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This story is a sequel to Peace at Last Shorts: Taking Time Off

It started as a typical day, finishing a scheduled afternoon tea and discussion with Princess Celestia and then exploring the castle.

Chrysalis WASN'T expecting to find a magic mirror. She CERTAINLY didn't expect to repair a broken link connecting her world to another universe. And she DEFINITELY didn't mean to drag her counterpart from said universe into Canterlot and accidentally break the mirror.

Can Duchess Chrysalis fit in and adapt to an Equestria different from her own? Can Queen Chrysalis find a way to fix the mirror and send her back? Can Stag survive an onslaught of cuddling from both versions of his mom?

Who knows, probably, but we'll just need to see.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 13 )

SO...mama chryssie meets Granny Chryssie...Man this is gonna be interesting....Wonder if Red and Hope will show up to see what's going on...

Oh lord, dis gun b gud.


... They're taking it surprisingly well.

Alternate Staghorn need a badass metal leg prosthesis...


6874305 they have to take it well. they're royalty, and if they panic, then their subjects panic, and then Discord just sits there and eats popcorn!

She's messed up things for the changeling Duchess, that's for sure. From being a changeling leader to commanding no lings.

Good luck with her getting back to her own world.

You know you and Double are adorable in the Mirrorverse. :raritywink: Guess in that dimension a certain changeling hasn't quite told how he feels to a certain special somepony. :raritywink:

I'm hoping to see more bro...

7637591 Sorry, i'm at a roadblock on this story at the minute.

however, a new story should be out after the finale ACTUALLY premieres

7637640 what's the new story? also PM me...i got an idea)

7064010 Ink, whenever i try to reply to you on the PM or on your page, it only gives me the error message. I tested, and it's literally only when i talk to you. I think you accidentally blocked me

7963236 Oh derp! Okay I looked and your right. Not sure how that happened but it should work now.

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