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We all have secrets which we keep hidden. Chrysalis contemplates her biggest one upon seeing a painting.

picture belongs to Cupidite on deviantart, done for the discorderly conduct tumblr

sex tag and teen rating is for one single sentence.

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2631358 what do you plan for your next tale? cause I liked this one

Read. Loved the shout-out (who wouldn't?:rainbowkiss:). And loved how the painting played into it, reminding Chrysalis of times in her own.:yay:

:moustache:Felt very much like legend, and if that was your intention--

2631401 I'll be working on my Lyra fic now. don't worry, i'll be in the next fic in that series, and it will teach you why our kind hate Flutter ponies so much.

2631407 You really liked my portrayal of Cherry's painting?:pinkiehappy: I needed to put her in there. the painting came first, and the idea formed around it!


And yes I did. Your work (at least what I've read so far, which, as you know, has only yet been the first chapter or two of each after you post them:twilightblush::ajsleepy:--I'll read soon, I swear:fluttershyouch:) has always held an air of legend and myth, etc, about it I like. Even for her (his) painting's brief appearence in here, it gave a sense of something more:moustache::yay:

2631433Also, I hardly think it needs the "sex" tag. But, you know, that's up to you

2631433 Interesting, looking forward to some history! All I have learned from the Librarian is "Get out!" and "Stop messing with my books!!!"
it isn't my fault that all their text on us belong in the fiction section.

2631471 well, some ponies still have trouble accepting us. Peace at Last tells of how we came to the peace we have now.

2631485 I will definitely give that a read :twilightsmile:
but after I go see that Draconequus fellow. I have a few questions about chaos magic and how one obtains it.

Awesomely descriptive.
I give it.......ten/ten

Intriguing story.
Well built characters.
(Although some of it was admittedly hard to follow)

I give this story a 4.3/5. :moustache:

2727544 then it was a success to me.:twilightsmile:

I'm here because you wanted a bit of help. You mentioned in one of asylum1388's groups.
Anyways, enough talking, let's get to the corrections, shall we?


He had waited for a chance to escape, but never could due to constant guard kept by the changelings.

That gaurd reminds me of Gaurdians Of Ga'Hoole, so far, I can't see any problem!


Woah, no errors, that's... impressive, usually I come across a few errors. But this story is Error-Free.


One question: what's that sentence that talked about that 'sex' tag?

2753122 "In Chrysalis’s chambers, there was activity of a different sort, and Chrysalis’s scream of pleasure was plainly heard."

2753141 Ok, I get it now...

2753169 Yeah. Some people say the tag isn't necessary, but I have my standards.


unable to find sufficient trophy pic! Here Prince, have some more blank space instead!

How to use: (?)

3034446 I'll combine it with the previous blank space you gave me! YEEEEAAAAAH!


Errrr...everypony back up, I think he's gonna explode! *ducks behind convenient wall*


Umm....my wall just cracked into slivers. You sure you didn't over caffeinate this morning?

Who said I was talking about coffee? :trollestia::yay::scootangel::raritywink:

3034446 Are you being sarcastic? I'm pretty sure you are.

3037180 actually, she's not. she's one of my many friends who shares my mindset!:derpytongue2:

3037203 Um... explain. *mind-fuck*

3037206 she and I co-write stories and share a similar sense of humor.:twilightsmile:

3037235 And can you explain her message in the comment?

3037247 a few days ago, I got 1000 story views, and she gave me a blank space to use however I wanted!

We're crazy.

3037278 You're freaked out, aren't you?:ajsleepy:

3038224 Great. anyway, glad you like the story!


Mmmm....I finally found somebody I can share my absolute craziness with.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: I shall go explode in my corner now. *points helpfully and trots away to said corner* *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM*

I'm back! What'd I miss? :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:


Good. Oh, and 19jburner: it's like with Pinkie: just don't ask. Although, there's always room for more craziness in my life!

Prince, I have earned a new title. After three deer ticks, some head lice, and two instances of pinworm in two months, my dear aging mother has declared me the Parasite Queen of Gang Mills.


Indeed. But kind of disturbing, especially since just thinking about that makes me itch.......:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:


Eh. I've gotten past worse. :twilightblush: Yeah........please don't ask.

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