grotesque, or dark goes in the dark folder first and foremost.

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355513 Sure, I'd like that.

355459 No. I can make a strap-on folder if you want though.

355487 Hey, I mean, whatever it takes to be prepared.

> Over a thousand folders.
> Just a single story.

Yup, this group will be pretty big.

Actually some types of octopus have a detachable penis...........yea........why am i writing this?

Do strap-ons count?

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